Best drunk food in Tokyo | Late night food in Japan for munchies

When you’re drinking, you’ve bound to get
peckish. Lucky for you, there are lots of drunk food options for you in Tokyo. We’re gonna show you ten of our favourite. Don’t forget to Like, comment and subscribe. Push your Bellnotification to get notified whenever we have a new video. Let’s get some food! Beef bowl is considered one of the fast food options in Japan. They are opened 24 hours and are quick to serve you a bowl of a delicious meal. The most famous chains include sukiya, matsuya and yoshinoya. The original beef bowl is shredded beef and onion on rice. You can also get cheese topping, egg topping and a lot more. Enjoy a beef bowl with some warm miso soup and that’s a great drunk food option to help sober you up. Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese food. If you are craving something warm, delicious and filling, ramen is a great go-to option for you. There are a surprisingly large number of ramen shops that are open till the early morning. We are at the famous ramen chain, Ichiran, where you can get your privacy in your own booth. Going to an izakay is a great choice for you, espeically if you’d like to continue drinking. Most izakays open only till midnight or so, but quite a few places open through the night. They serve a huge range of food and most of the time, they are very affordable. You can get edamame, yakitori, gyoza, sushi and more. Since izakays serve food in small portions, you can munch through a few plates of food during the time you’re there. Lots of family restaurants are open 24 hours and welcome people to drink and for drunk people to sober up. They offer quick a wide range of food options, from tapas, appetizers, to main meals and desserts. Most family restaurants offer drink bars. They are all you can drink self-serve bars, where you can get juice, tea, coffee and even healthy juice for about 2-3 USD. It is great to rehydrate your bodies here. There are many afordable and delicious noodles shops that are open 24 hours. Soba and Udon are also great go-to options for those of you that are looking for something a bit lighter, quick and filling. This restaurant we are at is called “Tsurutontan”. They are famous for their huge bowls and fusion udon. You can see drunk people here having udon, waiting for the morning to arrive. There are usually a few 24-hour sushi restaurants in different parts of the city. Most of these are conveyor belt sushi restaurants, where a plate of 2 sushi can be as cheap as 1 USD. They might not be everyone’s go-to food option when you’re drunk, but it is one unique to Japan and especially with a bowl of miso soup to go with your sushi, it is a surprinsgly refreshing drunk food. Convinience stores are everywhere in Japan, espceially in big cities such as Tokyo. Nearly all of them are open 24 hours and have an insane amount of options for you to choose from. No matter if you’re looking for something cold, hot, sweet or savoury, you can sure find something here. Here is what our friends have to say about convenience store drunk foods. So we’re here at the rice ball section. It is honestly my favourite section in any convenient store. You cannot go wrong, and honestly, I’m kind of obsessed with tuna mayo. Which I’m going to get right now. And maybe I will even get a cheese and bacon. So when I’m drunk, which is always, really. I have a sweet tooth. I always crave something sweet. Often I just carry around a bag of sweets in my bag, in case I get hungry anyway. When I’m drunk, I go for sushi. Because sushi is life. For me. It’s the best thing in the world. And maybe some fried chicken. Similar to different parts of the world, western fast food chains are great drunk food option for you. You can get your fix at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and more. Most of these places are open 24 hours and most of them have wifi and even socket for you to charge your phones. Kebab might be one of the most popular drunk food options in the world, especially for countries that don’t have as many 24 hour options as Japan. The greasy meat with the mouth-watering sauce is cheap and there are kebab food trunks and small kebab food stalls in the major nightlife areas. Besides your typical kebab with bread, many of these places offer kebab with rice and kebab sushi. Chinese food might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of drunk food, but there are quite a lot of late night Chinese restaurants that are available, especially if you’re looking for something a little more oily and greasy You can get soup noodles, fried noodles, dumplings, dim sum and a lot more in these places. There you have it. Those are our top 10 drunk food options in Japan. Let us know in the comments section which one is your favorite. Don’t forget to check out the blog that we have linked in the description box below. See you in the next video!

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