Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?

hi I’m RIA I’m a tasty producer today I’ve been challenged to take common food and make it fancy the roles are you must completely use the food given accept package rate you can only add to the food you can buy whatever ingredients you wish do we have a budget can i buy truffle once you begin cooking you must complete upgraded dish in 30 minutes let’s see what’s in it is the ramen noodle I think it might be a guilty pleasure there is no nutritious value in there I want to make this something exciting making fancy guess what I got shrimp Sasa me oil soy sauce para shiitake mushrooms bok choy ginger and garlic I’m gonna set my timer for 30 minutes start right now let me get started I’m going to deep fry ramen at all heating oil takes a little bit of time so I’m going to do it first I also grow my own life you don’t so I’m gonna cut vegetables I don’t think I needed this much Carol I think I just need a half Carol for this I’m going for this dish I tried in Japan and also like in a Chinese restaurant but it’s like American Chinese restaurant so I don’t want to say it’s an authentic chunky fish but it’s just like tastes really good and I’m going to slice shiitake mushroom you don’t want to use the stem because it’s kind of tough you can’t peel ginger with spoon so ginger I’m gonna just like chopped really fine me same as golly if you’re not comfortable with using knife chopping something very finally you can use grater it’s much easier and safer hey what are you I take my knife very seriously compact I used to work for a knife store as a knife sale fishing knife it’s probably my favorite cooking tool I take my lady to the spa every once in a while sharpen my knife let’s check the timer oh I have 17 minutes left I should have gone better should I have a got the peeled shrimp but I got the shell shrimp so I’m gonna just be really really fast I have this thing like weird thing whenever I cook in front of people my hands start shaking so they’re with me I chose shrimp for my protein because it’s really quick to cook you can use chicken you can use pork I’m gonna sauté the shrimp this is just a canola oil so I’m gonna just saute until it changes colors I like cooking with chopstick I have 12 minutes left oil it’s almost 350 so I want to start frying my ramen and I kind of noticed this ramen noodle it’s like two things remain stick together so I’m gonna just break in a half it didn’t quite work but you know can I just do it i’ma start cooking something takes longer time to cook so I’m going to stop it Carol I’m gonna just saw a little bit because I want to layer the flavor now I’m adding [Music] beep pointed ginger and Dolly you’re kinda wanna add the garlic later when you’re cooking – cook garlic barns really quickly and you don’t need to put it apart need to give some nice flavor small good I’m going to add a cup of water and this seasoning packet I don’t know I just know the flavor it’s you know ramen broth and I’m gonna just use that I think I’m gonna just use like 1 tbsp sake for flavoring and also when you are using like shrimp it kind of pick out those like fishy smell also I’m going to sesame oil paste it good but I think I need a little bit more flavor I’m going to add some soy sauce oh yeah it’s 38 pasting fun oh I have six minutes left okay my ramen noodle looks looking good it looked like a golden brown I think it’s almost done I want to make my soup a little bit thicker so I’m going to add water to starch I’m using potato starch but you can use corn starch and in order to do that you have to make sure the soup is boiling and you put back the shrimp and I’m ready I have two minutes left I can put it in a hot pan so I can have nice Oh sizzling oh it has a really nice sizzle noise and I’m done [Music] let me do a pace this person [Music] so I made a sizzling pop I dunno I hope you like it I’m smooth yeah joy your noodle yeah you want to be my grandma why can’t it be a mom [Music] no great I will consider this fancy oh wow did I make it fancy where this is fancy afraid congratulation thank you thank you sighs this is like proper restaurant quality that means did I make it funky oh hell yeah it’s not the competition but I feel like I want maybe we don’t like that and everyone approved I made it fancy I also really happy it’s totally different from packaged little and it’s really easy I feel like I made it less than ten dollars I totally encourage you make your home and make you can see I have a bounce you have a dance yeah show me make it fancy three to make a fancy make it fancy [Music]

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  1. Rie McClenny says:

    Thanks for watching! Tag me on instagram if you make this 😀
    Also, subscribe to my new channel! I'll be posting videos here soon!

  2. Winston King says:

    She said she bring her knife to the spa…
    Imagine the workers there that saw the knife….

