Can Australians Take On America’s Spiciest Chips?

– I predict pain, tears. – Chili chips are not
big at all in Australia, I’d say. – We don’t really have
the extreme flavors. – I think it’s gonna be easy. I think I’m gonna smash it. (rock music) – Ah, yeah, I was gonna
say it’s not very hot, and then it goes down and it is quite hot. – Oh, there it is. – I hate chili and that wasn’t even bad, that’s very mild. – It tastes like chili and
lemon lollies or something. – Yeah, like chili and
lemon washing-up detergent. (rock music) – [Voiceover] Tastes like a Dorito. – Like a stale Dorito. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, I like that. – That was good, it was too small. – It’s like one of those where you just want to fill your whole mouth with, and go crazy with, like a Pringle. – Yeah, I can see myself stuffing big fistfuls of that into my face. – Not spicy. – Not much chili flavor. – No chili flavor. (rock music) – Tastes like a 99 cent
burrito from Taco Bell, and I love it. – They kind of hurt me. – That’s definitely spicy. – That tastes like my
mouth after a night out. – Can’t stop eating them. (rock music) – Woah, that doesn’t look like the color of something that
should go in your mouth. – No. – I don’t even think that color exists. – It’s built to nothing. – Like air wrapped in flavor red. – It’s like a bad Twistie. A Twistie that lost its way. – It’s burning the back of my mouth at the moment, and that was one. – Mm. – So I’m not going in for a handful. (rock music) – [Voiceover] (laughs) What is this? – This looks like a little
bit of rolled-up meat. – That looks like a salami stick. – Pure chili. – You should not put more than one of these into you. – Mm-mm. – No. – I think it would be great with a beer. – Tastes like off, hot, chili cheese. – Probably the perfect amount of chili. – Feel like I’ve just been
punched in the throat. (rock music) – [Voiceover] They’re
kind of a smoky chili, or no chili, just smoky. – It’s like a barbecue
flavor style, but then now the heat is coming and again, my mouth’s on fire. – It tastes really bacony. – Yeah. – It’s like a cheese and bacon bowl but quite subtle. (rock music) – [Voiceover] Funyuns,
I’ve heard about Funyuns! – [Voiceover] So have I! – [Voiceover] That’d be
good with sour cream. – Yeah, or guac. – I like the texture,
it was soft and fluffy. – They taste like nothing, but crunch. – It really is a Funyun. (rock music) – I think these ones they certainly look a lot scarier than they taste. – I’m supportive of chili flavored chips. I think we need more of them here. Australia hasn’t embraced
the chili chip yet. But we should.

100 comments on “Can Australians Take On America’s Spiciest Chips?”

  1. Ilovecats 88 says:

    Spicy chips are soooo bomb

  2. Ilovecats 88 says:

    I could down all of those chips in like two seconds lol

  3. Jasmine Hernandez says:

    Most of the chips they showed aren’t really spicy

  4. J Frye says:

    hey no problem aussies I am from ohio and I am American but I will risk it for you. if you aussie dont have to but we know what type of spices taste like.

  5. Liana Poladian says:

    I was eating takis while watching this!!

  6. Norma Rodriguez says:

    This is why i hate Australian food and snacks

  7. Mars says:

    These guys are whack

  8. Hannah Carson says:

    Am I the only person triggered by hot cheetos and takies (I love them)

  9. Savs adventures says:

    It taste like nothing….. But has a crunch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Saesha Khanna says:

    They should taste "Lays, India Masala chips " that is very spicy for them

  11. Jackson Catlett says:

    Nah give them some Chile Lime Fieras

  12. why does gacha exist? says:


  13. Chloe Mascarenhass says:

    They should do this with indians

  14. Kylie Castro says:

    there's are actually Mexican snacks.

  15. Ed_hasgame coolest says:

    Taki more like mexico

  16. King Kevin says:

    These are not our spiciest chips.

  17. Justen Martinez says:

    They should try the ghost pepper

  18. Rochelle Robinson says:

    The first chips are disgusting

  19. PancakesPusheen ! says:

    they should try the ghost pepper.

  20. First Name Last Name says:

    Lays flaming hot are actually hot

  21. My_name_is_ says:

    The first 3/4 weren’t even spicy. The only chips that were kinda spicy was the regular Hot Cheetos and takis. Other than that, the rest were nothing

  22. CON FUSION says:

    Salt is literally the spiciest thing for them

  23. Alondra Aguirre says:

    Nun of those chips are spicy

  24. Buddha Brand ひ says:

    I’ve never ate a chip that spiced me out and I’ve done the one chip challenge so🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. Candis Zheng says:

    Im australian i went to canada to get spixy chips they aint spicy at all

  26. LogicLemons says:

    What the kangaroo am I watching

  27. Peyton Norwood says:

    Wait these are hot.

  28. Lily Tingz says:

    Oooo takis

  29. YB Jeon says:

    The only snack ive had that was actually spicy was ghost pepper flavor paqui chips. Nothing in this video is spicy..

  30. Pete’s Adventures!! says:

    The only one I think is actually spicy for me.
    Is the Takis maybe.

  31. Kiri Bakugou says:

    Yall are pussy's i love spicy chips

  32. Yash Raut says:

    Let me introduce Indian Chips 😂

  33. Big Chungus says:

    Wtf Takis are the best thing ever

  34. Dylan Bowers says:

    How can they say chilli cheese foritos are spicy?!

  35. 余嘉盈 says:

    but they aren’t spicy at all..

