Can Japanese kids speak English? English Challenge that might surprise you

Having everybody to have fun Teaching us phonics such as ZZZ OK let’s ask in Japanese What is fun about studying English? Studying vocabulary That’s fun? You can learn the real pronunciation Your favorite word? Beetle What is your favorite English word? Study What is the most fun studying English? Is there any fun parts in the English lessons you take? In ECC Junior, there is concept of having everyone to have fun Or actively interacting with everyone You know there is American English and British English? “In British English it’s like this, and American English is like this”. That’s the fun part The teachers at ECC Junior will teach you if you can’t say TH or ZZ using phonics so that’s good In the future, when you become adults, how do you want to use English? When I go looking for animals abroad, I want to ask the location of the animals in English Are you going to look for the Beatles in the USA with that? I want to ask where the rare Rhino beetles are What do you want to do with English? I want to present abroad the medicine I make In daily life I want to help foreigners who need explanations Thank you very much Let’s continue in English What is the fun studying English? I can teach my friends in school and I can speak up in class. That is fun How do you want to use English when you become an adult? There are people in the world who is suffering from lack of food or water I want to become a scientist to help out those people So you will go to many countries and speak English? I want to become an actress who becomes famous in USA or other countries which uses English Any favorite actresses? Dove Cameron Have you been abroad? I have been to Guam Anything that surprised you abroad? Something you don’t find in Japan A culture shock. Did you have any? The hot dog was so long My father had a hard time swallowing it. That surprised me In Hawaii, I don’t know which day but that time they had a one whole roasted chicken I was surprised they cooked the whole chicken right at the spot You don’t find that often in Japan?
-No So your future dreams are an actress, and scientist? Please study English hard to make that dream come true Thank you

57 comments on “Can Japanese kids speak English? English Challenge that might surprise you”

  1. عالم الطبخ cooking world says:

    الله يوفقك يارب العالمين 💜💜💜🌿🌿🌹🌹👍🌺🌺🌺🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹

  2. Miton Films says:

    Actually Cathy, you're wrong😂

  3. ageguyera says:

    oh wait
    I hope the comments aren't turned off because the subject is kids 🤔

    Gotta be careful with that!! Entire CHANNELS have had comment privileges revoked because of one video with a kid. Ehh.. I'm sure WAO has that under control… I hope… 😥

  4. Carmine Graves says:

    they speak better than most american adults lol

  5. Nat Su Mi says:

    I have live in Australia for 3 year now my English is like Machine Gun

  6. shido_ chan says:

    T_T i've been studying English for 14 years and my English still bad :")

  7. Nat Su Mi says:

    Kid: my favorite pet is People lol he like Human
    And other girl :my favorite pet is dog dang

  8. Evan Pangaribuan says:

    Wow cool Japanese kids. While in Indonesia, nowadays Indonesian kids especially in big cities have better English since almost every foreign medias in Indonesia like in cinemas or internet are subtitled

  9. Cloud Cover Cosplay says:

    Those kids are so amazing!!

  10. R P says:

    @1:16 so cute when she puts her hand on her mouth after saying 'Hai' instead of 'Yes' 🙂

  11. Krissy Diggs says:

    How many years have you been studying Japanese? I've only been studying for about half a year but want SO BADLY to not break out into a sweat every time I attempt to talk to someone in Japanese… Haha..

  12. ageguyera says:

    The "pharmacist" answer surprised me the most. Maybe times have changed, but when I was 10 or 11, no kids around me wanted to be a PHARMACIST.

  13. xiaorishu says:

    Oh wow, those kids are hella smart ^-^. I hope they also make time to play and have fun.

  14. NetAndyCz says:

    Knowing English allowed me to connect to people all around the world, join the global internet community, so to speak. Could not watch your channel if I did not speak English:)

  15. XXPeanutSoldier says:

    oh my god, they're so smart..

  16. Don Pedro Hernadez says:

    Wtf those kids have some very mature dreams. Their English is better than 99% of gen z in America.

