Binging with Babish: Master of None Carbonara

Hey, what’s up guys, and welcome back to Binging with Babish. For this week we are celebrating the return of Master of None. With, one of my favorites, Carbonara. A recipe that begins, and ends, with eggs. We’re going to start by measuring 7 ounces each of all purpose flour and semolina flour You can just use all purpose if you want, but semolina gives the pasta a nice color and texture. Next up we’re going to break four eggs into the center of a well that we create in the middle of our flour mixture. We’re going to beat those eggs with a fork slowly, adding more and more of the flour mixture as we go along, until we get a rough dough that we’re going to turn out onto a clean work surface and enthusiastically knead for about 5 minutes, or until we get a nice, cohesive, smooth, supple dough. Wrap in plastic wrap and let it rest at room temperature for thirty (30) minutes Before busting out your fancy new pasta extruder – placing golf ball sized pieces of dough one at a time into the hopper. Now if you don’t have one of these things, an easy and less expensive way to make spaghetti is with a pasta roller but you can also do it by hand, rolling out a sheet of dough and cutting it into strips, but sadly that’s another episode maybe when I do Master of None season 2. Once we’ve got all of our pasta made and dusted liberally with flour, it’s time to mince up about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic because we’re doing two batches of Carbonara here, One meat, and one vegetarian. It looks like Dev was using Guanciale which is the super OG way of making Carbonara it’s a cured pork jowl. If you can’t find that, just use pancetta or even bacon if you like. Fry that up until it’s nice and crisp and at the last few minutes of cooking, Set a few nests of pasta in some boiling water for two minutes and add 2 to 3 cloves of minced garlic to our sizzling meat. Sauté for no more than one minute, kill the heat, and add the pasta. Toss your pasta to nicely coat it in jowl grease which is a new favorite phrase of mine before beating together two eggs, and stirring constantly adding to the pasta until creamy and evenly coated and then, while the pasta is still hot, we’re going to dump a whole cup of freshly grated Parmesan into the fray. Don’t use any cream. There is no cream in
real Carbonara. Season with pepper and add salt if necessary – Guanciale is usually pretty salty
so you might not need it. And using our favorite carving fork, I swear, I use this only for pasta I’ve never carved anything with this fork plate your noodles with some extra meat on top and of course, a healthy grating of Parmesan cheese. Now, at first I thought the pasta press was a waste of money, but it produces really dense chewy noodles which I love. But what if you want Carbonara without the meat? Well, we need to use some meaty smoky umami flavors. Let’s start with a few sliced shiitake mushrooms that we’re going to sauté until crisp in a few tablespoons of olive oil these are our pancetta proxy, our swine substitute our pretend pig, I got a million of them. Add garlic in the last few minutes of cooking, just as before sautéing until fragrant, adding the pasta with a bit of pasta water you want to make sure to add a little bit of pasta water with both of these versions it helps thicken the sauce in the end we’re still adding eggs and cheese, because Dev specified this is a vegetarian version not a vegan version. I have no idea how you would do a vegan version. But to try and stand in for the smokiness of the bacon we’re going to, this time, use a half cup each of smoked provolone and Parmesan. Plate it up all fancy, extra mushrooms on top, and the requisite freshly grated Parmesan Now a really great Carbonara is a something very special So is a vegetarian version up to the task? Well, to give you an idea to how good this was, I still cleaned my plate despite this being my second bowl of Carbonara in the span of 1 hour. It also ended up costing me a lot of money because I went out and got a gym membership afterwards I wish I was kidding. I’m not.

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  1. Anson Hu says:

    Is it weird I’m watching Master of None while watching this

  2. Leon Lambert says:

    Parmesan is not vegetarian

  3. Slime Scholar says:

    Authentic Parmigiano Reggiano is legally required to be made with animal rennet, rendering it not suitable for vegetarians. If you're making the mushroom one for a vegetarian, use a domestic parmesan.


    How are eggs vegetarian

  5. joker says:


  6. Alron says:

    "What if you want a carbonara without meat" you lost me right there

  7. B R I C K. says:

    I tried making egg ramen today and I just have to say holy crap that stuff is rich

  8. No Nunya says:


  9. djwaglmuffin says:

    How do you not scramble the eggs?

