Canned Food 7 – Ramen (Shirataki noodles) ASMR

Soy sauce flavored noodle Konjac noodles seasoned bamboo shoots sesame seeds bamboo shoots roasted pork Soy sauce flavored noodle Soy sauce flavored noodle Pork bone broth noodle bamboo shoots roasted pork sesame seeds Pork bone broth noodle Pork bone broth noodle soybean paste flavored noodle bamboo shoots roasted pork soybean paste flavored noodle soybean paste flavored noodle

96 comments on “Canned Food 7 – Ramen (Shirataki noodles) ASMR”

  1. I am your grandma says:


  2. °~Puffy Chan~° says:


  3. Yainya Kuntwong says:


  4. Braceface Keke says:

    I like that

  5. Local.Laiシ says:

    Aww they look yummy

  6. jjoons children says:

    that’s rlly cool

  7. Lauren Byrdmoody says:


  8. caron voon says:

    I love you very much and your videos I love them too🥰❤️😘😍🥰😘❤️😍

  9. PinkStormTrooper says:

    Only Rrcherrypie can make canned noodles look amazing

  10. Lonely Spectra says:

    I question if it's good. Also, I usually don't do this but I'm here at 13 views. Never been this early XD

  11. まるあや says:


  12. rumba semerka says:


  13. Super Ultimate Fighter777 says:

    Amazing 😄

  14. Maricruz Tapia says:

    Do you play Roblox XD pls answer this is wired

  15. Maricruz Tapia says:

    To ask

  16. Anh Tuấn Music says:

    Nhìn ngon quá!

  17. Maoni Moana says:

    Canned food in Japan and Korea seems so gourmet haha
    This looks super appetizing .

  18. nicol garcia says:


  19. Random person says:


  20. RyRy owo says:

    It looks so amazing!Love it 💕😘

  21. Aylén Kim says:


  22. KewpieGirl says:

    I think its great for travel like hiking, camping and this is perfect thats not require cooking or microwave.

  23. Melinoe says:

    Hay….i love this

  24. Krystal Endermalie says:

    I'm kind of jealous.
    You have food over there I want to try but am unable to.

  25. Eilean Obrien says:

    Are you supposed to just eat it out of the can, or is it meant to be heated up like other canned soup?

  26. mekisuto says:


  27. kermit the frog says:

    How do you have so much money

  28. Makoto Kisaragi says:

    Wow, those bowls are amazing! 😍

  29. Brayden H says:

    Im at work…..i should be working…

  30. Dany Muñozn llclc says:

    Esooo se ve muy raro

  31. Nombredeusuario1030 says:

    That's disgusting.

  32. UJ LT says:

    how do the noodles not get too soft? how mysterious.

  33. ちゃんなな says:


  34. Morihimekins says:

    Signs i woke up too early:
    I thought this was a toy and was waiting for RR to show us a real life comparison. Also the idea of canned ramen was gross to me until i remembered that i ate canned chicken noodle soup for most of my life and its probably the same.

  35. danielklee92 says:

    Only Japan makes food that looks fake, but is real…

  36. 動画無しでチャンネル登録者400人目指してます says:


  37. alexxalena says:

    Omg the shoot of the spoon with sesame seeds made my skin crawl 😷

  38. Bloom says:

    I wish we had this in America!

  39. Boba Tea Princess says:

    I forgot chicken noodle soup in a can was a thing, so for a solid ten seconds I thought "Noodles in a Can?! Holy Cow!"

  40. HQ Girl says:

    The can looks like a soda can

  41. Eva María Castaneda says:


  42. HarudenღヅヅღKai says:

    I love your videos😋😊💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖

  43. LexModding says:

    ASMR before asmr

  44. Ms. Simpleton says:

    I want noodles now wth

  45. Roxy says:

    For whatever reason I never thought that there would be canned Ramen. Somehow the two never clicked..

  46. regigiygas says:

    those are some beautiful ramen bowls! the bone broth one looks the tastiest to me. which one was your favorite?

