Can These Chefs Turn This Snowman Drawing Into Real World Food? • Tasty

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  1. Emma Plenty says:

    My kid wants to participate in I draw You Cook. How do I sign her up?

  2. Caitlyn Britton says:

    What hapend to her

  3. Neno Branco says:

    Alix looks younger without makeup 🤷‍♂️

  4. Brook Schwartz says:

    Alix is my favorite

  5. Carmen Hopkins says:

    I want to be on there

  6. Jannira Arballo says:

    Why is Alix giving me so many Emma Chamberlain vibes😂

  7. Bint Musa says:

    Pls more i draw you cook with rie and alix or rie and alvin

  8. Lovisa Löfgren says:

    I LOVE Alix new look, shes so beautiful! And the little girl is so cute

  9. Quotix Playz says:

    The girl looked like she didnt want her to win lmao

  10. Sumbal Ahmed says:

    Alex the auger wateri thing you made is called sheets in Urdu .Urdu is a language

  11. Sharms Callueng says:

    Cash me outside ,rie:"how bout that?"

  12. Rodrigo Santos Valeriano says:

    Kid: Draws some non-edible green stuff
    Rie: Puts something green on the dish
    Alix and Katie: Dye food green

    Edit: I made this comment before she even said her secret weapon, and wtf she just made blue rice.

  13. Rodrigo Santos Valeriano says:

    She had just said something else hahahah

  14. Rodrigo Santos Valeriano says:

    You should stop before it looks like cotton I guess.

  15. Opulent Rivr says:

    I would draw a a frickin buffet and literally everything

  16. Opulent Rivr says:

    This look like diabetes

  17. Ava Fluegge says:

    Do you guys have to buy all the ingredients?

  18. Loser Lama#yoof says:

    I love coconut yumm it so good

  19. Anurag Khanikar says:

    Why the Frick did Alix turned to that? At first I thought she was the kid, in the thumbnail

  20. Anurag Khanikar says:

    Alix has even lost weight… I wish she turns to the Alix I knew

  21. TAMATO-Bros Studios says:

    Yo yo no offence but Alvin is the best and funniest cook of all of you

  22. FunWithJess says:

    I watch these when I sleep 😂

  23. Tegan Elizabeth Smith says:

    I love them cooking together ♡

  24. Kim Juana Lehmann says:

    wow, Alex looks INCREDIBLE!!!! <3 <3 good on you girl <3 <3 <3

  25. Ramya R says:

    Alix did u loose ur weight

  26. rain cloud says:

    I love the girl

  27. Natalie S says:

    Alix wow you’re a natural GODDESS! And Rie that plate was a game changer for me 🤣🤣🤣

  28. inlee -3- says:

    Omg she said she liked sushi but she never had it…;-;

  29. Pyraminxer 25 says:

    They should do kids make chefs dream food

  30. M. Draws says:

    OMG Alix changed , when I saw thumbnail I thought Who is that?

  31. Julia Olszynska says:

    I have a suggestion for a new series:
    A kid has to try cook a meal, and the chef has to try and fix it.

  32. random account xx says:

    Alix without makeup though-

  33. saima nadir says:

    She was looking pretty but why didn't she have makeup on🤔🤔

  34. Cassben says:

    It doesnt pretty taste that good because of the mango its not pretty good

  35. Artsy Aries says:

    Alix looks beautiful! I really love natural makeup, and this makes me want to do it more often ☺️

  36. Isabelle Dunlap says:

    What happend to alix

  37. julia apo says:

    She looks soooo different without make up

  38. Sabrina Fantastic Channel says:

    alix looks so different

  39. Ellayna Aromin says:

    What happened to Alix??????

  40. Ellayna Aromin says:

    Her hair looks different

  41. john says:

    how does she loves sushi and never taste sushi

  42. nonschool account says:

    alix looks really different….

    edit: i realized its because she dyed her eyebrows

  43. gachagirl 14 says:

    Pop rocks are my favorite candy :3

  44. Edna galino says:

    That kid is soo spoiled

  45. Marcus Fernandez says:

    Alix is kidof ugly without makeup

  46. Sophie and Sadie's vlogs Summer says:

    She doesn't look like she Is sick, she just looks like she lost a bit of weight and she looks BEAUTIFUL

  47. Salma Karim says:

    Alix is just not wearing makeup shut up you guys let me enjoy this cute video

  48. This Btch Stans Chandler says:

    Wtf happened to alix

  49. Puglicious Slimes and stuff says:

    Alex has changed omg

  50. Oliver Kirkland says:

    Imagine saying you like something when you’ve never tried it before

  51. Cutie bunny says:

    u look sooooo much skinnier r u ok i hope u r

  52. Filipino Recipes Friendly Budget says:


  53. Hisyam 706 says:

    Seeing Alix without makeup is weird it's like Liza Koshy!

