100 comments on “Can This Chef Make Canned Soup Fancy?”

  1. Godly Gamer says:

    Is it just me or does Rie's face and pose in the thumbnail is like: "Can I make it fancy?!?!? Try me b1tch"

  2. Анна Мария Чилингирова says:

    The hints though…👶🤰♥️

  3. honeybunny213 says:

    Please, keep Rie doing this forever. I adore this series and Rie!!!

  4. Niko Liko says:

    Adore this bitch!

  5. TheoLOLxD says:

    Why does aria act like these agresive af mack bangers that hit the walls and moan when they eat a simple domino's pizza lmao

  6. Dr Beyonder says:

    Pass. Too fancy for my taste buds.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    That Aria dudes eyes really do look like he’s gonna kill her or her cat, or anything that makes him snap into a complete rage one day.

  8. Re w says:

    WTH is wrong with Aria. Merle
    come get chaboi

  9. Hollie Cole says:

    0.48 the color is very yellow and ?chickeny?

  10. StephhanieTV says:

    Rie should be on chopped!

  11. Destiny Martin says:

    Who is here AFTER the surprise video and was like 😯🤗 when she said "soft like a baby butt"

  12. Vinícus Teodoro says:

    10:03 Yes

  13. Rosie Muffins says:

    yes i know she announced her pregnancy. but i still don't get how so many people are assuming she is pregnant (saying things like "i knew she is!") please explain, im a dumbass

  14. Aiko Yamada Lee says:

    is rie subliminally revealing the cooking activities she intends on doing with her child? that's so cute i wanna cry

  15. Sara Ghauri says:

    Congratulations on being pregnant!! Please do a video on tasty of your pregnant cravings!!!

  16. Mega [email protected] says:

    Anyone coming back 2 her old vids after her pregnancy announcement 👣👣❤

  17. Tondo the Awesome says:

    Rie from Tasty and Claire from BA Test Kitchen collab when?

  18. Ghaninw Omer says:

    0:18 I literally said it with her!!!!

  19. Neon Kue says:

    XiaoLongBao! 🥟

  20. Caleigh Santos says:


  21. Jacob Flores says:

    Can you do Rice A Roni

  22. Shirin Jain says:

    Bread flour is just regular flour but with more protein. Cake flour is regular flour with less protein. What was the point of mixing the two when she could have just used regular flour

  23. Nancy Vang says:

    4:26 shes been hinting her pregnancy

  24. Birdnard _the great_ says:

    Hi Rie, can you try to make a yogurt drink fancy?

  25. Jammy Tart says:

    Rie needs to make sour patch kids in to a fancy dish

  26. Su says:

    Nos lo estuvo diciendo desde antes y no nos dimos cuenta!!! Felicidades Rie espero al bebe Rie con ansias 🌸

    No puede no pensar en Hobi 💜 y CNS 💜

  27. Queen Kirlia says:

    10:29 yes read him sis!!

  28. Princess Zay says:

    Make pizza bites fancy

  29. Princess Zay says:

    Make pizza bites fancy please

  30. Khushi Parekh says:


  31. cherry blossoms says:

    She didnt use the chicken though 🤪🤪 but it looks so good i really want to try

  32. Khushi Parekh says:


  33. オバマ oasis says:

    don’t quote me but she should open a restaurant 🤚🤚🤚

  34. Caitlin Capiz says:


  35. hamham isedd but is more chill says:

    It's funny how I just watched this on Valentine's and didn't even know that rie is having a baby 🙂

  36. rubi salazar says:

    I love the way she says make it fancy she’s accent is so cuteeee

  37. Johnny Zeitler says:

    Bro Rie is amazingly nice she literally brightens up my day I would gladly meet her any of u

  38. Xier Nair says:

    I like how Rie says BABY BUTT.

  39. World Aquarium Singapore says:

    any potatoes meals? "D "d yum Yummm

  40. riddlekillerkiller says:

    did she just turn soup…into dumplings

  41. Andrew Talbert says:

    Rie would be the ultimate Chopped contestant

  42. Gobal Sodo says:


  43. Kanashi Kit says:

    "Slaps down sake." ah shit it's back,

  44. Becca Goldston says:

    Do a hot pocket next

  45. Enie Dance and Contortion says:

    Rie: Chicken Noodle Soup!

    Me (an army): Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup with a Soda on the Side!

  46. Nerissa Sun says:

    anyone here just thought of chicken noodle soup by jhope

  47. Em1 toTalk says:

    it brings me joy whenever she brings out the alcohol lol

  48. Baka Pierre says:

    Aria. still waiting to get his superpowers.

  49. Jude B. says:

    Now we know why there were just so many close.ups and props. Congrats, Rie!!

  50. Gio Bravo says:

    You're like Andy Warhol

  51. Akram Alonizi says:

    she never talked about here being Pregnant in this video why😭💔

  52. blurdreamer says:

    sick ppl have no time for fancy meal, lol, unless other ppl make for them.