  3. Othello Dixon says:


  4. DatMeme Kid says:

    I like how she pronounces carrot correctly instead of carrit

  5. Danny Wahyu says:

    It's called Tamie Capcay in Indonesia

  6. brizzleyoh says:

    So they pretty much just gave her noodles… I think anyone could make that fancy

  7. Robin Lagelius says:

    "you don't [bring your own knives]"?? 😎💃

  8. Silvermoon Luna says:

    Theres just something about the noodles being fried that makes me say nay to this dish but the toping was off the hook shrimp toping yes fried noodles pass ✋

  9. Angelika Holys says:

    Japan is awesome

  10. Wayne Vargas says:


  11. Little Loki says:

    This lady is amazing

  12. Yasser Alshahrani says:

    Plz put some makeup

  13. Alex Baza says:

    Rie: Its not a competition but I feel like I…won

    That's literally how I feel everytime I succeed in anything

  14. Alphabet Soup says:

    Ik y’all had to to censor the brand but I think 90% of everyone here knows that brand by just the noodle picture

  15. Jonathan Kroiss says:

    She's super cute and can cook, I'm bending the knee now

  16. jerushamoses says:

    U don't really need to blur the shrimp pack. It's obviously from うぉぇふぉおds

  17. Ruined Troglodyte says:

    Well, rie knew her knife well.

  18. Assxssin Clxpz says:

    omg you should be in the movie ratatouille if they make one

  19. sculadtic boi brown says:

    I like how the blurred the logo of the noodles even tho all college students recognize this instantly

  20. Senlouie says:

    is she the girl from worth it

  21. Marvel Nerd says:

    -My knife is probably my favourite cooking tool,

    That sounds kinda creepy

  22. King Bob1215 says:

    The people that say that she puts alcohol in everything isn’t wrong

  23. Lauren Dreessen says:

    Make hotdogs fancy

  24. 6Death wish6 says:

    Her when cooking:Make it Fancy
    Me when cooking:Make it edible

  25. Gacha Newbie says:

    Rie isn’t Rie without:
    1. Alcohol in her cooking
    2. Her knives
    3. Make it fancy
    4. Alix

  26. aryana Christie says:

    Is it true that Chinese people eat dog?

  27. Erin Dalce says:

    I love how they didn’t show the brand of the noodles but we all know what brand it was 😂😆😇

  28. Chacha 323 says:

    Fancy youuuu~ 🤟🏽

    If you know, you’re a real one 🙂

  29. NeishaRaye says:

    Y’all know damn well she can make this fancy

  30. Random Fujoshi says:

    "Oh hell yeah"

  31. Miguel Caparas says:

    If Rie joins masterchef she would be a winner. We have the new Gordon Ramsey

  32. J Stephen says:

    Niki: Do you want to be my grandma?
    Rie: why can’t I be a mom?

  33. D Boii says:

    Wow. For extra flavor, I add butter, bbq sauce and chop meat or just some cheese. Gotta get creative when you're on a budget 😂

  34. Bobby Maine says:

    Rie is my favourite Tasty producer! I really hope she sees this comment and knows how awesome she is! ❤❤

  35. Laxmikant Adhikari says:

    Nice video

  36. Mareng nicolieee says:

    For a broke collage student, instant noodles is the fanciest I can have. 😂

  37. Pavan Hackett says:

    I love instant ramen

  38. Sir_Valion says:

    Or you could have just plopped a can of caviar on top of the noodles and that would make it fancy.

  39. scuba man says:

    More make it fancy vids

  40. Bren Rylee Pollfer says:

    Iggy: I'm so Fancy

    Rie: oh, are you?

  41. Everything Videos says:

    Keep your TBHQ & Obesity noodles

  42. John Sekhar says:

    Is there anything that Rie cant make fancy? She's amazing!

  43. Zdzisiek Woźnicki says:

    a lot of those producers in here

  44. Oliver TWIST says:

    There hasn’t been a single make it fancy episode where Rie hasn’t used alcohol


  45. Elissa Lee says:

    How to tell is someone is Asian

    “I like to cook with chopsticks”

  46. Cow Productions says:

    Why would you blur out the name for those wondering it is maruchan

  47. Little Sade says:

    Producer: "Why do you bring your own knife?"

    Rei: "You dont?"

    Producer: Chuckles, Im in danger

  48. Deltafire12 says:

    Fancy has to be your favorite word, huh. 😂❤️

  49. Villya So says:

    Hahaha ta mie cap cay 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Emma Lukasiak says:

    This is looks like the place Hiho kids film

  51. mirinall muthu says:

    I wish she boiled the noodles. Just frying it is not edible. 😫

  52. Leah Greer-Pinzaru says:

    I Was really shocked when u said shrimp cus I really love shrimp 😄

  53. Leah Greer-Pinzaru says:

    Love Ur channel I'm a sub think I stayed up top morning I didn't look at the time

  54. tasha brinkworth says:

