Bone-In Pizza || Baku Series S2:E4

I ain’t had pizza in a B..R. I.C.K ! 🅱uongiorno I’m sorry i don’t speak i t a l i c s dis is Mama Mia Pizzeria what kind of pizza u want? wait they got u workin food service? dam well it really do be like dat sometime shits wack look my man im famished aight i need a pizza wit uhhhh….. no cheese and no meat yeah yeah uhhh no VEGETABLES ! right and just make 2 of dem shits im mad hungry extra double and also make sure it 🅱 O N E L E S S uhhh what? what you want pizza b o n e l e s s? u gon put bones in my shit? maybe i will…. maybe i make no pizza u not fuckin wit me on this i need dat pizza A.$.A.P ROCKY u get da pizza after you suck my A.$.A.P C.O.C.K.Y look yall food services really ain’t been S.H.I.T u snot nose B.I.T.C.H.E.S ain’t shit wtf is b o n e l e s s pizza? what bone what animal is that on my fuckin life and my Y E E E Z Y if i pay for this pizza, and my shits delivered bone in iss iss a rap for yall u think i give a fuck??? come to the restaurant right now i give you b o n e l e s s ass whooping special carry out discount imma just get chinese they dont put bones in my shit usually

100 comments on “Bone-In Pizza || Baku Series S2:E4”

  1. Dominick Spruiell says:

    His Italics started sounding Indian lol

  2. SunRay says:


  3. Communist Creeper says:

    B O N E L E S S

  4. Just A Quagsire Passing Through says:

    Y O U T H I N K I G I V E A F U C K ?

  5. Fantoonstic says:

    I don't speak italics

  6. Oscar Halbert says:

    Yo y’all cannot tell me that besides the cops, dr mario is the only mf that goofs on Baku

  7. anti öko says:

    Jetzt will ich auch knochenlose Pizza kek

  8. Mega Doggo says:

    My 8 year old child hood even though I'm 9

  9. Adrian Marc says:

    I just realized something, Dr. Mario made a Jojo reference when he said Buongiorno.

  10. The Rocky Show! says:

    I’m watching this now and he said my name I’m so special

  11. Inky Master says:

    Y O U T H I N K I G I V E A F U C K!?

  12. Landon The Riolu says:

    Dashed line: – – –
    Straight line:—
    Iconic line: 1:18

  13. yacinebomb - says:

    "ASAP COCKY" always gets me XD

  14. Solcrii says:

    1:31 what 🅱️one

  15. Lenko says:

    This man ain't wrong though

  16. Devin D. says:


  17. Oreo_fandom_beastars says:

    Mama mia pizzeria

  18. Nicole Cranfill says:

    Boneless pizza

  19. Just a regular boi says:

    M A M A M I A P I Z Z A R I A

  20. yee haw says:

    This is the best episode. Change my mind.

  21. JUAN says:

    He went from speaking italic to speaking indian

  22. MadLadRC says:

    Noahj456 anyone?

  23. despacito says:


  24. Hata no Kokoro says:


  25. Djay B says:

    1:05 Okay, Mario. Why u already got 🅱️oneless 🅱️eef with this 🅱️i🅱️🅱️a 🅱️aku?? Y u gotta pop off like that?!

  26. Lizzarb The Lizzard says:

    0:26 Dr. Mario: turns into lil 🅱️roomstick
    it really do be like that sometime

  27. notTerabyte says:


  28. Ahmad Nasser says:

    So, in the description, it says "he might go get egg foo yung…"

    he already got egg foo yung.

  29. shrebes says:

    no cheese, no meat, uhh.. N O V E G E T A B L E S !

  30. Lulu Vanstory says:

    that is dr mario

  31. The king Luke barhydt says:

    I don’t speak I T A L I C S either

  32. Dave Jhonson says:


  33. aruce9 says:

    These are great watching ironically

  34. voyd rainy says:

    A S A P C. O C K Y

  35. fortnite pp banana says:

    a s a p r o c k y

  36. Game Zombie says:

    extra double

  37. Angelo Gonzales says:

    I T A L I C S

  38. your local communist says:

    u think i give a fuk

  39. Edward Coomer says:

    bonefull pizza

  40. vloneTJッ says:

    Who ever disliked likes k pop

  41. Error 27 says:

    Y E E Z Y

  42. Josue Tellez says:

    1:53 B O N E L E S S A S S W H O O P I N G

  43. last acer says:

    ASAP cocky spippin on semen

  44. Salty Pretzels says:

    I guess everything in the FOOD SERVICE is boneless except the pizza

  45. sips facts not tea says:

    Boneless ass whooping

  46. Jorge says:

    B u o n g i o r n o

  47. geEEEx says:

    romani activati subtitrarile;))))))))))))))))))))

  48. Nagito Komaeda says:

    ASAP C O C K Y

  49. ElanFoxGames_YT says:

    Where is this from ???

