Cantonese Vlog: Grandmaster Eats AYCE Sushi @ Ten Ichi [ENG SUB]

[fun music] Hi Everyone. My name is Denise. Today is the third episode of Grandmaster Eats. (We need help with a Chinese name) Grandmaster, come say hi to the audience. [G]: Hellooooo~ We’re at Ten-Ichi [D]: Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine. [G]: We’re having dinner as a family tonight. [G]: Denise is treating us to a meal ’cause she started work. [G]: Thank you! [D]:So we’re not having dim sum today… … instead we’re having AYCE sushi. [D]: Take a look. Here’s the set-up. [D]: There’s a total of 6 of us We use an iPad to place our orders Take a look. [D]: So yeah, let’s order! (yo, calm down brah) [D]: Grandmaster… What do ya wanna eat? Tell Tim to order for you. [G]: Sashimi [D]: Did you order sashimi yet? [D]: Yup, we’ve ordered it. What else? [G]: What else is there?
[D]: Well, what do you want? [G]: I don’t like the hand rolls though [D]: Don’t order hand rolls. [Mom]: Order seaweed salad. Your grandma loves it. [D]: How about edamame?? [G]: Yup, edamame please. [G]: mmm.. what else? [G]: uhhhh… the fried things
[D]: You want fried things?! [G]: Well, you all eat it! [D]: But I asked what you wanted to eat! [G]: I’m good with just sashimi.
[D]: Wait, I’m paying $30… [D]: and all you’re having is sashimi? [G]: Sashimi and I’ll see what else there is later. [G]: I haven’t even seen the whole menu yet
[D]: Fine, I’ll let you play with the iPad later. [D]: This is the room we’re in. [D]: Looks like this They have another room out there Looks like that. This room’s a little quieter. Easier for conversations [G]: Scallops?
[D]: Oh, scallops [G]: Are there scallops? [D]: I’m not sure [D]: What do you think of the ambience/environment so far? [G]: The ambience is okay. You brought us here so it has to be alright! [D]: I only chose this place ’cause none of you chose a restaurant. [G]: What?
[D]: Yeah, you never chose so we came here. [G]: Oh, I see. [G]: Well, I like it. [D]: So what did you do today?
[G]: What did I do today? [G]: Today I went to church. [G]: It was Easter Sunday service. Afterwards, I went to fellowship. At fellowship, we sang 7 worship songs. [D]: Wow! 7?! [G]: We also had 6 friends.
[D]: What does that mean? [G]: New comers. Six new comers. [G]: We had 7 members get baptized. [D]: Are the 7 new friends also the same ones that were baptized?
[G]: nononononono [G]: They’re different. [G]: Seven were baptized. [G]: Six were new comers. [G]: They were new to our fellowship. [D]: Oh, cool.
[G]: We had a lot of food. [D]: What did you eat?
[G]: We paid $7 each.
[D]: What did you eat for $7? [G]: We had pork chops, We had roasted pork, char siu.. Lotus root, stir fried beans Curry chicken Veggies, rice And those… uh.. Those things. Desserts. Yeah, desserts. Lots of things to eat! [D]: Wait, do you still have an appetite? [G]: Yes! I didn’t eat that much. [D]: But you paid $7 for your meal
[G]: oh well, just $7 [D]: First dish is here! Grandma, try it! [D]: Do you want to try? [G]: Eat what?
[D]: The beef
[G]: Nope, I’m gonna have The ginger! [D]: You’re so close to the camera [G]: Oh, so sour!!! Good grandchild (play on words in Chinese) Good grandchild!!! [D]: so tiny
[G]: Seaweed! Let me show you. [D]: Okay [D]: Salmon, tuna, shrimp… [D] Shrimp…. [D]: Let’s eat! Hurry and eat up! [G]: Wait, that’s not salmon [T]: Here grandma
[D]: Hurry hurry hurry! [G]: Are you going to just film me all night long and not eat? [D]: Yup, I’m just a cameo/supporting actor in this vlog [G]: Tasty! [D]: Was that real? You said tasty before you even put the sashimi in your mouth lols
[G]: It’s good [D]: Who ordered this? Who?? [T]: She said to try it. [M]: I did.
[D]: Why???