    I sliced my finger open using a chef knife so i now stick to grating

  55. Ryan Stephen says:

    rie can make anything fancy

  56. Lil 002 says:

    Please write the recipe

  57. Dario Guzman says:

    She’s so adorable!!! And she sounds like Bimo from adventure time

  58. TheGamer Geek says:

    Open a ramen restraunt 🙂 it looks really great

  59. Muskan Gupta says:

    She had to use sake

  60. Skyla Phillips says:

    I love shrimp but I’m allergic to shellfish!☹️

  61. Bts adorable Crackheads says:

    Rie can literally make anything fancy

    Make it fancy

  62. whitney hickman says:

    make potato chips fancy

  63. Jon Mantooth says:

    she always uses alcohol even when shes not cooking … 😉

  64. Nikysonrie says:

    We have lots of instant ramen in Canada.

  65. シャリフサッレ says:

    Rie is so precious. I can't even imagine a single soul who could hate her.

  66. VvonGianni says:

    Can’t believe people still use canola oil when it’s a fact how deadly it is.

  67. VvonGianni says:

    Good soy sauce is all it takes to make a good broth..

  68. VvonGianni says:

    I’m subscribed to Dolan twins, nihongo no mori and tasty. Every time I open YouTube all I see is rie and can this chef do smth video. Can I stop seeing these for a while? Then again it’s not bad to learn from cooking videos. Whatever. Just random comment passing through.
    I haven’t see any Dolan videos for a long time.

  69. franksfire says:

    Anyone else wish they could learn to cook from Rie?

  70. BŁÜ says:


    “I don’t know”

    Literally me

  71. doubty//rxwha says:

    No Andrew saying “oh yeah!” In the outro? 😦

  72. SuperCliffBurton says:

    "This has no nutritional value" so you deep fry already fried noodles… alright

  73. gavin stem says:

    Instant has left the chat

  74. xGoodOldSmurfehx says:

    if its ramen its not meant to be crunchy and i must therefore protest the fried ramen noodles idea, whoever came up with that needs to go to Japan and eat some real ramen

  75. Saffron Lealle says:

    I've had pan fried noodles at several restaurants but I have never even thought to fry Ramen noodles! I will def be making this one.. looks delicious!!

  76. Snailor 13 says:

    Eating this while eating it normally

  77. Nyan Gorilla says:

    Tie I think I know what you’re trying to make, I think you’re supposed to cook the ramen first then fry it

  78. Enam Ashraf says:

    In 1:13 did she said carol

  79. maria’s life says:

    my mom is a chef and every time we travel to france she goes to the (grand epicerie de france) and buys like 10 truffle boxes and use them in just one month😂

  80. Superchuyito 1195 says:

    This is the most expensive ramen noodle in the universe

  81. cookie gaming says:

    no tasty = no make it fancy. im so happy tasty is a channel

  82. Cocafizz says:

    The F in the "Fancy" word stands for Rie McClenny 💖😂

  83. YT Legendary_taost says:

    are they raw

  84. Someone Special says:


  85. Of the dark says:

    When she said "fun fact" I heard 'f*** f***'

  86. Victor Millen says:

    'this has no nutrient value'
    *Proceed to deep-fry it *

  87. Victor Millen says:

    Right so it'll be better to use oyster sause instead of soy, or both if you want to

  88. Minnasota Moussaoui says:

    Fried ramen that's not healthy not at all

  89. Carl Britton says:

    If was older I'd marry Rie

  90. neil coney says:

    Shes so fabulous.. haven't even seen the video. But wow how cute

  91. SkipMc 『Ysauce』 says:

    if you’re not comfortable with using knife then use grater
    Me:*sad slap chop noises*

  92. jojo gill says:

    The girl that said if she could be her grandmother looks like her sister. C'mon girl!

  93. bobwinslow says:

    Her cracked phone makes me feel so much more like she's a real person.

  94. Koh Sherman says:

    Fancy but super unhealthy. Fried the ramen. Fried the ramen for extra chemical reaction?

  95. Miche. says:

    it reminds me of hongkong fried noodles from china go go

  96. Diamond Borealis says:

    Everyone expects Rie to make ramen fancy by doing a super complicated soup base.

    Rie: deep fries noodles

  97. Mary Jugunu says:

    Sake! Obviously. It's Rie. You have to incorporate alcohol somehow.

  98. eva machado says:

    Me encantan sus recetas pero ramen frito… no no no!

  99. Cj024 says:

    Rie’s ascent could put me to sleep even after drinking a gallon of red bull 😂 idk what it is but her ascent is soo soothing

  100. L U N A says:

    I didn’t even know knife shops were a thing…

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