  17. lee mae says:

    They are so cute. Their English is quite good.😊😊

  18. 707 Kuma says:

    I hope they can reach their dreams~ Even though it's gonna be tough path ahead.

  19. Liz A says:

    2nd girl is cute…looks like she has a tick that causes her to blink when she's nervous

  20. Akiha Rin says:

    I'm surprised of how they can think so far about their future at only 11. At that age I couldn't think so clearly about my future, just thought that it would be very cool to work in the entertainment industry… Well, not so far from what I want to do now, but I changed my mind quite a lot during 5 years 😂

    Neither I am an English native speaker: actually my parents are Chinese, but I was born in Italy and still living here and at high school I study 3 language (apart from Italian, of course), which are English, French and Spanish. Currently I'm studying by myself Japanese, but it's so hard!

  21. Lu Dragon says:

    Oh please make more video with Japanese kids!! It was so much fun to see them!!

  22. Rian P says:

    What you want us to be surprised: Japanese child can actually speak English!
    What I actually surprised: They speak English better than most adults!

  23. rh001YT says:

    Amazing cuteness.

  24. mutiyangpiling babae says:

    I was surprised with the scientist and pharmacist, back in my childhood years I didn't hear these occupations from my classmates. It's mostly about becoming a doctor,nurse and police.
    Those kids reminds me of myself, english is not my native language it is easier to memorize words but the communication itself is difficult.

    Cathy cat, please make a video about what language aside from English would Japanese people would love to learn.

  25. A man of culture says:

    From what I’m experiencing here, japanese kids want to practice their english. Whenever I’m at the school of my niece waiting for her because we’re going somewhere, her friends ask her if I can speak english then they will greet me by saying “Hi, my name is [name here], nice to meet you.” then shake hand and bow, then I answer back. They will ask me many things in english and I answer them slowly and clearly while correcting them if they made a grammatical error.

  26. gary guymon says:

    Latin outlived the Roman Empire by many centuries and now English is the Lingua Franca of aviation, commerce, science and the world. Now people are saying Mandarin Chinese will become the dominant tongue . It will be important no doubt as long as China itself remains a cohesive entity but it will need centuries more to penetrate as deeply as Latin was and English is now.

  27. Dominator says:

    All of their English is better than my Japanese. I thinks it's time to study harder lol.

  28. Chris Stewart says:

    I have heard that up until the age of 10 you can learn languages fairly easy but it gets really difficult after you become an adult, but learning another language no matter what it is can give you so many more opportunities in life. It nice that their classes are fun I took french in school for 4 years and because it was awful I barely remember any of it.

  29. Sushi Roll says:

    Those kids are super cute😍

  30. Junior Huacho Guisado says:

    Korean way of pronounce = English

    Japanese way of pronounce = Spanish

  31. jade van dijk says:

    not an accurate representation/comparison, considering these are kids that actualy study english. while the addults "test" was on the Streets, in wich case there was no way of knowing if they studied english or not. this feels more like a "test" with the outcome already decided before hand. for accurate results i recomend asking kids on the Streets as well. cant realy take this too seriously for this reason. sorry.

  32. Marcello Antifonario says:

    "my hobby is studying"

  33. Rationalific says:

    It was so cute when that little girl said, "Hai" and then covered her mouth like she'd made a huge mistake. Hehe.

  34. Dirty Robot says:

    You might try using English more. You would be surprised how many Japanese know English but never get the chance to use it.

  35. Shirou luffy says:

    noice, I've learned English by studying and talking a lot. (i'm not a native English speaker, just a european)

  36. Nope No way says:

    The teachers at ECC junior do a great job, what with how fluently those kids speak, though I can still hear that they studied to do so. Which is still impressive regardless.
    My english was practically completely self-taught, and I managed to thoroughly impress an American businessman at age 9.
    But then again, it's the only non-native language I'm fluent enough with to not embarrass myself in a conversation…
    English aside though, those kids are way too bloody eloquent for kids their age. That surprised me the most.

