Blake Shelton Gets a Scare from Julie Bowen

Hi, Blake. Hello. How are you? Thanks for having me back. You have me on the
show all the time now. I love it. I love having you here. I tell you all the time
how much I love you and how funny you are. You make me laugh
very, very much. Last time you were here,
you were going on tour. Now, did you manage to not
fall off the stage this time? [LAUGHS] When I fall,
I always fall on stage. I haven’t fallen
completely off stage. Oh, I thought you fell off. No, I fell– it was bad, though. It was bad. I backed into– oh, there it is. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Now, how do you feel
when that happens? People love that sort of thing. They really do. They were there at that– Yeah. See what I’m saying? Sell more tickets that way. It’s like, you know, it’s why
people watch race– you know, races. They want to see a crash. Yeah, they come to see
you– not to hear you sing, but to see if you’ll fall. Hopefully, he’ll fall tonight. Yeah. All right, get on
with your hits. You know what I remember? You talking about that
last time I was here. And it was just when, I think,
we were announcing that tour. It was Christmas time. And I don’t know. You probably had
nothing to do with it. But you gave me a gift. And it was a Cheetos
Christmas tree. It was a Christmas tree
made out of Cheetos. I know. Of course, I had something– Did you make that? I didn’t make it. But I had it made for you. Yeah. Have you eaten the Cheetos yet? I was going to ask you if you
could hook me up with whoever actually does that. Because that was a
dream come true for me. I literally was back there
eating it, eating the tree. Yeah, I love Cheetos. Yeah, I do too. It’s one of my favorites. Now, are you the soft Cheetos
or the crunchy Cheetos? Man, all of it. Yeah, I like all of it. I like the hot kind. Oh, I don’t like the hot kind. You don’t? No. Would you prefer a
Frito or a Cheeto? A Cheeto. Me too. Me too. Do you like a salt and vinegar
chip or just a regular chip? Kettle cooked, regular. Ah. Do you like Cocoa Pebbles
or Fruity Pebbles? Cocoa. Yeah. Yeah. Because of the milk? What it does to the milk? Yeah, ’cause it
turns to chocolate. Yeah, that’s why. Yep. Yeah. You, uh– [LAUGHS] Now, I heard this in
a meeting, and I don’t know if this is true or not. But I heard that
you recently learned there’s only one Wisconsin. No, I knew there was
only one Wisconsin, but I thought it
was West Consin. And then I thought there
was also an East Consin. When I was a kid, I
thought it was West Consin. Yeah. That’s what I thought. Don’t act like y’all
didn’t think that too. That is bull crap. Come on. It’s the accent from
where you’re from– West Consin. Probably. Guess so. Yeah. I really thought
that, honest to God, until I was probably
13 years old. Thought there was a
East and a West Consin. Well, I thought when
you had a stomach ache, it was a stomach cake. I thought that’s what it was. Stomach cake. That’s what it was. Yeah. Anyway. And for a long time, I
thought it was Walmark. It’s Walmart. Yeah. Yes, it is. That’s right. Let’s talk about The Voice. OK. You’re doing very well. I am. You have the most people, right? So the way we did
it this year was we went live with these new
things called Cross Battles. And basically, we battled
against other people, team members. And that didn’t work out so
well, especially for Adam, whose team was decimated. Yeah. Thank god for him that they
have these steals and saves. Because it would have
been even obviously worse. Yeah. But I ended up with eight,
which is, you know– It’s a lot. It’s exactly what
I came in with. So I was happy about that. Right. And do you think
you have the winner? Yes. Yes, I do. OK. Are you just saying that? Or do you think
that somebody else– because there’s
some good people. John has some good people. There is good people. But they have crappy coaches. All of them. That’s true. I didn’t think of it that way. I know. It’s not their fault. that
they’re being misled by, see, these other coaches
that are on the show. What do you do– when
you’re thinking about– when you’re turned around– by the way, it looks
like you can see people. Because when you’re leaning– from home, it looks
like someone– you could possibly see them. Yeah. But I know you can’t. But what do you do when
you’re– what are you looking for in a contestant when
you’re trying to get somebody? You mean in the blind auditions? Yeah. Obviously, if I recognize
a song right off the bat it’s a country song,
automatically, my antenna comes up. Because I can be a little more
critical of those singers, because I know all
those songs so well. It’s like, he didn’t
do that exactly how I think he should have. Or you know, whatever
the reason may be. And then sometimes,
if it’s somebody– like I’ve got a girl
on my team this year named Kim Cherry, who
is literally a rapper. And she’s on my team. But I heard her. She sang and she rapped in
her [INAUDIBLE] audition. And it was just– I loved it. If something makes
me happy or gets me excited about
what I’m hearing, even if I don’t really
know that much about it, I’ve got to throw
my name in the hat. I know. You’ve been getting some
people that weren’t strictly– All right, so speaking of
things that make you happy, I have a question for you. And this is serious. I want you to pay attention, OK? Oh, you got serious
all of a sudden. OK. All right. Gwen Stefani. OK. What I want to know is, well,
are you going to marry her? That’s one– Surprise! You’ve been in
there a long time. It’s so hot in there. He has been hitting on
the top of the box– I know. –with his big, beefy
hands, like this, over and over and over. I thought I was going to die. Julie, I had to get his arm off. The whole time,
his arm was on it. And I was like, how
do I get his arm off? That’s why I had to
lean over this way. I know. God bless you, woman. Sorry, dude. They made me. When can we talk about the fact
that I just crapped my pants? We have to take a
break, and we’ll look at this in slow motion
and see how this worked out. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]!

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