Burger King Mukbang / Lets Eat Burger King together / Mukbang #4 / my College Experience

yo yo yo welcome back to that just
changed colors tell me I don’t know I know he’s welcome back to a mukbang
let’s eat eat with JD eat with me please come on welcome back what are we gonna
eat today we got Burger King we got breakfast this time though the Burger
King breakfast it’s gonna be yum yum yum I got a little burrito not even sure
what’s up this burrito and that’s gonna be delicious
oh alright I don’t know if people hated these uh mmm mmm mmm
what’s good grill that’s got um hey just some sausage egg a little hash brown so
that’s the burrito that’s yummy I haven’t had Burger King breakfast and
so long and it is in the morning that’s about let’s see what time is it now it’s
uh 7:30 okay I was tripping I’m sorry see I
don’t like helping I don’t know I don’t like the glare off my glasses and then I
don’t know my glasses on and I have the viewfinder on my camera so I can see
what’s going on and it looks it looks foggy imagine that don’t know how my
glasses how it looks foggy I have lots of water that seemed to trigger someone
in the comments last week about how I how I drink my water that’s one glass I’m gonna have two more
while I’m doing this little Burger King let’s eat little Burger King move on
let’s go um I don’t think anybody’s in the
offices next to me or anything I switched chairs over this time they’re
little different setups no squeaking hope fuss is the best move on yet let me
show you what I got and then we’re gonna go on with our stories where our story
time today which is going to be my college experience possibly coupled with
like how I overcame obstacles I guess or however cam drug addictions overcome
like being homeless but everything pretty much or anything
negative like any arrests or anything negative for my life is probably brought
on by my drug addictions so that so it’s like how do I overcome those is like how
did I overcome everything else mmm but I guess how did I be 31 and walk
into the community college and then 37 be a licensed CPA in the state and
that’s what someone wanted to hear but anyways oh let’s go
I took a bite of this now they had a deal
two four four two four four four these Kris and witches one was just like what
carnie for sandwiches do you want and I’m like I don’t even know cool Oh
sausage just looks so good mmm it’s got some sausage cheese egg croissant I just
gotta have a bite of this guys I’m sorry mmm that’s delicious so that’s the sausage and then I had
another Chris on which the to propose to for for it’s a two bucks wrecker
sandwich a pretty good deal this one probably get me to sausage
that’s fine I thought I got a bacon but I like the
bacon I just want to get something different so I got two so I’m just ready
this one looks the same as this one yeah mmm mmm you won’t bite here mmm I
shall give me first baby you know what the bite after we mmm so burking
breakfast I used to while I lived in Oregon I
lived in Oregon in my from about when I was about 19 years old to about 26 years
old so in 70 years I had lived in Oregon and for a time of that I lived in the
coast of Oregon but that I also lived a new gene Oregon it’s funny because I
feel like since I’m in Florida that people that like people are thinking oh
they’re not going to know like we’re where Eugene or whatever is I forget
that people from the whole world we’re watching the video so yeah any of any
who I used to have a job delivering sheetrock and please deliver Kane like every every
morning the guy that I worked with with veteran guy I was probably about
twenty-two years old and as job delivering sheetrock for different
places and the guy who worked there for a while of Burger King and he would get
he would get like a double or triple whopper for breakfast only call they
don’t sell direct they don’t sell lunch items and they sell breakfast now he’s
like all well you can ask him special to make it I mean he know all the hell the
tricks right what are we gonna have another bite of this so we used to go
there all the time and mmm mmm so good oh my gosh so low we still alt I used to
get these were 99 cents 99 cents so they had her for a while I think it was was
at 249 oh man yeah he was 249 you get a hooker sandwich tater those tater tots
little circle tear tots and he and then and then you get a drink so I said
little dull orange juice things and those things are expensive Tropicana
things over pike a buck 50 on their own or a buck it’s nice to get that every
single all every morning all the time all the time well that’s my Birkin and breakfast
story but let’s get into my college experience and Community College and I
want to get this out now that you know I start I love community college so if I
don’t get back to that by the end of the video that I loved that I went to
Community College I went to tutor for community colleges and I love both of
them so I graduated high school in 1995 I did
grow up in Fort Lauderdale and I went to some elementary school middle school
like 95 percent or three and a half years of high school in Florida high
school but then I went to Maine the second half of my senior year in high
school mmm I don’t know I didn’t really matter
for college but oh well so nice 95 I graduated um from George Stevens Academy
and Blue Hill mean you know was a good time really I had a good second I went
from Christmas after Christmas to the end of the year and I lived here that
summer when it was a good summer oh no it was a really good summer anyways then
I went to UM right right after that the next year so 95 96 I went to Florida
State University in Tallahassee and I’d lived in the dorms I lived in the
