Boyfriend & Girlfriend Compete For Their Ideal Dates

hi I’m Matt here’s the deal a few months ago several months ago actually I was supposed to make a video about Valentine’s Day we cast Kelsey Darragh and her boyfriend Jared hi I’m Kelsey and I’m Jared how you feel about Valentine’s Day that’s okay love love school we interviewed them and we found out what their ideal date was I was thinking it could be fun to experience a day at like a luxury hotel in Los Angeles I was thinking about a tandem bike ride in Venice Valentine’s Day came and went spring turned to summer and I just missed the deadline but what I did learn in their intro interviews which was most interesting to me is that their ideal date was so different from each other’s I thought a much more interesting video would be to see which one of their dates was better Kelsey’s ideal date was in that at a luxury hotel may be a day at the W which has a really good pool it’s very contemporary very modern and has an awesome restaurant downstairs and so it’s more of like a staycation which I think could be really fun and Jared’s was like a tandem bike on the boardwalk cuz just goofy she could have a glass of it and plus like a pedal I wonder how their relationship works out if that’s so wildly different so I present you now what is better going on a nice staycation in a luxury hotel or glamping glamping I believe is glamorized camping for those not in the know so let’s do it [Music] we have arrived all right shake it out just like the hotel commander I don’t know don’t worry about what about happen it was giraffe again yeah we have a full oh my god we’re like in a full suite we got a patio – why look they gave this little what are these cold records cuz you’re a DJ that’s a personalized touch baby should we take a look around yes we carry our party cups okay first of all this is a nice living room I’ve ever seen in my life this is insane I want to live here oh my god I’ve got a backhoe and then we’ve got a kitchen bar over here I’m go see outside yep we’ve got a full-on like dinner I don’t even know why someone would rent this room why would anyone even rent that in this big room I mean we’re tall but we’re not that tall let’s go jump on that bed oh now that we’ve seen the room I’m gonna need you to chill here cuz I gotta go do some stuff that you can’t be a part of Jay you go take her I’ll do whatever you do I’ll see you later bye so I told Jared that they had a pool here and my plan worked he left to go hang out by the pool which is great for me because now I have a couple minutes to with the W insider which is basically like a free concierge service where she’s gonna help me plan a bunch of activities we have like nothing to do today vacation I’m with my girl here we like to create inside experiences for all of our guests whether you’re into wine massages nice dinners rooftops we really want to cater and hone in on the Hollywood experience can you get a helicopter here we can not do that okay anything that’s illegal like what you said about the massage yeah cuz he’s broken in all sorts of places so I feel like maybe it does that yeah and they can do that in the room yeah I was like let’s make it more romantic let’s set it up in your room really set the scene in the romance no yeah oh my god is this a romantic I like it okay so how about we do massages head and dinner cuz I mean like girls well done and done Kelsie perfect thank you so much relocated yeah let’s set it up okay are you ready for your first surprise yeah a staycation I ever wanted staycation Matt does any massages it’s a weird crazy LA kind well weird I like crazy massages all right Jared it’s getting a very cool sports massage yeah and part of the cool massage is that they also like stretch you for 30 minutes it’s time to relax lord knows a we meet it enjoying this that’s the word thinking what’s robbing you I gotta get more sports massages as what I think I’ve learned from this I didn’t even know there were muscles where you are I don’t know why we’re Howard even walking right now after the thing about it but now I need a wheelbarrow I made a reservation for my favorite restaurant they have my favorite out of it oh this is your place so we’re gonna go with pappardelle I’m so devastated because after all of this they are out of season with the helmet but they do say they have a pretty insane sea bass and some scallops we got for our sauce proud that steak no can’t look I wrote today the one thing about luxurious vacations is bet I am exhausted by everything my breathing is so rich in family that I’m like a tired I’m about to pass out at 7 o’clock checkout is in that okay you ready [Music] oh my god I can’t get over this Batman it’s an infinity bath we just found out too well we did our in-room bathtub how did you like your staycation yeah you killed it now do you understand what a staycation is I get it what’s your favorite part massages bottles were crazy good all right you thinking about me I mean I’m supposed to say yes but probably not okay here we are on the road go into a place I have no idea what we’re doing or what we’re seeing or anything we’re just driving north I tried to question you about packing last night you said a Sun Hat oh something to minimize the amount of Sun yeah I figured that’s a purpose of a literal hat I feel like this is gonna be fun for me two years ago if you told me to like get in the car and we were just gonna drive for an overnight date I would tell you to get the out of my house you serial partner like I would never two years ago do something like that why we middle of the desert on the side of the road at a gas station because we’re going ATV and baby what I predicted Jared didn’t tell me what we’re doing me and you telling the proper outlets to air impact so this is what we’re stuck with let’s do this [Music] [Applause] oh damn yeah you have a good time huge shout out to a fun time a TV and Canty of California for that matter that was just long yeah thank you but I’m hungry well maybe it’s time to go to the hotel hotel yeah baby oh my god we are in the debt wild y’all look that’s a snake snake whoa you like it yeah it’s cool which one’s ours everything the light touches is yours look at friggin that tada Wow a solar panel so it’s good for the environment boom we are in the middle of no go oh my God look at this shower it’s like it’s a Russia hour it’s a room shower that we don’t have to the gets so much water out into the in nature hatred naked the whole time we’re here ooh Wow if you live in another country yeah this is uh I don’t even know man let’s take two now supposedly we can sleep with the doors open doors over never saw a freaking snake are you thanks for our friends you know not bad things I’m not getting eaten by snake tell you that much and here you see a bed tonight I’m gonna cook you dinner with the best view in California you don’t know how to cook I am gonna be cutting yeah okay I might hear we got a fire pit we have marshmallows you pick out forget the marshmallows oh sweet excited yeah let’s get all our stuff and get to relax it I can’t wait to do nothing whoo [Music] it’s not time we got the big marshmallows known to mankind by a grenade that’s where I had the most beautiful group of my life earlier well we did it whoo what I think healthy we’re in our little pod this is great we made a fire would be dinner and then we took a shower that had three showerhead and then now we’re away at our pot watching National Geographic cuz we feel very connected to nature but not like that to make certain nature where I’m trying like you know be bitten by things but definitely super close this is funny do you think it’s important to do date night damn right you do date nights are essential or else everything just kind of wishes together yeah you gotta have these like moments remember this it’s a big thing yeah Wow yeah I hate to admit a loss but I know when I’m wrong and this was epic I think this wins right this is a big w Oh but the W this is a bigger than I think Oh you so much I love it yeah they like [Music]

