Best Pizza in Rome, Italy

Well guys this is an exciting day because
today’s video is all about pizza. Yes. We’ve been in Rome for a few days now and
we have saved the best for last. We’re going to be eat at place called Antico
Forno Roscioli (Marco Roscioli Il Forno). Yep. This is a bakery and pizzeria that has been
around forever. Yeah. It is a bit of an institution here. Early 19th century. Oh yeah. Yeah. And yeah it is like 11 in the morning so a
bit early for lunch but I’m hoping they already have a few pizzas ready. Exactly. So yeah we’re going to go in and eat pizza. We’re going to scarf it down. Mmmhmm. Let’s go. (Cutting sounds) Just this one. Mozzarella. Okay so we are starting with our first batch
of pizza and they had three different kinds ready. So we have mozzarella. Rossa which just means red. And pizza bianca. Yeah. Which is just plain. This is all about the bread and the texture
of the bread. Oh my gosh it all looks so good. And apparently we have more pizza coming out
of the oven in 3 minutes. Yeah, different kinds. Yeah, let’s get started with this. So try it. I think mozzarella looks wonderful. You guys can dig in as well. Hahaha. Go ahead Mom and Dad. Hahaha. Oh this looks so good. Let’s go in for this. Oh that is so good. Is it good? Yeah? Mmmmm. Wow. What do you guys think so far? It is delicioso. Delicioso. Hahaha. And I haven’t even had a piece. I love it. It is just a little bit of tomato sauce and
then you have the pieces of mozzarella. A little bit of olive oil drizzled on top. And I like the consistency of the bread. It is a little bit crunchy and crispy. But super light. This place is a true institution. Like it has been around since the early 19th
century so. Mmmhmm. This is amazing. It is not just a pizzeria. It is a bakery. Bakery as well. Alright time for me to get some? Yeah. Okay so Sam is going in for the pizza rossa. Which means red pizza. Yeah and I’ve got to admit this pizza is going
fast. So I’m glad we’re filming it quickly too. So yeah this one just literally has tomato
sauce. There is no cheese. It looks like there is olive oil drizzled
on top. Argh. Hahaha. I’m choking here. You’ve been eating so fast. Pardon me. Oh, wow. This is a beautiful tomato sauce. Are you ready with your camera? Oh, yes there is more? Oh wonderful. There is more pizza coming. Oh wonderful. Excellent. Woah. Oh, let’s get some of that. Oh woah. Wow. That looks beautiful. Thank you. We’re going to have one of each. So we’ve tried one with cheese. We’ve tried one with just tomato sauce. Now this one is called pizza bianca which
is the plain. So Dad is going to try it here. Mmmm. And we have even more pizza coming guys. It is so light. Is it so light? Mmmm. Almost spongy. Does it taste good even without sauce or cheese? Oh yeah. Yeah? Is it good on its own? Beautiful bread. Beautiful bread. Mmmm. You could just make a whole meal out of it. Oh yeah. Hahaha. Oh man. This is better than garlic fingers believe
me. This is so good. And we have 3 more to come I think. So we have a nickname for you. We call you Pumpy and now you’re going to
be having Pumpy is going to be trying pumpkin pizza so let’s try that. Okay. Are you ready? Thank you. It looks delicious. Pumpy tries pumpkin pizza. Were you just given a complimentary pizza. Yes, probably because we’re buying so much
pizza. Oh my gosh. So this is pizza bianca with mortadella. Mortadella in there. And apparently if you come to Rome you need
to try this or you haven’t experienced Rome properly. Wow. So let’s dig into this pizza bianca. Yep. And how is the pumpkin pizza Dad? Mmmm. Delicioso. Hahaha. Lots of pumpkin? Look at that. Smothered in pumpkin. Is it kind of a sweet pizza or? Oh yeah. It is really juicy too. Juicy too. And how about yours? Wonderful. Wonderful. This is like an amazing pizza sandwich. We’re having a great time. Alright boys here we go. Alright so the last two ones to try. So mine is black cabbage. Yes. Apparently it has going to have a smoky flavor. That is what the guy told us. You can tell it is really crispy. And a little bitter he said. And Dad you’re having what? Broccoli and pork sausage. Alright. Cheers. Let’s do a pizza cheers. Pizza cheers. Okay. Pizza cheers. Mmmm. How is that? This one is good. It is quite salty and crunchy. Yeah. This is almost healthy. Almost healthy. Hahaha. Lots of broccoli. We haven’t had broccoli in a while have we. I know. It is great. We’re getting our vegetables in today. Alright so I’m going to ask all of you guys
do you have a favorite amongst all of the ones we’ve tried. I think for me out of the specialty ones I
really like the pumpkin. And then I also like the classic. That is your favorite one? Yeah. How about you Audrey? Me. You know what I haven’t even tried all them
yet so you’ll have to come back to me. That is true. I think Debbie enjoyed the pizza bianca with
mortadella inside. Yep. Yep. So man we’ve still got a lot left to go. Yeah. I think we can finish it all. I think we can. We’re going to try. Alright we’ve had our pizza. We are stuffed beyond belief. Stuffed beyond belief. Like we actually had the master plan of going
to get gelato right after. We’re like no. We’ve got to delay that. Hahaha. There is no way we have room for gelato. Man that was a lot of pizza. And that fed a whole family. That was all 4 of us. My parents plus the two of us. It only came to 31 Euros. So I thought that was fantastic value. It was less than 8 Euros per person. And we pigged out. There is no other way to put it. But anyways yeah. Stay tuned because we’re going to be going
to a famous gelato spot next. And now gelato. We are at Giolitti. Sam’s parents have already gone inside so
we’re going to follow suit and see what flavors are available. Okay the boys and their ice creams. Yeah so what flavors did you get? I had Roman Holiday and the Baileys Whisky. What did you think? Awesome. I’ve got two of them too. So good. Such natural flavors. So delicious. So what did you get? I also got those two but I also got caramel. So I got 3 scoops. And I’ve been filming so mine is dripping. I really have got to eat it quick. Alright let’s dig into that. I’m really curious to see what the Roman Holiday
tastes like. Because it doesn’t really list the ingredients. Mmmm. How is Roman Holiday? It is I think it has got like caramel and
rum. Yeah. And I have to say I feel like mine right here
is delicious. I got pistachio, chocolate and coconut. Coconut is the best in my opinion. It is the best coconut ice cream I’ve ever
had. Wow. This is great. This is so good. Okay so we just had some amazing gelato in
there. Oh my gosh. I don’t know how we had room for that. We just had pizza not that long ago. But that was so delicious. Yes. Combined with good pizza and also we got to
visit cats. What a day. Yeah. So yeah anyways in terms of the price point
you can get a small one for 2.50 Euros, you can get a medium for 3.80 or a large for 4.80. And when you get a large or a medium you get
3 different flavors with the small you only get 2. We ended up getting a medium and we thought
that was a pretty big size. I saw people get large and it was huge. Yeah, they looked massive. Like for a couple to share. So if you’ve got a big appetite then get the
large for sure. But I’m glad we only went with the medium. We got to try 3 different flavors. And a little tip for buying gelato is that
when you go to a shop you want to get gelato that looks like natural colors. Yes. And it is not those huge mounds that look
like mountains. It should just look normal. And the colors should look a little bit muted. Yes. That is how you know you’re getting natural
flavors. Yes, that is how you know it is not artificial
colors. Yep. And also it should be small batches like you
mentioned because that is how you know it is freshly made. Exactly. So guys that was a food tour here in Rome
of pizza and gelato. I hope you guys enjoyed it. We’ll see you on the next video.

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