Broward dorms I was funny because that’s that’s where I grew up in in Florida in
Broward County so I live in the Broward dorms didn’t have any AC so I look I’ve
been fighting noisy forever so I was in the dorm that first year um
at Florida State and I tell you what the first semester I did pretty good
they got two point seven I was you know took chemistry and a couple other
classes I didn’t know what I wanted to be so I was trying to get like a pre-med
I thought maybe I’d want to be a pharmacist like that’s what my dad was
and my uncle is mmm but I don’t know why I mean even I didn’t really have any
direction and I did okay that first semester then the second half of the
year I you know I was young and I broke up with my girlfriend that I met in
Maine and so it just was like oh I feel you going to class I kind of stopped
going to classes and now I think I failed a couple pots pass a couple
classes but I thought oh you know what I don’t like living the door bug you know
did it so I mean this bird cans really good so anyways the second year I shared a
house with three other three other guys and I thought well maybe all but I don’t
really have a direction in school or anything and I know what I wanted to do italia so two semesters so in August I
guess I was 19 my second year out of high school at FSU I kind of went again
a little bit I mean I think I failed mostly everything and I was taking like
biology and stuff and calculus and stuff that I just really don’t understand or
you know I I know money and so I wasn’t in my wheelhouse at all but I really
didn’t put any effort into that and I I think spring the spring of my guess
where even my sophomore year of college I just I’m probably just withdrew you
know I was doing other things let’s just say yeah running them streets out always
it’s a fairly common whether it be like school let every school or a job or I
would leave school are jobs that be running them streets and I just love and
I just love the excitement of it and you know if there was like a neighborhood
gang I would have joined it like oh god I just mmm yeah anyways so I dropped guts that
was 19 and 20 yeah he’s back we got a little bit more food about halfway
through I’m having a good time so that was
basically I was a pussy I went to FSU right out right out of went to FSU right
out of college yeah I was enrolled there for three
semesters actually tried for one semester got like a two seven didn’t do
is for me I wanted to run them squeeze I ended up working the streets I feel like
one of them streets here anymore I’m gonna move to Oregon because I want to
do some different stuff in Oregon went out to Oregon pretty much just running
aimlessly a little bit how did I end up you know getting a job caring doing
Chitra which I started gonna Birkin I met a girl for you know had another
girlfriend started living she had a really nice house half acre oh you know
she had a kid I was like step-down yo everything was good she was a little bit
older than me so she was going back to college I was like right this time I was
about 25 I believe mid 20s so I had nothing in school for you know five
years or whatever and and she was going back and I thought I’d go back and this
was the first time that hurt mom actually now this girl here was the only
really girl who ever believed in me like all my other girlfriends would really
maybe they’d be kind of shitty about shitty with me so always not believing
in me but one in Oregon she believed in me and her mom said have you ever
thought of being a CPA cuz you’re good but you’re smart you’re good with
numbers and you shouldn’t think we’re gonna see if he and I’m single oh that’s
cool so I was like horrible FSU was a I guess the for university you
know more expensive and stuff so when I went back at 25 I was living organ I
went to Lane County Community College so my first experience with Community
College and I loved it it was a little smaller it was you know no huge classes
it was cheaper I was getting Pell grants and it was covering the cost of
everything and I was working anyways they had three semesters did they have
three yeah they had three trimesters that were
like 12 weeks I don’t hit 3 instead of 10 3 3 semesters Hanna summer whereas in
Florida here the places I’ve gone in Florida have two semesters and a summer
so anyways I went to uh I was looking at my general studies and I was working on
getting my AAA and I went for I think I started I’m not
in the beginning yeah but I went to to Stu or three semesters and I got mostly
straight A’s mostly straight A’s this burger king slammin mmm then I thought I’m gonna take the summer off
and uh mmm I think that kind of hurt we anyways – I had been smoking meth for a
little bit the girlfriend that I had didn’t like it which no one really would
like um so I pretty much put things on ice and I moved out of her house so I
wasn’t going to school that summer so I was pretty much just working and smoking
meth and then the meth just took over so that was 25 and then just the meth and
everything was horrible I got back back to Florida work works um you know general labor jobs in
Florida you know some from a temp service so I
get that dropping Oregon temp service you know a
temp service a friend family friend was working around you know left those jobs
each time to run them streets and then I just got tired of running those streets
so I get our job we’re gonna do this crow sandwich boy so then at 31 31 when I was 31 in 2008 on August early
August I went into the registration of priority 20 college and said I want to
do this I want to be a CPA you know and I didn’t know if I could do it this was
