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Welcome to FridgeCam. Welcome to Sorted
Food, and can I say, welcome to my house. A chilli con carne is one of the dishes
that when I first started learning how to cook and fending for
myself – it’s one of the things that I first experimented with in terms of
mixing up the flavors adding my own twist to it trying to change things up
and then people started asking me to make it when we would go to family
events and it became my signature dish in a way.
Yeah it’s always been barbecue Yep. And chilli. It’s like those two things you
can heavily rely on Jamie to provide. I do have a baby and he is crying
so if you hear that I’m not ignoring him. My wife is there looking after him. She’s
a very good mother. Sometimes you can’t help it when babies cry. They do that.
They do that. My onions are sweating off, gonna get
them nice and soft, add in some garlic, in the meantime I’m gonna fry off my beef
mince, so we get some nice different textures. Bit of colour, bit of flavour on
that before goes into the pan. J’s asked me to come up with
something like a side dish, something different to just rice to serve with his
bespoke chilli con carne – and I thought what do you love more than anything
world? Polenta. So one of the key ingredients that we’re actually gonna make some
amazing cornbread. I think my chilli changes every time I cook it but what
doesn’t change is the sides. It’s more tear and share. Like if you’re taking it to
a family event, especially if it’s one of those kinds of everyone brings a dish, this
is just nice because it becomes a talking point. At the moment your Chilli’s
talking point is “J what have you done to it this time” –
Yeah. This is like another talking point to add alongside it. You’ve put milk in my beer
glass. This urgh. That is my beer goblet. So mostly cornmeal, a little bit of flour
and baking powder and then the wet stuff is eggs onion and milk. And then just
loads of sweet corn in as well. Right onions going in here as well. Impressed now? Mmm sweet corn with scrambled egg. Doing the beef in two batches because
if you do it all together, the temperature of the pan gets too low and it
doesn’t brown properly. By doing it in two batches I get some really nice brown
crispy bits and they’re going to add a load of texture into the chili when
it’s cooked later. I tweet World. I’d like you to meet Finn. He’s very
very milk drunk at the moment. He is 8 1/2 weeks old. And we’ve decided to keep
him. He looks as fed up to be in your company as we all do. Right, now that one’s browned off, we
will chuck this back in here. Basically we got a hot chili powder, ground cumin,
ground cinnamon, ground coriander. And we’ll chuck all of that into there with
tomatoes, kidney beans in the chili sauce, beef stock and whatever else I could
find in my fridge. I’ll do the cooking because I’m not gonna do that bit.
Basically I see what’s in my fridge and think “that could go quite well” so I’ve got
some like American hot sauce – this is your Amarillo chili sauce from Peru. So
when I say that we test every recipe before we cook it – this one you insisted
we didn’t because you make up as you go along. Bit of ketchup because I ran out of tomato puree.
Little bit of brown sauce, why not? You’re just like building flavour and then
just going “and a bit of that as well”, why not? Yeah.
You’re literally just emptying anything you can find into this pot. That’s how chilli
gets made. I’ve got some mixed hot chilies, which we can dice up and chuck
in. Oh no that’s quite a lot, ohhh no. That’s baby
vom. Sometimes that happens to me when I have too much milk. Oh, he’s
done it on this one as well! Bring it up the boil, we’ll put it all the