  10. Andrea Chan says:

    Questa video vi mostra come NON dovete fare una pastasciutta alla carbonara! Pasta all'uovo?? uovo su uovo rende il piatto pesantissimo… l'aglio tritato cotto con il grasso della pancetta è una bestemmia… ma almeno compratevi un libro di cucina italiana e guardatevi gli ingredienti..

    ah.. usatevi google translator … sono un italiano e non mangerei mai sta schifezza.


  11. ExplodingJellyfish says:

    "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen I'm magician Micheal Carbonara, and this is… The Carbonara Effect"

  12. bullo247 says:

    Parmesan isn't actually vegetarian.

  13. Jacob Mudd says:

    eggs, pork, cheese, pepper, and eggs. no fucking garlic in carbonara, I don't care what Marcella Hazan's recipe says. lots of black pepper though. Carbonara means coal seller/coal miner in italian. And pecorino over parm in the sauce, but parm is acceptable. Dev made it wrong.

  14. luca toro says:

    Carbonara should be done with classic pasta,if youse fresh pasta,Will absorb all the cream..No way,man.

  15. Siddhant Khakse says:

    God his humour is witty, I actually cracked up

  16. CookieGod666 says:

    No fresh Basil? Really?

  17. Yuri Di Luccio says:

    Monster not is italian carbonara

  18. Juridiscious says:

    Uhh i think the written recipe has sorta disappearred if anyone has the same problem then comment pls

  19. priit mölder says:

    Re-watching this reminds me that I do Carbonara way better. Boil good quality pasta (penne in my case) to al dente while it still has about 10% by volume of reduced boiling water. To that, I add perfect golden crisp bacon with garlic added about 10-15 seconds before pouring over the pasta. You should have ready in a bowl a cracked egg and grated a ratio of 2.5-3:1 of cheese by weight. A tiny bit of salt to season the egg and enough fresh ground pepper to make your wrists hurt from griding it. Beat the egg-cheese together after you poured the bacon on the pasta and add to the pot. Now mix together until the cheese has melted. Voila: you have created the creamiest Carbonara of your life!

  20. crazykite says:

    Ti prego non chiamare questo piatto "carbonara" !! In Italia si può definire solo "mappazzone" !! Please don't use "carbonara" for this dish, we prefer call it "mappazzone" (untranslatable word we call a union of things with undefined nature). My poor grandma is feeling pain in her tomb 🙁
    First of all NEVER, I repeat NEVER use fresh egg pasta with egg-based condiments but only durum wheat pasta, spaghetti or macaroni or penne. Second: never garlic or onion. Third: only guanciale, no bacon. Fourth: never cream. Fifth: freshly ground pepper. Sixth: only Roman pecorino. Nothing else.

  21. Maja says:

    tip for adding the egg without making scrambled eggs… add the parmesan into the egg and THEN add the mixture to the spaghetti!

  22. Liwiathan says:

    Cheese mayo?

  23. Connor Moon says:

    Parmesan isn’t vegetarian

  24. Max Rowland says:

    I stopped watching at the meatless version

  25. 13freitag13 says:

    oh 2 bowls of your carbonara are half of my bowl

  26. N's Creations and Gunpla Review says:

    Sounds like a mix of pancetta/bacon and mushrooms is a nice way to go. What would a good mix be?

  27. overseastom says:

    Quality video, as always mate. The music at the end is awesome too. I'd quite like to hear the whole song…

    Edit: just saw you credited the artist, which is of course the right thing to do, and much appreciated!

    Gonna have a listen to this Broke for Free fella now…

  28. Darth Ben says:

    7 ounces is just under a cup, for the laymen

  29. SuperGamer says:

    Diocane la carbonara vegetariana e una bestemmia.