I mean this was six years after I had done Community College for a couple
semesters and I really thought I had mmm damaged my brain for the next five years
part you know what not running the streets with streets don’t you have
nothing back to you but as I went to the Community College for time by that time
I had you know some credits from FSU I had some credits from Lane Community
College in Oregon so I was trying to get my biggest associates my two-year
associate’s degree so I could hopefully transfer to a four-year university as a
junior and so I had to go to I went to Broward College the Community College
for a one-year three semesters it was cuz I went there in August it was a bo
eight it was AA the the new school year in August then the summer term I mean I
guess that’s the that’s the fall term and then I went to the spring term and
then a summer so a whole year three semesters a whole year in Broward
College took all the classes I needed in though and then that year I think some
semesters was five classes however I don’t remember it was hard but fairly
easy it was cheap because the Community College
then then I I transferred over to FAU Florida Atlantic University and I went
there for I believe thing it took me three years there because I had to get I
had to get 150 credits oh now drop some classes and so hmm I guess I’m gonna be
standard never know so that was my college college career and I loved it
was a big step for me going from the Broward Community College to the FAU because the workload just did get a lot
harder but I think now I’m gonna talk about why I like Community College I
mean I can remember when I was in high school and then you’d see the kids out
go to Community College and be like are losers you know but it’s a lot cheaper and you know I would
say there is there is something to be said for that college experience but if
you’re just going am Lesley and and then I also want to say you know dude I don’t
even know if you necessarily need college these days I mean what kind of
degree are you gonna get what are you trying to get what kind of job are you
gonna get like you’re paying all this money out what are you getting back in
from it mmm well I like Community College because it was cheaper just
smaller classes that’s last bike or sandwich but yeah I
guess so I started college I started college in 1995 August 95 and I
graduated from Florida linic University in August of 2012
so that’s fans seventeen years three decades and I guess I just kept on going
even really when I like 2003 that’s kind of in the middle of when I started and
finished 2003 days before when I was doing a bunch of meth like that was hard
to come back from and I guess they just perseverance perseverance perseverance
that has kept me going and I try to think I’m like I know what what
motivated me what inspired me to keep going and I don’t really know and
there’s not only one certain triggering point mmm
but just seemed like a series of things like just like you know I think maybe
maybe not heart was the hardest thing it was like being 31 and saying I’m gonna
go back to college I want to do it this time and actually walking in there and
that was scary but just because I did that didn’t that didn’t change
everything about like I had to put in a lot a lot of work for four or five or
six years to change my life and I mean look at me now I’m still he’s so far you
know behind other people I feel like sometimes and but yeah this was kind of I guess I want
to talk about more on these mukbangs well that’s what someone suggested
they’re they’re kind of they’re kind of watching my my mukbangs
for the now like my story how its it motivates no it inspires them that’s
fine I guess it’s a decent story I’m just trying to tell it and I I
definitely you know I want to stay humble and everything I do I think
that’s that’s big and another factor is I’m just I’m learning to learning to
like myself I don’t really like myself that much so I’m learning to try to like
myself it’s hard to you know bragging I feel like I’m bragging you know oh I
well I went to this college with an I did it for years and rhoann you can be
you know I don’t know but anyways I I love doing these these mutt bones I
hopefully I can get better at them every time they’re just a lot of fun I think
you know you can learn more about me the YouTube channels been doing really good
I’m working on a schedule this is gonna come out and then the next the next
counting videos you see you see is gonna be after this is gonna be accounting for
beginner 73 and that’s that’s gonna be a special AFB so stay tuned for that the
YouTube channels just kind of taking off a little bit for me you know I’m not I
don’t have viral success or anything but the accounting for beginners number one
is getting like 2200 views a day and it trickles down to all you know my other
videos and I think I had over 7000 total channel views the other day I’m averaging like 170 or 180 thousand
views every month on my channel CPA strength so I’m just having a lot of fun
with that even though I have the negative thoughts that creep in my head
to creep in my head and what am I gonna say about this this is the last bite of
the Burger King breakfast I had to switch it up at the breakfast
it was delicious hopefully you liked this mukbang hopefully like eating with
me hopefully I’m getting better and better
that’s highly debatable you know hopefully enjoyed this video let me know
if you watch the full or don’t watch my counting logs or whatever are you my
tutorials but until I see you again I hope I do see you again I’m out stay
consistent never give up

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