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    Shave that 🐛🐛🐛!! Lol

  2. Amil says:

    Kelsey scares me.

  3. Danielle Hollis says:

    "glamping" is my least favorite word. Sounds filthy.

    Edit: my husband & i do date nights like once a week if we can. Even if it's only grabbing dinner somewhere from a dollar menu & doing weekly grocery shopping without the kids. It is vital to staying connected with your partner & just destressing.

  4. Kim Jong-un says:

    Matt Real, a Matt who is real

  5. TinaMarie Tee says:

    WOW!!! Okay, does anyone else feel like literally the beauty of this video proves Gods an artist! 😍 Amazing utilization. ❥

  6. Elsie Brown says:

    He quoted lion king cuz he said anything the sun touches is urs the new one

  7. Martin Romano says:

    2:58 “that’s pretty sweet”
    More like that’s pretty suite

  8. R. Sandoval says:

    He's a keeper 🙂

  9. Amy Liu says:

    where is that glamping cause i wanna go lmao

  10. allmovin says:

    is it just me or does Kelsey look like she had plastic surgery?

  11. stef _ says:

    they look so good together

  12. BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN says:

    GLAMPING?… CAMPING… spending a FORTUNE to pretend your POOR….

  13. Pourya Bigonah says:

    «Love is cool» there is your valentines day bumper sticker

  14. Abu Rohan says:

    Dating after 30 is easy
    It's like riding a bike
    But the bike is on fire
    And the ground is on fire
    Everything is on fire
    Because you are in hell

  15. MirandaTaylorD says:

    We need more videos of them

  16. Jonathan Blair says:

    Luv Kelsey! Over the top and always on point!

  17. あいうえお says:

    Kelsey needs to stop with the filler and Botox. I get that you got it for migraines in the beginning but you got it everywhere now and it looks terrible. The lip fillers stop your lips moving and your whole face is frozen and puffy

  18. Daula Peen says:

    Okay I can’t unsee this girl saying “I’m probably funnier than you”

  19. jokerbug says:

    Watched BuzzFeedVideo (and importantly Kelsey) after so long.Two things that I noticed.
    1. Kelsey is no more single.
    2. She looks so different but, can't figure out why.

  20. V says:

    Ending the video with the retainer in while talking … now everyone’s really close

  21. mybluesky1539 says:

    Dat stache tho…

  22. Cesar G. says:

    This guy is the GOAT boyfriend

  23. Ivan Aguilar says:

    There room in the W bigger than my house😂

  24. TheDemixzer says:

    And then they smashed.

  25. Plagski says:

    Okay. I know it's probably just me, and it's probably fashuuun.. but… you are in a fancy restaurant.. Take of your jacket!!

  26. Cassidy says:


  27. Amethyst Panda says:

    Kelsey's boyfriend kind of looks like Drew from Property Brother's

  28. Mandisi Senze says:

    Who here saw staycation in the title and thought it was the Apex Legends Streamer

  29. Cody Rudisill says:

    4:55 why she look like a thumb😂😂😂

  30. RainbowManatee says:

    GOD i love them together

  31. Brandon Estrada says:

    4:55 it’s look like they massaging a toe 😂😂😂

  32. N D says:

    I love me a hotel staycation but goddamn that glamping thing looked amazing. Also, Jared and Kelsey just seem like they were made for each other and I love them so much.