  30. Prodromos Peios says:

    Carbonara without meat? Go eat a tree you faggot

  31. Enrico Fontanive says:

    I usually add only the red of the egg when the pasta is already in the plate… but you should do it ONLY if you know the chicken that layed them

  32. Meg S says:

    Why use egg pasta, garlic, and cream for carbonara?! I don't know probably Americans like it this way but I'd rather follow old-fashioned culinary book that do not call for none of those unwanted ingredients…

  33. Loud says:

    Sorry I'm late Lol

    Buttt if its got Parmigian in it its not vegetarian Parmigian is not veggie because it has reinit in it t is taken from cow stomachs and there for we can't eat it

  34. ColdRamen says:

    can you make a none pizza with left beef

  35. TheRed SherbetDevil says:

    Meh. Wouldn't use fresh pasta. With such a simple sauce as in Carbonara, you want the Al dente bite, which you don't get with fresh pasta.

  36. Rémy De Cannière says:

    NO GARLIC IN THE CARBONARA. WTF Babish??? And mix your eggs with the cheese first, then add to the pasta.

  37. Myzell Patty says:

    I want to try it so good

  38. involuntaryanalysis says:

    Extra tip, kill the heat just before adding your egg/mixture, and let the residual do the work, you can also add fresh spinach at this point for some greenery. Now personally, I like to add some cremini mushrooms sautéed in a bit of bacon fat, and a bit of Italian parsley for garnish.

  39. Shelley Bee says:

    Well, there IS cream I'm CREAMY Carbonara, LOL!

  40. Sharpevil says:

    There's no cream in real carbonara, but you can definitely make some damn good heretic carbonara with it.

  41. Jay Bofa says:

    “This looks delicious!” I said while eating my cup-of-noodles

  42. abhijith suresh says:

    How it is vegan if there is an egg???
    Authentic vegan have only plant based food at least in my country

  43. clausbacher says:

    No garlic

  44. triadwarfare says:

    Can I make beef carbonara, or chicken carbo? because fk pork

  45. Matt Mann says:

    Some damn fine carbonara ♥️

  46. SpectreAD1 says:

    Which type of pasta should i use if i have the materials to make my own???

  47. Marlowe Name says:

    Sorry but there’s no garlic in real carbonara (don’t hate me I love babish)

  48. Mr King says:

    When you make fresh pasta it's already known that it would be a great recipe.

  49. Sangui says:

    Should use pecorino instead of parmesan.

  50. wilakt4fud says:

    "But what if you want carbonara without the meat?"

    I'm sorry. I don't understand the question.

  51. Stephen Taylor says:

    No. You're wrong.

  52. Carol Revello says:

    Every italian who watch this video could Die!!
    First of all,this is not a Carbonara. Call it in a different way.
    Second,the handmade pasta you made is not good for the carbonara,cause it's an egg pasta. Egg sauce + egg pasta = a stone for stomach.
    Garlic is not overused as u american/english people think in italia. And there isn't in carbonara recipe.
    U should write "carbonara variation" cause this is not the original recipe.
    By the way, I invite u to come in italy to eat the real carbonara 🙂 your videos are nice when u don't destroy italian recipe haha

  53. Francesca Balestra says:

    please, NO GARLIC in carbonara, NEVER

  54. I am Lion Man says:

    I do my own carbonara at home. I fry the pancetta in Bertolli (butter with olive oil mixed in) and use pecorino cheese instead of parmesan. For added richness, I melt / stir a knob of butter into the finished product before plating.

  55. Chuck Yanacheak says:

    For vegans: grind flax seed to powder, mix with water, use instead of egg.

  56. Basil Glew-Galloway says:

    You need to get the italia squisita people on here and do a carbonara-off.

  57. Marcus Supersaxo says:

    You should beat the egg and cheese over a water batch just like you do with a bearnaise sauce!!!

  58. Chris Kinne says:

    You are killing it, nice job

  59. oloapossatuap says:

    in the first recipe: only the egg red is needed

    the only thing i can say about everything that is called "carbonara" and contains mushrooms is "porca la madonna"

  60. tone says:

    porca madonna l'aglio nella carbonara noo

  61. liviestar365 says:

    Try using only yolks instead of whole eggs, it makes everything creamier and more delicious

  62. cody bassignani says:

    No egg whites go in the sauce bruh🤮

  63. Alessio Montorselli says:

    No garlic in carbonara, but the rest of the recipe is good.