way back down to bottom and let that bubble away for an hour. Given how hot and well spiced your chili
is, I’ve gone for some fresher flavors in this as well. So some cucumber, some dill,
some lemon juice and it’s just… it’s almost that fusion of like Tzatsiki meets
raita, which is delicious with rich meaty dishes. I know there’s like 100 different ways
to make chilli, if not more, but this is my one. It’s the way I do it
and people seem to like it. It’s definitely not Texan cuz it’s got the beans. It’s
bizarre because it’s got this kind of dill, cucumber yoghurt on top. It’s with
corn bread which is awesome. You’ve also got a whole bunch of
ingredients in there that – like the cinnamon – yeah – it’s quite a sweet touch.
Yeah. And not too spicy. No, that for me it’s warming. Mmm-hmm. J that is absolute
delicious. I’d like to say we’re putting the recipe in the link down below but
the recipe changes every time. Yeah but what I see it as is a base for people
to add their own twists to. Well your chili was good. I’ve eaten it all. Always a
good sign. It was a small ball… Small ball? It was a small bowl for one person so
the fact that we both finished it – I’m not surprised.
But it was delicious. It was good. Question time and segway from chili onto
this first one. What is your favorite spice of all time? What’s my favorite spice. That’s a bit like I feel like the politician answer coming. Sit on the fence like I
do. No. Go on. No. My favorite spice is probably, and James was surprised I
didn’t put this in the chili actually, smoked paprika. I just think that
smokiness with a little bit of heat to it is incredible and obviously you can’t
have chorizo unless you have smoked paprika so… A question from froggy – what
is the most money you’ve ever spent on the one meal. I think it would probably
be about 200 pounds ish. It was at a place in Canary Wharf called Boisdale
for my 30th birthday. It was a steak, whiskey, seafood like lobster, jazz and
cigar restaurant. Which all your middle names. Yeah basically, and it was
incredible we had Lobster and oysters to start, steak for a main course.
So a blowout special occasion. Yeah. Can’t remember what we had for dessert,
but it was all rounded off with Rioja and a cigar and a very very nice
expensive Macallan single malt. Happy birthday. It was a very happy
birthday. This question from Elizabeth, we may well be sat in front of it, what’s his
family’s favorite meal to share? If you’re talking about the four of us, Finn just
eats milk, so I kind of have to discount him. But Evie’s started to get
into roast dinners. Okay. She’s not a big fan of pork, but we
tell her it’s chicken and she eats it so she’s happy. And she’s starting to
like roast potatoes and things like that so I think a Sunday
afternoon roast, with just the three of us, is something that we started to
do. But obviously Evie’s tastes are progressing all the time. She’s learning
new things and wanting to eat new things so it could change in the next six
months. Would you rather use steak scented deodorant or eat a shower
fresh scented steak? Surely I’d prefer to walk around all day smelling
of steak. You might. I’m not sure the rest of us
would appreciate that. There we go that’s the real reason we went to your house –
to see your offspring. Oh yeah. Why did you call them offspring, they’re children?
No…offspring. You are so not ready If you’re ready to give the recipe a go you
can get it downstairs, and when I say recipe – it’s a set of guidelines…
Yeah whatever you’ve got in the fridge, chuck it in. Give it a
go, what would you put in your chili? Comment down below. No dad
joke. It’s a Wednesday so we’ll just say goodbye? Yeah we’ll say goodbye and
look forward to a dad joke on Sunday. BYE!