  37. Crimson Octopus says:

    these kids make me feel really dumb

  38. thinkabout says:

    You can not get any more cute or hopeful after watching this. 👍☮

  39. Ichirou Takashima says:

    This is clearly a new take on your channel. I do hope you include more kid related videos to expand your channel's reach on every age community. Great job.

  40. thisworldneedsme says:

    These kids are incredible, speak extremely good English and seem to act more mature than children and people twice their age. Also dying of cuteness here.

  41. Going North says:

    It's nice to hear about these kids' dreams and ambitions.
    Pharmacist and being able to help foreigners is very thoughtful of her.
    The scientist thinking of helping with food and water for poor countries.

    I am 23, sitting on my college degree and still not having a clear sight of my future. I hope to be able to raise kids with hearts as beautiful as theirs one day.

  42. demonsorrows says:

    Considering, from my experience in the US, most of the adults before the most recent generations only speak English. The ones that did/do speak other languages always involved one of two things. First, a job that somewhat required they learn the language to make things easier, as they were constantly going somewhere specific. And two, they have/had family that spoke it as they were growing up along with English. Finding older generations here that want to learn another language purely out of genuine interest seems like an extreme rarity. A lot of, "why should I learn anything? English SHOULD be taught everywhere. And if it isn't , it's not a place I want to go" mentality. It's kind of horrible that all the "patriotism" and xenophobic blah has dulled so many minds. The more recent generations are better in this regard. Being connected to people around the world has at least put a dent in that messed up way of thinking. Hope for the best.

  43. Shane Omar says:

    This was brilliant. Really hope you can do more videos like this. Obviously most Japanese kids can't speak English this well but hopefully that will change in future.

  44. Diana-Alexandra I. says:


  45. griffinina nina says:

    They are good ❤️

  46. griffinina nina says:

    I’m not a native English speaker too. The hardest part is to maintain the pronounciation. Because in daily live I don’t use English, and does not interract with native speakers too, I can feel my speaking skill is declining. I have no issue with reading, writing, and listening. It is the speaking that needs practice 🙁

  47. Wonder Traveller says:

    I am fine with this video

  48. Arineko Music says:


  49. Mahbub Rahman says:

    Watching American TV series sure helped a lot to speak English

  50. Peter Ramos says:

    This is great to watch those kids dreams are cool and they speak english nice and i want to learn japanese language as well..🤗🤗

  51. Zoomzabba says:


  52. Ambi Cahira says:

    I started to learn English when I was 10 and my first opinion was "this is dumb, why would I ever get use out of this while living in Sweden?" But then I discovered music and tv shows that same year which I became passionate about and I worked so hard to try to understand the songs and shows. Thanks to English I have gotten so many friends, learned so many skills thanks to youtube, and now I'm living in America and I'm married to an American so it's my everyday language now. I started learning Japanese some years ago but the learning curve was so steep that I'm putting it on hold for now and easing myself into Asian languages through Korean first and I'm greatly enjoying it. 🙂 Then I will learn Japanese and lately I'm getting motivated to try to learn Mandarin later just to challenge myself and connect to even more people. After that I might explore spanish or something but I intend to learn languages for the rest of my life to keep my brain fit and sharp. 🙂 Oh yeah school tried to teach me German but the teachers were so disorganized that I never got further than colors pretty much.

  53. StrikitRich says:

    If Mao wants to be a biologist, he'd better learn Latin along with English as all the scientific names are in Latin.

  54. chibimayura says:

    7:08 says "Let's continue in English" when it should be "Let's continue in Japanese"

  55. GodspeedHero says:

    "I WANT TO BE A BIOLOGIST." Hahaha Awesome!!!

  56. Esther B. says:

    Fantastic kids! When I was in japan the pharmacists often spoke English which was so helpful

  57. Mecks089 says:

    I know they seem nervous to be interviewed, but they're also very well behaved.
    And unlike the Adults of Japan, they seem to have no problem with eye-to-eye contact.

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