  64. TheYuxiaodi says:

    You wouldnt do a vegan version, of anything… ever. If you dont like food, just stop eating.

  65. Bilbo says:

    Use mascarpone my dude

  66. SandboxArrow says:

    Delicious as hell!

  67. Alan Yaspan says:

    A lot of people hate on putting garlic in but it really improves things. Think it’s better to actually simmer some still-whole-but-lightly-mushed cloves in with the grease so that it flavors the oil, then remove them before adding pasta.

  68. Brian O'Leary says:

    You’re supposed to separate the yokes from the egg white and use the yokes.

  69. Pierluigi Zappala' says:

    Good job man but I’m forced by Roman law to tell you that the recipe you used is wrong, no garlic (or onions, as some people do) in real carbonara and ABSOLUTELY NO Parmesan only Roman PECORINO (sheep cheese), at least that is the traditional way

  70. Ligierthegreensun says:

    I have to admit recipes like this always freaked me out because of the egg at the end. Before the internet chefs RHEEE I understand it probably gets cooked enough by sitting on top of the hot pasta, it’s just a little jarring and probably me holding onto irrational fears that if I don’t thoroughly cook an egg I’ll definitely get salmonella.

  71. John Klose says:

    No pecorino or pepper???? With garlic???? This isn't right lol

  72. Bogi Larsen says:

    All of you guys know that most cheeses (including parmesan) are not vegetarian right?

  73. sillyninja65 says:

    sorry babish no garlic

  74. sillyninja65 says:

    still very good

  75. Danny O'Leary says:

    Imposter Pork

  76. Bliz46 _ says:

    Ao ma a carbonara con l'aglio nun se po vede

  77. Chris Kinne says:

    I watched and liked again. Your my youtube Betty Crocker. I type babish carbonara and bam there is the recipe.

  78. Rithrius says:

    But what if you made carbonara with meat AND mushrooms??

  79. The Judge says:

    Non è carbonara 🤢🤢🤢

  80. Thomas van den Belt says:

    More pepper! More black pepper!!

  81. Mindtrax Musik says:

    this carbonara is wrong

  82. Juan Casanova says:

    Try the carbonara with Idiazabal cheese. Thank me later

  83. No Body says:

    You don't need to add the whole egg, just the yolks. I find the sauce comes together better if you mix the yolks with the cheese before adding it to the pan.

  84. Entropy3ko says:

    What the fuck is this shit. That's not carbonara.

  85. AstrotominChina says:

    No garlic…Pecorino and not Parmigiano…Only the yolks of the eggs go in…Beat the eggs and add the Pecorino until it's a cream…And seasoning…Salt and black pepper…That is more traditional… Vegetarians do not eat Carbonara…😙…Just kidding…

  86. Dominic ADRIAN says:

    Who is here after Babish latest carbonara vid?

  87. DEVANSH says:

    Guys , Babish got your message

  88. GaTo says:

    Its just Pasta Funghi with some Eggs and not "Vegetarien Carbonara"…. complete different dish…

  89. Food is my bae says:

    Thank you so much for the vegetarian version😭😭❤️

  90. dinewalton says:

    For vegan, you can sub the egg for coconut milk and olive oil. For the cheese, you can sub garlic powder and finely chopped cashews.

  91. Rimadim dim says:

    How do I get pasta water if I'm not making pasta ?

  92. lunameowl says:

    Provolone and Parmesan are both not vegetarian

  93. FerretsForever94 says:

    My sister can't eat meat because of texture issues, and my dad has also given up red meat for health reasons, so your meatless carbonara is actually really popular in our house.

  94. ARKOVZ says:

    Vegan versions of Italian and Mexican food is very offensive.

  95. Fabrobin says:

    Are you still going to that gym?

  96. Kepora1 says:

    "I don't know how to do a vegan version."


  97. Tamar Frank says:

    Please do something from Gilmore girls I love this one the most because since this video I never missed an episode

  98. AD T says:

    LOL this is not even carbonara; it looks more like an egg cake, and where's the pepper?. Oh, and your cooking style is a mess. Hard pass.

  99. random dude says:

    vegan carbonara is just cacio e pepe

  100. kuuhaku 「」 says:

    Who is here after the live

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