  47. Mar García says:

    Greetings from México 🇲🇽

  48. old vaporwave says:


  49. Toleen Queen says:

    I can not believe you who was watching me and I'm still small video download continued and continued😍💧

  50. マイッキー says:


  51. Jamie 387 says:

    Food looks tasty

  52. Black Butterfly sky says:

    I would like to buy some look's great

  53. K l says:

    That meat in these did not look right lol

  54. Mars Mini says:

    how does this only have 2,000 views? It should be more than that tho

  55. Spooky Pookie says:

    Shirataki noodles are Keto friendly ! 😉 low carb, made from a type of yam.


    I love your videos if a brith something brong is because i apeack spanish

  57. miyan w says:


  58. みみ says:


  59. Cisco Von Clise says:

    Damn. Of course the sesame seeds are stuck to the bottom of the can xD

  60. Panda D says:

    Hi i is allergic to soy this make me sad

  61. goji says:

    for a second i was shocked that canned ramen existed, but then i remembered how commonplace other canned soups are!
    anyway, i love your videos! <3

  62. zheahra says:

    Wow! The noodles hold up quite well and aren't soggy. Beef, chicken, and pork. I could eat these anytime. Looks satisfying.

  63. Miniature cooking expert says:


  64. shippo shipponia says:


  65. rocky ahmed says:

    I love your videos so much……plz keep going… 😘

  66. OmAgAwd I sTilL HaVen'T foUnd mAh BeRRieS says:

    up next…. cereal in a can

  67. inmbortion says:

    I remember that when I met your videos I was 15 years old, one day not far of the earthquake in Japan (I know there are many, but it was like 2014 or something like that) you stopped uploading videos and everyone commented

    -"what happened? it will be OK?"
    and others commented that we calm down, that nothing had happened to you.

    and I did not see videos of you until now, many years later, today watching the most recent videos to which I subscribe I saw one of you and I was excited.
    I'm glad to see your videos again 🙂

  68. m. madeleine says:


  69. Möbius Strip says:

    These videos are so chill. The best ones are when RRcherrypie makes sassy response videos to viewer complaints XD

  70. Jenilyn Darang says:

    Althea. Ahyiesha. D. Bedoya

  71. Jenilyn Darang says:

    Althea Ahyiesha. D. Bedoya

  72. Aika Gamer says:

    god this just brings back the time when i was innocent god those were good days

  73. Cherry Ramone says:


  74. Violacea L says:

    I always get so excited when your videos are uploaded! Thank you for making videos since I was in high school and I finished uni like two years ago. RRcherrypie, I feel like we’ve been friends for so long online

  75. Cathechism Squad says:


  76. CrImSoN_MoOn ReBoOt says:

    They might taste absolutely lovely but not for me pal

  77. Señora Bonita says:

    Canned noodles sounds like the worst possible food, but i suppose its no worse than cup noodles or dried ramen

  78. ふわふわ says:


  79. 影艶ちはや says:


  80. Loi Pham says:

    wait is that a real food or fake food

  81. mrpurple11 says:

    Ahora tengo antojo de un maruchan🍲

  82. mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe says:

    I don’t even know

  83. Golosinas Argentinas says:


  84. None of your buisness says:

    I’ve had one of these before! They taste pretty good surprisingly >~<

  85. realcatoffame Gacha says:

    Please make Popin cooking again! You are my idol!

  86. シャンシャンシャンシャンシャンシャンシャンシャン says:


  87. Nilsu Yeşiltepe says:

    You are the best! 😍❤

  88. 정진 [jung jin] says:

    맛있어 보입니다 체리파이님!

  89. Sopasiri Detkla says:

    Small can..but look tasty 😋

  90. 다혱 says:

    한국인ㅋㅋ 1빠

  91. Rathlyvida Kim says:

    Soooo ramen in a can

  92. Periodited says:

    Japan is ready for apocalypse

  93. ふぃぃな says:


  94. NinjaDragon says:

    This doesnt look appetizing to me. at all…

  95. 釜めし says:


  96. Mighty Raccoon says:

    This looks disgusting ngl.

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