  33. Emmy Lee says:

    Both words in the title hurt me so much

  34. Alex Quintero says:

    ew shes dating a DJ gross.

  35. Hugo Järnbrink says:

    The amazon forest has been burning for 3 weeks !!! Plz say something about it to the world!!!🔥🔥

  36. Jake Ramos says:

    How can i get in that desert hotel ?

  37. Joy M Hopkins says:

    What was the cost difference?

  38. esorasi says:

    the dude looks like josh dun

  39. Ge Gi says:

    Not gonna lie, buzzfeed, only clicked on because of the Kelsey thumbnail…

  40. negima50001 says:

    Nice mustache.

  41. Anvesha Chowdhury says:

    Kelsey was so excited that she even said ‘accepting’ instead of ‘expecting’ on seeing the hotel room. 😂😂

  42. Pamala Watts says:

    I love Kelsey and Jared ❤ relationship goals!

  43. Zara says:

    did Kelsey get lip fillers wtf why

  44. Rebekah Spears says:

    Noticed some Maker's Mark bourbon in your kitchenette bar. Interesting note, I love about half an hour from their distillery.

  45. Arlo Tri says:

    Whatever she's on, she needs to quit it.

  46. Crazy Little Kitty says:

    any video with kelsey makes me wanna vomit.

  47. ILikeYou says:

    11:55 She got new lips

  48. MariahBrooke says:

    Imagine focusing your whole career on creating content and dedicating your time and energy coming up with a video and spending hours booking and setting it up and then you post a video and people comment “I only clicked because Kelsey is in the thumbnail”

  49. April C says:

    Such a wholesome video! Loved it.

  50. NIX says:

    i think she won

  51. chris waite says:

    She seemed like she was high on something.

  52. mbr715 says:

    jared gives me mike shinoda vibes

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  54. Fah-Breezy says:


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  57. Abby Aguilar says:


  58. Poonam smart kitchen says:


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    Matt from vine I had the biggest crush on you forever

  60. Exodus says:

    No offense but the guy who first appeared in the video looked just like a typical drug dealer in a pc game working for a drug cartel

  61. SICRoosterKido says:

    8:13 RIP me

  62. Thinking Pegasis says:

    'I will be naked the whole time that we are here' *look of acomplishment and a silent thanks guys from him *

  63. Megan Heenan says:

    Where’s the biking man

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    She sounds so drunk always

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    Kelsey! My Sims girl! You've mellowed considerably!! I think it's because you're getting laid on a regular basis – YESSSSS!! Your man is a Hunk and he seems to be good to and for you. Congrats!! 💖💜❤💙💕💚💗💛💋💋💋 Great video too!

  66. Basic Vasco girl says:

    I ship you guys together ❤️

  67. Nina Rahman says:

    4:54 Kelsey “I Look like a potato. That is the worst angle.”

  68. jimlyn rafer says:

    That b99 reference 😲

  69. Ivy C. says:

    Omg kiera is so pretty, she literally looks like a celebrity.

  70. Zelda Engelbrecht says:

    Buzzfeed went down the drain when most people we loved left. It seems they are trying really hard to get videos out. This video is nice, but most of it is kind of not the same. 🙁

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    The last vlog look like after they had sex .

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    Ok in short JUST TRAVEL!

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    The W insider lady is really pretty!

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    Me: of course he’s a dj. Just look at him

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    This warmed my heart!

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    I thought at the beginning you were gonna say they broke up or something – glad that’s not the case

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    All on Buzzfeed’s dime

  84. Truong Hoang says:

    Lucky Bastard Jared

  85. Theater nerd says:

    Kelsey just sounds so drunk all the time, must be the lip fillers

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    Did Keira (mind my spelling) sound like Freddy or was it just me?

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    Is that glamping house the one featured in a Netflix series?

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    Boring staycation 💆🏻‍♂️

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    10:28 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. theumbrellaofdoom says:

    they didn't even say who won. or how much was spent… this was a bit annoying to me, it was just like come see our beautiful life and time together. which i dont mind im happy they are happy, but it wasn't a competition at all. and i hate watching vids like this that just brag about things they get

  91. Victoria Mahon says:

    You guys have to post a link to that cabin in the desert! I just went on my bucket list would love to book it someday!

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    Please take my likes and make more of these

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    Am I the only one that noticed a Brooklyn 99 reference??

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    That moustache is horrendous.

  95. superwhoa97 says:

    Matty reals ears are strange I like them

  96. Norah A. says:

    "I can't wait to do nothing"
    Same Kelsey, Same

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    She reminds me of Khloe Kardashian, jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus all combined lol

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    that mustache is so HORRIFYING i couldnt even focus on the video. its really really bad. really

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    I have to say the guy who is talking in the beginning of the video. "His mustache is on fleek." Halibut is my favorite fish.

  100. kirrahasariddle says:

    Matt: I just missed the deadline"
    ooft me

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