13 comments on “Can Japanese guys finish the plate of Bahraini food?”

  1. JAD says:

    けんとはすごいです 🔥😂😂
    こうすけはがんばってね 💪🏼💕
    I'm not good in Japanese so sorry for any mistakes 🤦🏻‍♀️💕.

  2. EH! nanizafacku says:

    0:05 – 0:09 wth lmaoo epic intro 😂😂😂
    0:54 lol kento san you ate wuth your hand I love this are impressive congrate
    Kousuki at least he could asked for stainless steel spone 😂😂
    Main though I really love this as start you to looked relaxed looking forward for next vlog 💪

  3. Fatima Lee says:

    Wait wait .. 😹😹💚first of all, this is definitely not a one person's portion.. Whenever my 5 friends and I go to this restaurant we share one plate cz it's too much!!
    So I gotta say you did well finishing it all xD 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I bet you felt so sleepy after it.

    And next time, I recommend you guys to visit one of the local restaurants in Manama or any quite areas… They serve very authentic Bahraini dishes 😍👌🏻

  4. NADA YAHIAOUI says:

    Love your vlog… You both so funny… Arguing eat with Spoon… No eat with hand ✋….. Love it… I'm looking for Jeddah Vlog while you are there Kento San 👍👍💖

  5. Farah JP says:

    マジで健人さんヤバイ全部食べてしまった😲 ما شاء الله صحتين 😂

  6. TheEvilQueen 1 says:

    Oh my god! You both are so funny and lovely!! I was laughing so much!! I can finish two plates XD

  7. wasan elneamy says:

    sooooo funny. imagination kento in the future with arabic belly ..lol ..& don't worry kousuke I'M arabic & can't eat with my hand .maybe I should learn from kento hhhhh…

  8. ARMY 77 says:

    アラブスタイル XD トーブ さん の 名前 は ケント だよね!

  9. اديد اس says:

    You so cute

  10. Noor igbaria says:

    In palestine dont use hand to eat rice 😂💕

  11. Sh mth says:


  12. ح نا says:

    هل ذهبت الى مكه يا يسطورة؟؟

  13. saya tshai says:

    Kento, you are a legend

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