It’s the duel of the Fords, hoBROs! Which one is mine?! This one! Well we finally made it to Bang Saen Beach. We made a wrong turn, had to U-Turn, got stuck
in some traffic so we missed the sunset. But we’re still at the beach.
It’s a beautiful beach town. There’s the ocean.
I know it’s hard to tell because it’s night, but that’s the ocean out there hoBROs.
We’ll go check it out in a second. BANG SAEN BEACH !!!!! Let’s go eat some seafood. What’s happening?
(laughter) O.J. !!!! WHOA!! Oh my God! You think you need more shrimp? So I can order more. This is not enough! AWESOME! Aftermath! BURRRRRRPPPPP! What is it? Koongtang. Which means?
Shrimp Tank. (laughter)
Koongtang. Shrimp Tank. Yeah Tang. That’s Tang. We call Tang.
You say tank, alright? Naw, that’s a bucket.
Bucket. Fuck it, cry to tears in a bucket. Take it
to the stage. These are the best French Fries, not just
in Bang Saen… Again?
These are not just the best french Fries in Bang Saen… But…
The best French Fries in all of Thailand. That I’ve ever tried in 16 years…
No, if you’re saying that you’re not going to eat my French Fries…
Except wifey’s… Dayum, Dayum! The fry bites back my man!
Dayum! Dayum! Dayum! You cannot say any food is the best… more
than your wife’s cooking! That’s good advice.
Dude, just can’t stop eating. We just keep ordering more and more and more.
Shrimp… Chicken… Arroy Mak (very delicious).
Arroy Mak! Mut Laos (finished)…
This is a beer… Jesus man, I ended up ordering like 3 or 4
more beers… two more rounds of French fries…
more cheeseballs… more chicken… more shrimp… Oh look at my face. No, No, No. I mean on the front
of me, see? Kayat (trash)…
Jesus, look at this… Looks like a massacre.
Shrimp massacre. SHRIMP MASSACRE!!!!!!! Subscribe!

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