Best Ramen in Tokyo ? Shibuya – Manmosu

the holiday and defend this morning perfect time to get a workout in just got a call from yo guess what he’s joining today’s workout so sometimes running in the city is not the best idea get a lot of traffic way to stoplights I wonder what’s happening at what is this is it on are they even open right now like quite a lot of people are you pancakes yeah I want some pancakes to cigarette and a cigarette my lungs gone yeah I wonder what’s going on there’s all these people alright all done with the work out great work this guy go ahead and subscribe and like yeah Hollywood will see around wow i’m tired i’m so sad this is one of my favorite sweaters but Michael doesn’t like it and she says it needs to change she says it’s old she says it’s ghetto I don’t know what that means so we have to get rid of it then I can go to work alright i can go towards now that better actually I don’t mind going to work on holidays it’s nicer the trains are packed and you get a lot more work done wow it is dead and subway today holidays it’s what like maybe three o’clock in the afternoon right now and no one is here this maybe like a total of ten fifteen people and all the subway usually is just packed with people it’s kind of like a ghost sounds kind of scary that meeting took longer than I thought it was quite nice got a lot of stuff done now it’s time to go eat ramen you decide which ramen restaurants we are going like this way past on your day and the dogenzaka is that way let’S past taco bell yeah i mean you can always just have talked about so the Cubs they won the World Series seven doesn’t care about the cubs chicago cubs baseball cards cubs hugs so we’re going to mom wanted a take two we’re going to manmosu today I thought the spiciest ramen that they have here one two or three levels I just level three it’s not that special it’s a little spicy but it’s it’s ok good ramen but a taste like fish its really juicy and melts in your mouth tastes like fish if you really like spicy ramen i would suggest you get level three years because it’s not too spicy so there’s two kinds of ramen from I understand there’s regular ramen with noodles are included in the soup we’re having today is called tsukemen (ramen) and it sounds almost like but it’s all but its called tsukemen torotoro jan taste level from one to five five being the best what are you giving give it a 3 overall atmosphere i give it to 2.5 about spiciness i would give this a 2 I’ll give 2 too. and then put it all together you get evaluating and give it a 3 as well alright today in fact Michael switched it out and she took us to tsukemen instead tsukemen doesn’t have soup with noodles Yes it does. this is the soup. they are separate they come separately that it’S called tsukemen. Ramen. Tsukemen man means noodles, tsuke means attach ra means … farararara

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