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  1. RadleyBO0 says:

    It's crazy. when I first discovered this channel back in 2011/2012, I hadn't even met my wife yet. Now I'm a dad, and seeing Jamie with his newborn just reminds me how far we've all come. I'm glad Sorted Food has been so successful and shows no sign of slowing down. it's been an great part of my life for the better part of a decade.

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    Finn!! I know I'm late on this one but hey buddy, welcome to The Universe!!!

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  5. Mayor Doctor says:

    Texan here, I'd love to try it, if I can hold back the vomit from the beans…. Just playin, looks like a great chili!

  6. Jim Fortune says:

    I lived in Michigan and California. That's Michigan chili.

  7. Phylis Maddox says:

    Impressed with the corn bread – good recipe based on on Southern corn bread. Looked like it needed more acid – we use buttermilk. You might try baking in an over greased skillet (cast iron with a pool of oil down South). It's very similar to how Yorkshire pudding is made.

    Really am impressed by the recipe – most people mistakenly add sugar.

  8. m daily says:

    Looooovvvveee made personal

  9. The Poor Conservative says:

    Did you ever notice how much Jamie's baby looks like Ben?😂🤣😂🤣

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    shout out to smoked paprika for real

  12. Jobi T says:

    Next time, instead of sweet corn, add creamed corn. Yum! Like sticky corn goodness when it's cooked.

  13. DeepThought says:

    My chilli is very like this one, never the same ingredients, I have even been known to chuck a tin of pineapple chunks in. Spice is whatever we have in the rack but I have, however, discovered a West Indian hot pepper sauce that is thermonuclear in heat and probably should be the subject of some sort of limitation treaty. I only need to add maybe half a teaspoon to a kilo of mince, otherwise my family complain it's too hot.

  14. Lee Kelly says:

    Hello fin

  15. Henrik Lahn Andersen says:

    The best spice is SALT – NOW some people will say salt isn't a spice because it doesn't come from plants – To that I say "well fine – pepper then". There is a reason why these two SPICES are on almost any dinner table – it's because they are the base! Everything else is just an addition.

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    I love this. I cook every day with my six kids hanging on me. Finally a realistic cooking show. Love this channel.

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    How terrible is it that I like a deep flavored chili so I add some molasses to it? I've never met anyone else who does it but I think its pretty good

  22. Eric Peters says:

    Good luck with your #words. this is how you do it #American style

  23. Mathhew Shurtleff says:

    say it with me everyone corn does not belong in cornbread

  24. Christian T says:

    Idk why it's called Texas chilli in from Texas and I've never seen chilli without beans here

  25. Trevor Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness, chili! I've loved having it, but I hadn't tried making it until a month ago, when I heard this Friday would have a chili cook-off at work! I'd been experimenting with recipes and personal attempts since then, and I almost gave up until this last weekend. I used a Pepperoni Pizza Chili recipe as a base guideline, but I thought "that's a little boring" and spiced it up with my favorite pizza: Pepperoni, sausage, and black olives. I was really worried about the olives, but they kept their firmness. They also added a subtle flavor that I really enjoy, so I'm definitely keeping them around. I kinda love the chili I made, and I hope I can recreate it Friday for the cook-off.

    Jamie, your chili looked delicious! After this Friday, I'll be a bit chili'd out, but I'll definitely look into trying some variant myself sometime.

  26. Steven York says:

    I think Jamie is just an American with a funny accent

  27. Samantha Mayberry says:

    Jamie, apparently it escapes you, but cornbread is the traditional side with chili… This fact seemed to be unknown to you during your Ultimate American battle as well… 😛

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  32. Beejay Swifter says:

    Favorite spice? Ground coriander.

    In my chile? Chorizo, the fresh, Mexican-style chorizo. It really has all the basic chili spices and flavors. I add a ton of garlic and some cumin and oregano, and that's an almost instant pot of chili on the stove.

    I have that dotted bowl! It's my popcorn devouring bowl. 😉

  33. Karin Cope says:

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    tip for good southern cornbread: pour a bit of oil in the bottom of a cast-iron skillet and heat the skillet in the oven until the oil is hot enough to fry a bit of cornbread batter you throw in. pour in the batter and then bake. it gives a wonderful crispy bottom while maintaining that soft center.

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    Mum used to make Mexican cornbread casserole which was just chilly in corn bread it’s the best

  44. Thomas Spinks says:

    Jamie add salted peanuts. I did on my last batch of chilli and adds a unique texture to the recipe. I put them in at the last 20 mins. Just thought you might enjoy it if your a smash anything in chilli maker

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    Chili changes every time if you’re a good cook!

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    The best chili recipient:

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    I know it's been a year since this came out, but being from New Mexico and hearing paprika described as "with a little bit of heat to it" reminds me how brutal some chillies can be here. Paprika has no bite to me, but absolutely excellent flavor. My grandmother is from Hungary though, so we get the proper good stuff.

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