bigg ramen 3: the garlickening

bring the cam-bra – we’re back on our bullshit – we’re back on our bullshit
– we’re back on our bullshit!!! this time we’re going to Walgreen’s cuz no 7-elevens (katz: no 7-elevens!) mac: in my neighborhood
katz: and no CVS! mac: and no CVS, yeah!
(katz: wow) [wind noises] quick, say something funny. [panicked silence] – UHHHH, BEANS. – UHHHH, BEANS.
– NO, THAT’S NOT FUNNY! mac: we made it.
katz: it’s her! mac: …it’s the Walgreen’d katz: we found the ramen. [PANICKED GRUNT] FUCK [MUCH SLOWER PANICKED GRUNT] F F U F U C F U C K – we got it! katz: it’s B-roll mac: ramen tiiiiiiiiiime mac: ramen tiiiiiiime
katz: ramen time! katz: we need a pot! katz: we need a pot!
mac: POT TIME. mac: POT TIME.
katz: get a pot! mac: pot pot pot pot pot katz: OH is it actually 4:20 what time is it??? mac: oh my god, fuck it’s 3:42 katz: NOOO [pshew] mac: c’mon. WORK katz: [singing] everything smells like gas
mac: [also singing] we’re gonna die mac: [also singing] we’re gonna die
katz: we’re gonna die. katz: pyrotechnics. ooooooooh. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! katz: she ain’t boilin! – on today’s episode. of waiting for the pot to boil – we got pringles this time.
– we got pringles! katz: A HA! WHAT WAS THAT, FOOL? – I tried to throw it in my mouth! katz: you caught it! katz: look at him perched like an owl. mac: hoo katz: Mac, it’s your turn to have a
crunch. – I had like ten million!
– no no no no. – I’m not a freak, I don’t eat dry
– you must. [sigh] [reluctant cronching] katz: verdict
mac: i hate you. mac: we got steam!
(katz: we got steam) mac: ah. yes. me dwarven brew. mac: ah. yes. me dwarven brew.
katz: what the fuck mac: we on the hunt for spices mac: found some GARLIC powder katz: ratatouille– YOU PUT SO MUCH GARLIC IN THERE. mac: [singing] taste test! – [whispering] you put too much garlic in it. mac: i’m sorry 🙁
katz: what have we learned. katz does spices, that’s what we learned. mac: [singing] we got… chopsticks… somewhere… there’s one. – THAT’S A PAINTBRUSH katz: the hunt continues and Mac loses more hope with each
passing day. [with hopeless desperation] i found a crazy straw [gutteral noise] mac: alright. the tasting. talent. tastes like garlic. that’s a garlic mess! mac: chug chug chug chug chug chug here let me get here let me get

7 comments on “bigg ramen 3: the garlickening”

  1. Nat Nyx says:

    I am entertained.

  2. rat the clown says:

    love myself some power pup

  3. rat the clown says:


  4. sewer rat says:

    today I learned that Katz shouldn't be in charge of spices

  5. Kluthausen 2000 says:

    You both should make a tv-show or something like that

  6. hey it's andy ! says:

    "quick say something funny"
    "uhh beans"

  7. Eva Murray says:


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