Hey, what’s up kings and queens, it’s your girl queen beast back with another video for you you and You and today we have another mukbang and i’m gonna be doing the try not to get hungry luck long So so we only have prawns today these huge gigantic Prawns and as you guys seen in the beginning of the video, I finally let you guys know how I make this sauce here ADD BROWN SUGAR TO LIKING IF YOU’RE NOT ON KETO Want to try it out feel free to try it out, but this is how I like my sauce I like it on the tangy side. Alright guys So before we get started, I’m gonna ask you guys to do me a huge huge favor I’m gonna actually guys to look at the subscribe button Look at the post notification next to the subscribe button if the subscribe button it is red. You are doing something wrong Click the subscribe button, click the post notification next to the subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up Let me get started. We have the hubby in the background Yes Yes, we got hubby in the background. And of course we got coldest water bottle in the building Refreshing so you guys also be the judge as well Let me know in a comment section on a scale of 1 to 10 how hungry were you with this? I’m so excited I’m super hungry. So first, let me show you guys is close up here look at that guy’s this is This is so good. These do you see this? I’m gonna be honest. I’m already hungry. You know, you already hungry, baby You felt all on the scale of 1 to 10. What would you say? Hmm Wow, that was good Yeah, look at this y’all I’m about to put the brown glory on that thing We got to put some Brown glory you guys lookin now focusing We got a professional in the background We got a solid nine point nine Solid nine point nine All right, let’s do this again then I’m trying to get off tens baby aunt and I Have to show y’all like real close-up like what it’s like See that Some Brown glory again That’s more like Hmm Let me know guys if you guys think this is a good idea where I’m having B smoke Eat a salad and try to get you guys hungry with this What do you think let me know in the comment section now, I feel like that’s like some good content right there I told him just go try it. Like don’t tell me that go do that No, I said try some like all the toppings that you’re gonna have and just like all right This is the lettuce pour that lettuce on that thing Hold on what put your meat? I hope the world can see now what’s really going on because it’s getting ridiculous It’s really ridiculous god is good Oh, sorry, man, we’re like your toppings and stuff on it You want some babe eat that one? There’s no water This is what I feel like this video is gonna be cut Don’t be short. I cut really short. Is he killing this really good? Mm-hmm Yep, just going in The prank Yeah the prank yeah, this is big everything everything is Let’s just say he got me really good it’s not funny it’s not funny. I looked like a boohoo baby crying It was hella embarrassing what you should have done though is look at this guy’s look at that Let me try to say like you my lord So good Well what you should have done, babe What you should have done is not do that prank on me because I was already having baby fever. That’s a bad idea, babe What were you thinking? What? Nothing hmm. I heard you make heard you to Deposit direct. Mmm children channel B should do the same direct deposit Varick deposit what you gonna get that? Slip the direct slip? Yeah, I get the slip it’s ready for that It’s already fill out is already filled out. Yeah, just wait for the deposit ajosh go away hallelujah, but yeah, you know for people that watch my song don’t really watch it, but You don’t watch what bones will chew a month longer. I’m not gonna lie Allah, I wash my bunks I do I sure do my greedy self. Yes. I do know I can understand how people watched Oh, I’m just saying I do. I don’t watch And I agree like seafood is the best McClung to watch in my opinion, what do you think I Mean this preference. I feel like I can really watch somebody shed tear down that the triple bacon burger cheese I Go watch it. Might tear that down or like a oh My god, this is so good. I can watch I can watch somebody Ted Donny. Uh, what’s it called animal style? Mr Confidante onions animal style ATP polygon onions leeks. It’s a different level bro. It’ll be on sirs Justice over You sure you don’t want my phone man We’re not the sauce will be honest with you I do Know I’ll take everyone as much right what you want to eat today baby valley of the shadow of death. Hey, man. Oh, Yeah Come on Preach it. Let’s just see what he’s talking about Yeah Oh Are you guys hungry yet? Did you guys get hungry 1 to 10 let me know Look at this beautiful thing y’all it got the brown glory on that bang You know Eight-eight that’s a lot of proteins. I need to recover from my Savage you think so a prom you think so don’t think that savage Thing up I love a boss people blow. The boils is the combination. Mmm. Everything right say prawns You’re not gonna really do that how would happen I have the sauces with the prom a you feel me Mm-hmm the crab the muscle I got to mix it up. Yeah, I can’t really just eat one thing. I Really what you savage? We love seafood at Sea Island You must got season probably a combination which would like this shrimp and stuff and if you have like potatoes So guys it’s all over We’re done with the food. Let me know again in the comment section on the scale of one to ten How hungry were you if you were hungry at all. Did you get through the whole video without even flinching? No, but this is what’s left. Y’all just basically a little bit of the hoops just basically a little bit of the sauce and Some Brown glory there before we in the video. I’m gonna do my post notifications shoutout. Today’s post notification Shout-out is gonna go out to this individual. Thank you. Thank you Thank you for subscribing clicking the post notification and being one of the first few to comment once I post some video I really really really appreciate you in each and every one of you guys if you are new make sure you don’t forget to subscribe Click the post notification and give this video a big thumbs up once you’re done So you always know I’m gonna leave you guys with I love you. You’re perfect. You’re beautiful, please

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