  50. Jungkookie says:

    Sorry, ion speak i t a l i c s

  51. Lizzarb The Lizzard says:

    Y O U G E T P I Z Z A A F T E R U S U C C M Y * A $ A P C O K E*

  52. 2002 Ford Fiesta says:

    It really do be like that sometimes 😂👌

    – Dr. Mario

  53. Jaiden Wanner says:

    I M S O R R Y I D O N T S P E A K I T A L I C S

  54. Nukezyツ says:


  55. Jaime Campos says:


  56. Robo says:

    n o v e g e t a b l e s

  57. Thanos YaYeet says:

    Y O U T H I N K I G I V E A F U C K

  58. Ahmad Nasser says:

    When Mario asks "what animal is that??" a minute after being asked for Baku's boneless pizza, you can turn the question into an animal yourself:

    The urban senzossa.
    /sən'dzɑsə/ ~ "suhn-DZAW-ssuh"
    From Italian "senza ossa", meaning "without bones", referring to the video Boneless Pizza by Sethical and the following that also mention this food.
    It looks like a monkey mixed with a human, except it has little bones and so can wiggle flexibly with style. It eats pizza, as well as steak and plants.

    Scientific Name: Choris ostazoa, from Greek "χωρίς οστά ζώα" ~ Exos animalis, from Latin "exos animalis"
    Both of the etymologies translate to "boneless animal".

  59. HaughtyFighter2007 says:

    I dont speak italics

  60. Lorenzo Rodriguez says:

    I T A L I C S

  61. Lorenzo Rodriguez says:

    🅱️ o n e l e s s p i z z 🅰️

  62. Jaime Campos says:

    MY Y E E Z Y

  63. [Demi-God]??? says:

    To think this video predicted the future.

  64. Darren Adam says:

    I T A L I C S

  65. xd3618 3 says:

    🅱️orry i 🅱️ont s🅱️eak ℹ️ 🅱️ 🅰️ L ℹ️ ©️ S

  66. Alivia Walker says:

    You get the pizza after you suck my A$AP COCKY

  67. Sven the comment police dog says:


  68. TimeClasher02 // says:



    D I S C O U N T

  69. ray_gacha life says:

    XD still fucking funny

  70. Maxmillianmus Trooper says:

    Asap cocky

  71. Happy Ghost says:

    I T A L I C S

  72. sunsetman22 says:

    more like Indianics at the end tho

  73. Punnged says:

    T H I S M A M A M I A P I Z Z A R I A

  74. HardDrip says:

    I love this shit

  75. Jakubex PL says:

    Y O U T H I N K I G A V E A F U C K?

  76. minsugarr _ says:


    a n i m al
    is that?

  77. Simao Rodrigues says:


  78. Simao Rodrigues says:

    i dont

  79. YuanTheGamer Tv says:

    No Cheese
    No Meat
    N O V E G E T A B L E S

  80. Teardrop99.3 Errors says:

    bon Giorno

  81. Kid Makes Shitty Content for a Living says:

    Boneless ASS WHOOPING 💀

  82. Oskar Berntson says:

    Kolla min man, jag är famished

  83. TBS applepie ツ says:


  84. ZALGO says:

    I’m sorry I don’t speak I T A L I C S

  85. amv artíst says:

    All your has to say was can I cheese pizza with no meat and vegetables

  86. manfeetchill 69 says:

    1:21 and 1:28 and 1:48

  87. Exotic butters says:

    O N M Y F U C I N L I F E A N D M Y Y E E Z Y

  88. Josh Is trash says:

    b o n e l e s s p i z z a

  89. Heaven_Griffin says:

    ASAP cocky lmfaooo

  90. Ven says:

    The short silence and tongue click at 1:18 really sell the asap cocky line

  91. Adriel - Gaming says:

    B O N L E S S A S S W H O O P I N G

  92. Julian Vega says:

    Video: Season 2, Episode 4
    Video: Time: 2:04
    Me: What the F-

  93. fortnite pp banana says:

    it really do be like that sometimes

  94. HenryGacha says:

    B O N E L E S S Ass Whooping Had me dead

  95. Synth Poots says:

    0:07 Jojo fans have entered the chat

  96. Nick Young says:

    Iss… Issa wrap 4 y'all

  97. Keykeycane3000 says:

    It’s funnier because I actually when to Mama Mia Pizzeria! It’s real! 🤣

  98. Unoriginal Content says:

    Buongiorno Giovanna

  99. Bianca Bălașa says:

    Ah shit the title is romanian

  100. TheReal PopTartKing1998 says:

    You gon put bones in my shit?
    Maybe I will…

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