  53. husna mk says:

    baby + rie = brie 😂

  54. Yashswini Chauhan says:

    Is Andrew Ned’s brother?

  55. Tal Levinger says:

    fix: can this chef make canned bat soup fancy?

  56. Isha Bhagat says:


  57. Mike B says:

    Her husband is lucky af

  58. Maggie Lee Deshane says:

    What is up with that Aria dude? No.

  59. prplvr says:

    I want to be Andrew and Aria so bad

  60. Lyana Hazirah says:

    Ok first I watched it because of Rie. Then there is Andrew and now we are getting Aria. Omg what a fancy video! Congratulations for mummy to be 💕🌼

  61. Natalie Byrnes says:

    She might’ve doubled the ingredients list…..

  62. Natalie Byrnes says:

    Easter Egg: soft like a baby butt

  63. Suzy Castro says:

    Rie's pregnant, were gonna have a little mini rie running around

  64. SpongeBobs Wife シ says:

    She reminds me of that curly redheaded chefs girlfriend from rattitouille😂😂

  65. Infinite Galaxy says:

    Well … I am here after … Rie announced she is PEGNANT!!!!
    GO follow her on her channel !

  66. Lupe V says:

    She said MAGNUM size IM-

  67. icyss boyd says:

    11:14 to 11:18 had me ded

  68. Chris M says:

    Watching the first half of the video: "what is she doing with that soup gelatin mess?"

    Watching her roll the dough: "oh hell nah this b is gonna make soup dumplings isn't she?"

    Watching her pleat: "is she really trying me with that janky xiaolongbao/tang bao???" 😂

    Gotta give her credit for being creative tho 👏👏

  69. micocoy says:

    You look like the chef from ratatouille

  70. DO U KNOW BTS? says:

    Armys: Chicken Noodle soup chicken noodle soup chicken noodle soup

  71. • Venice • says:

    wait shes pregnant-

  72. chi! says:

    she turned canned soup into xiao long bao ugh her mind

  73. Cloudland Crew says:

    She called tongs thongs 😂😂😂

  74. Freedom by Fire says:

    I wont subscribe because of Aria Is he gay ? Hes insanse and i cant watch that murderous demon speak .

  75. Liyah says:

    the way i also thought about making xiao long bao upon seeing that this challenge was about fancy-ing chicken noodle soup…
    asian excellence and solidarity 😌✨

  76. kpop lover says:

    I'm searching if there any comments from army. They are good in making comment to unrelated videos

  77. pttslvhm says:


  78. Jayce Pitman says:

    Rie looks like that one chef from rattatoulie

  79. Ellianne Joelle Lopez says:

    army’s be like:
    with the soda on the side please

  80. Dosu says:

    4:26 Foreshadowing 🤔

  81. MyEyesBled says:

    But can she remove the tons of MSG and other chemicals from canned soup 🍜?…. NOPE!!!

  82. Bacchus Mochi says:

    Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side

  83. fatima 13 says:

    although it seems soo yummy nothing can top jhope's Chicken Noodle Soup sorry Rie 😔💕💕

  84. sulfis Travel Diaries says:

    chicken noodle soup
    chicken noodle soup
    chicken noodle soup
    with a soda on the side

  85. Marco Tsang says:

    no one wants can soup to be special

  86. shamaim fatima says:

    It looked like momos😍😍😜😜

  87. jins says:

    with a soda on the side

  88. Kris Toff says:


  89. Adley Joon says:

    I'm here to see the comments who's here after her announcement
    Yes she's pregnant

  90. Misha Seeff says:

    After finding out she’s pregnant, I saw all the references here. For example, “baby’s butt” and she mentions cooking with kids a lot 😂

  91. Adley Joon says:

    Chicken noodle soup chicken noodle soup chicken noodle soup with the soda on the side

  92. Cella Lala says:

    This is my favorite that she have done! It’s so creative and out side the box

  93. Preeti Kumari says:

    "Chicken noodle soup chicken nood soup chicken noodle soup with the soda on its side"any can recognise this???

    Hint: Army's???

  94. JUST JAPE says:

    I knew she's gonna make Xiao Long Bao!!!!!!! My fave!

  95. Sandra James says:

    Rie's baby is gonna have its own chef at home…

    What a lucky baby….why dont things like this happen to me?

  96. CeSe Ba says:

    Wow I really can't believe that I DID NOT see that she is pregnant!

  97. Danielle Dawson says:

    I feel like, at this point, they're just giving Rie any food they can think of because they know we give her the most views lol

  98. jiminie puff says:

    cHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH A ….fancy in the side…👉👈

  99. IM CUTE says:

    Baby butt – ohhh shes pregnant 👶🙈💖

  100. The 3 musketeers says:

    She’s going to be such a good mom 🥺

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