  54. C B says:

    This has to be a Chex ad. It was less subtle than the stupid roll up things. 🙄

  55. Isabelle O'Reilly says:

    Alex looks a bit like sadie sink

  56. Harim says:

    Ralix is the best duo EVER. Also Alix coming for Jojo Siwa's brand with that ponytail

  57. Blank says:

    Ralix is BACK!!!!!!

  58. Erramor says:

    if I was one of the chefs, I would make mashed potatoes with edible glitter if she likes mashed potatoes :/

  59. Madilynn Acors says:


  60. Fe Arce says:

    I would draw Instant Ramen Beef Noodles

  61. holly Sheppard says:

    Alex uses alot of coconut lol

  62. Mashal Waqar says:

    Alox looks soo different for a second I thought she was a grandma (no offense to Alix you r still beautiful)

  63. Michael B says:

    Alex looks ROUGH

  64. kasi0034 says:

    I disagree…you can 100% tell the differnece beteren store bought Muddy Buddies and homemade.

  65. justlaugh83 says:

  66. Shaniah De Guzman says:

    Is it just me or did alix get skinnier

  67. LLYAN'S WORLD says:

    People say alix looks different that's because she lost weight in her own personal CHANNEL and she does not wear make-up

  68. aiden is cool says:

    ralix is the best

  69. Shane Sleighter says:

    Is that a diffrent alix

  70. Huma J says:

    Alix looks diffrent

  71. Dani Cielielski says:

    Her: I'm a rice kinda girl

    Me: makes everything out of rice

  72. Mumtaha Nowrin Mahi says:

    I couldn't recognize Alix

  73. Jessica-Michelle says:

    Tbh I like her better when she was thick she wasn't even fat… Don't hate on me… There's nothing wrong with losing a little weight…

  74. kassandraa nicolee says:

    alix looks so different without makeup

  75. Mathew Chaplin says:

    Little girl: I like sushi
    Also little girl: I’ve never had sushi

  76. Wolf says:

    I like this girl lol she's very interactive with the cooks

  77. cherry fowke says:

    why don’t you guys do one special episode where the cooks do a dish that is special that both of the cooks make a dish together based on a drawing

  78. Nishtha Chatterjee says:

    whoever sits on the right always wins

  79. Idris Rashidi says:

    why alix seem so emmm

  80. Opal Hoven says:

    14:22, I love that! I don't know why, but its soo adorable!!

  81. Pchu says:

    Okay but the child is so sweet like wow

  82. Khia says:

    alix looks like a summery vsco girl and its cute

  83. Samriddhi Sharma says:

    What is muddy buddy???

  84. 111 says:

    i feel like alix looks really good, she looks a lot healthier:))

  85. Kiya & chloe says:

    Alix made TANGULU and didn’t even notice 🥰🥺😂

  86. Lxander San Diego says:

    I thought the girl in the thumbnail is Jojo siwa

  87. DaFunny Bunny says:

    Alix looks different, but I just CANT put my finger on it

  88. A A H says:

    Rice…….I eat rice every night and trust me you’ll get bored of it

  89. Salman Farooq says:

    What happened to alix she dont look right

  90. hasley thoda says:

    alix changed a lot

  91. Irina Ahsan says:

    Alix lost so much weight..I love her!

  92. Kaye Swift says:

    Kid: "I Like sushi"

    also kid: "I never tried a sushi"

  93. caroleigh says:

    why i no one talking ab “i don’t pretty like mango”

  94. Luna Eclipse says:

    So much sugar

  95. Paʋɨtɦʀa says:


  96. Sea Rabbit says:

    11:05 did she say “Lord of Gluten”?

  97. Sara Badgley says:

    Alex looks so different I like it go Alex!

  98. Miasha Sima says:

    I would love to be on this show

  99. Allicat Dance says:

    Why is no one talking about how cute this little girl is.

  100. ikeokeo says:

    This was such a fun episode!

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