[M]: It’s fish! [D]: Who is this? [D]: This is Grandmaster’s daughter. [D]: What kind of fish is this? [G]: (I don’t know what the name is still…) [G]: Let me try it [G]: I don’t really l like it… [D]: Why doe? [G]: Doesn’t taste that great [D]: Make sure you dip it in the sauce [D]: Where are you going?? [G]: This is a sweet potato. Fried to perfection! I’m getting ready to eat it now! [D]: lolols okay [D]: Get the sauce [G]: I’m drowning it! [D]: How’s it? [G]: It’s okay
[D]: It’s alright? [D]: Just okay? [G]: Okay la? [D]:OKOKOK?
[G]: OKAY! [D]: We just finished the first round.
[G]: We ate a lot. [D]: How full are you right now? [D]: What percent are you at? [A]: 30% [G]: Yeah.. 30% [G]: THat’s about right. 30-40%
[D]: You’re already at 30-40%?! [G]: There’s still a lot of food to eat! [D]: Yeah, you said you’ve been waiting for this meal for a long time!
[G]: Yeah, I still have to eat seaweed salad! [D]: We’re paying so much just to eat seaweed salad?! [G]: Yup, I just ordered it.
[D]: Oh, it’s here?? [D]: So right now, we’re starting our second round. [D]: Grandmaster, how do you feel about the second round so far? [D]: How do you feel about the fish? [G]: The second round right? [G]: The quality of the salmon is much bette this time around. [D]: How so?
[G]: The last round’s… [G]: It was too close to the skin. [G]: These ones are not. [G]: Closer to the middle [G]: It’s better
[D]: How many pieces have you had? [G]: I don’t even know! [T]: Well, continue to eat! [D]: So we ordered this… [D]: what would you call this? [T]: Aburi
[D]: Yeah…How would you say it in Chinese? [M]: Grilled? [T]: Naahh
[M]: In the fire? [D]: In the fire sushi?? [D]: Lols fired (the word is TORCHED) [D]: Have you tried this before? Go and try a piece [everyone]: Try the salmon [G]: Take a look [everyone]: DON’TDROPIT! [G]: I’m gonna eat it! [D]: How is it? [G]: It’s good. There’s fish, there’s rice [G]: It’s good to try new things [D]: This the third round! [D]: How full are you now? [G]: I’m at 60% now!
[D]: Are you still going to eat dessert? [G]: Haven’t thought about dessert yet! [D]: What’s this called?!
[G]: Creme brulee! [D]: How does it taste?
[G]: It’s good [D]: Is it sweet? [G]: Here, try some (lols) [D]: Grandmaster is going to try tiramisu [G]:What is this? [everyone]: Tiramisu [G]: This is cake. I don’t know what it’s called in English [everyone]: tiramisu!
[G]: It’s so tiny. Bite-sized! [D]: Try it out! [G]: Why is the cake so hard? [G] It’s good [G]: Black sesame ice cream! [G]: Let’s see if it’s creamy and smooth [G]: Very creamy and smooth! [M]: is your reaction real or fake? [D]: why are your reactions so fast? [G]: It’s smells so nice [D]: Sure, let people smell it
[G]: Fine here. smell it! [D]: I didn’t order it [D]: I ordered green tea and coconut flavours [D]: Everyone else ordered black sesame ice cream [D]: Alright, we just finished dinner [G]: Yup, we finished at Ten-Ichi [D]: Alright, let’s score this place. First off, the food [G]: The food was okay. The service was also okay [G]: But… wait, how many points do I give? [D]: A score out of 5 stars [G]: Okay.. 4 stars
[D]: Alright, 4 stars [G]: The bathrooms… they weren’t great. They were so dirty! [G]: Out of the three stalls [G]: There were ones that were clogged [G]: There was no toilet paper… [G]: Just ONE STAR! [D]: How about overall?
[G]: Overall, 5 stars [D]:Wait! Five stars!? But you said the bathrooms were bad! [G]: Isn’t it separately? [D]: I’m asking you for the overall experience [D]: The whole meal [G]: Okay, overall…. 4 stars [D]: Alright, 4 stars for Ten-Ichi [D]: Alright,
[G]: We’re going to head home now! I’m so full! [G]: Thanks to my grand daughter! She treated me today! [G]: My grand daughter is working and she got paid! [D]: Thanks for watching this episode of Grandmaster Eats! Do you have anything else you would like to say to the audience? G: nothing Okay.. bye!!!!!!

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