  36. faby hoez says:

    Takis are from mexico🤨

  37. Chill Melly says:

    Why is america taking credit for spicy chip brands that were created originally in mexico like fritos cheetos and takis

  38. Chill Melly says:


    White girls: calling 911 because there throat hurts from takis

  39. Miguel Diaz says:

    My favorite is the extra hot Cheetos

  40. Dead inside says:

    We need more chilli flavoured chips tbh. I can eat a whole chilli easily

  41. asianbubbleteapilotboiiiBOEING777-8X says:

    how do u know what lemon washing detergent tastes like?

  42. Juan Garcia says:

    Bitches can't handle on taki shake my head 😂😂😂😂

  43. Tre says:

    What the hell takis aren’t even spicy

  44. Kailani D. says:

    They like the worst ones wth

  45. Sessina Berhane says:

    Ok at hot cheetos I was sad but takis I was mad if you don't like then just say it

  46. Deepasha Sachdeva says:

    You should try this with Indians

  47. Joyce Mullins says:


  48. Marilyn Manson says:

    What part of spicy chips aren't a big thing there do you people not understand

  49. crazitaco says:

    Takis are actually Mexican chips, they just happen to sell well in the American southwest.

  50. Kari F. says:

    the title of this video should be "australians are weak af"

  51. gamert-rex says:

    indians have joined the chat

  52. Magicalpotatos says:

    😂😂😂😂 this is to funny when there’s videos of 7 year old enjoying a takis

  53. I have a small Peepee, but says:

    ʍou uɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ɯI lo˥

  54. Pooja Yadav says:

    Watching this while eating masala poprings !!! Balaji is lit

  55. Kensley Spillman says:

    i rly hate when people are not open minded at all

  56. Karysmah Saucedo says:

    Australians:it's super hot my mouth is on fire
    Americans:it's not that hot
    Mexicans:this tastes like ketchup not like hot stuff

  57. Alexis Jay says:

    Nahh those spicy chips weak af give them some turbos or dynamitas

  58. Esthevann Yacinthe says:

    HATERS!!! 😡😡😠😠😠

  59. Mr Speedy says:

    Takis aint american chips

  60. Jasmine Acosta says:

    I was the girl at 1:41 when I had my first bag takis


    Don’t disrespect takis like that

  62. GamingWithEve _h2o says:

    I’m Shookth theses aren’t even spicy. I thought they were going to try those hot devil chips.

  63. šøüřłëmmöňş says:

    Its funny how takis are nothing to us but to Australia's its like" nO nO yOu ShOuLd NoT pUt MoRe ThAn OnE iN yOuR mOuTh"

  64. Magicalpotatos says:

    All these chips are so good but they can’t handle a taki BOI 😂😂 maybe it’s because I’m Asian I can handle so much spice

  65. TheFlute Dude says:

    what about the xxtra flamin hot cheetos?

  66. Vsco Hottie says:

    Anyone else’s mouth watering???

  67. Leech Life says:

    Ah, yes, Funyuns. The spiciest chips in America.

  68. Idek I’m a Potato says:

    Takis are my favorite!!

  69. DirtyDan ! says:

    TAKIS and Funyuns are my favorite chips

  70. XoXo R says:

    I love myself some spicy Takis.

  71. rob gik says:

    I ate one family bag of takis not hot but really unhealthy

  72. Jecko TV says:

    I’m Australian and I’ve had them there not that spicy

  73. Adrian Anaya says:

    They can’t hangg

  74. Lizeth Uriarte says:

    Takis are not American there Mexican 🤦‍♀️ Mexican food/better than any other food .

  75. Chad Gibbs says:

    where do u get flamin hot funyuns i never seen them in new york

  76. Xx_Tielanr_xX says:

    Eating a bag of Takis right now " you shouldn't put more than one of these in you " *more than half way through the bag * lmao

  77. Kaitlyn Isaula says:

    None of these are spicy….

  78. taghrid abohamed says:

    Flaming hot Cheetos are so good!

  79. Kaylee O says:

    Funyuns and guacamole please no…

  80. Official Donald Trump says:



  81. iWatch Yutub says:

    lol white people…mashed potatoes and microwave cooked chick peas and carrots please

  82. GFEAST says:

    Crikey mate Australians are weird

  83. Miguel Diaz says:

    How these chips even spicy I can barely feel the spice

  84. mex 45 says:

    I can't eat hot chips im not allowed

  85. LIL LEGEND says:

    Bro I bet you that they won’t resist the sabritas habanero.

  86. Keily Molina says:

    Takis arent 🇺🇸

  87. Lynoz Playz says:

    Hot cheetos

  88. RusseII Westbrick says:

    They aren’t even hot or spicy what is this non sense bro.

  89. SicklerBuck says:

    what about australa's chilli kettle chips??

  90. haha no says:

    These arent even hot xd

  91. Andra Carrillo says:


  92. Cute baby Memes says:

    These people really like chilli

  93. Magicalpotatos says:

    Chill Cheese Fritos are spicy? Maybe I’m just weird, but idk his they can’t Handle one taki?

  94. Galactinova says:

    Half those chips aren’t even spicy

  95. Woah Woah says:

    Them:oh these takis are spicy 🥵 🌶

    Me : *just eating a whole bag of takis while watching *🙃

  96. That cat prductions says:

    Chili cheese Fritos spicy get out now these aren't even spicey all of them at spicest are just mild

  97. Mike G says:

    Whoever chose these snacks is mentally disabled.

  98. ThePropMaker says:

    We invented chips so they should give the us credit for inventing chips.

  99. Hassan SS says:

    Hey you miss xx hot Cheeto

  100. Therealprincessisis says:

    You should not eat more than one
    Me: eats whole bag 🤭

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