CANDY SUSHI MOM FREAKS OUT! + How-To & Candy Review from Kracie Popin Cookin!

Kracie Popin Cookin Japanese Candy Sushi Kit:
How-To & Candy Review. Oh my God he ate the eggs! Hi everybody, welcome to TottyChoCho and my
name is SAMMY! Today we have Japanese Sushi Candy! I’m thinking we’re going to have
a GREAT day!!! My dad got this sushi candy from Chinatown! This is what’s in the box. This is for Step 1 –
you have to make the rice. This is Step 2 & Step 3, and it’s supposed
to make the fish and the sweet eggs. Step 4 is to make the seaweed. This is Step 5 and it’s supposed to make the
large fish eggs (roe). This is Step 6 and it’s to make the gravy? [Dad – ha, yea it is kind of a gravy, it’s
called soy sauce] This is step 6 and it’s supposed to make the soy sauce. This is a scoop, and this is the thing to
get the water. This is how you measure stuff and how you
make the molds. Let’s make some candy sushi and trick MommyCho! We’re going to do step 1 – Making The Rice. I’m going to get water from here and carefully
put it in there. Get a grown-up to help
you put the powder in. Kind of looks like ice. Smells super good!!!!!! [ok now, oh yea, smells
good!] Now you have to stir it a little bit. Smells like it’s going to me really good! Can I have a taste? [haha, not yet, wait, you’re going to spoil
the surprise.] We just finished the rice and we we’re going
to do stage 2 – The Sweet Eggs. I’m filling it up to the line. It’s tricky because the instructions are not
in English. Here comes the sweet eggs! I want to see what it looks like. It’s kind of yellow. That could be the yolk. [I think it’s supposed to be fish eggs though.] Fish eggs? [ha, yea. so do you want to stir it real carefully?] Yea. Looks pretty watery… I wonder if we added too much water even though
we put it to the line. Maybe we add as much water to the tuna. We are going to do stage 3 – Make the Tuna. It’s not the tuna that you have in a sandwich,
it’s this one, RAW tuna. Let’s see how we do now, this one is the raw
tuna. Should be red. I really want it to be red. Want to mix it around? Is it supposed to dry? Yea, but not for too long, just like a few
minutes. This is stage 4 we are going to make Seaweed. You are supposed to squish the seaweed until
it’s this big. Smells good! Yea. What’s it smell like? Like seaweed (lol) and chocolate mixed with
candy. Do you kids eat seaweed? I eat seaweed for my lunch and it’s so good. The next step we are going to do is Large
Fish Eggs (Roe) which are these large dots. They want us to fill this with water to that
line, see the line there and there? Yea. Pour this one into section “B”… in “A” you
add this guy. What is that? Its how you make the fish eggs when they mix
together. Hey, no cheating! I didn’t even taste it. You have to suck up the water, in this little
guy, and drip it from about this high, slowly dripping it into this part. I hope this stuff is ready. We have to chop it, they want you to cut it in half. Now, we’re going to make the sushi like they
have in the picture here. first step is, we’ll make the yellow one,
the sweet egg one. We get some rice. We’re going to get this yellow one, hopefully
it’s not too watery. Slippery! Lay it on top. We’re going to do the tuna now. So get some more rice. We gotta save some rice because we are going
to do 4 kinds of sushi. Then, when you flip the tuna over, it looks
real! cool, that looks like real sushi. I think we’re going to trick MommyCho real good. She’s going to think you are eating REAL sushi. Now we’re going to do the tricky one. We can make our sushi a bit bigger. That looks real. We are going to get some of these fish eggs
now. Look at that! When mommy sees you eat that she’s going to
freak out! So we just did this one with the eggs, the
tuna, the sweet eggs, then we have to make this one- That guy is going to be crazy. It’s a bunch of rice. This piece is better, so we’re going to switch it. This one you are supposed to chop it up. Chop up these sweet eggs. Get some more fish eggs. There. Oh we have to make the soy sauce. Let’s try to trick MommyCho now with this
sushi candy. Mom, look what i’m eating. What do you have there? Some sushi! Wow, are you going to eat that?! Yea. Really?! Oh my God he ate the eggs! (hahaha) you like it? is it good? – yea. Mom’s freaking out. Should we tell her? Do you really like sushi??? Should we tell her the big trick? What’s the trick? – It’s candy sushi 😀 no way!!! Amazing! Hopefully you like real sushi too. Which kind is that, do you remember? Raw Tuna. Wow, you guys had me fooled. This stuff here tastes SO GOOD, I LOVED it! Don’t forget to give our video a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE. BYE 😀 !!
See you again next time! TottyChoCho !

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