Catch n’ Cook fish|ISLAND TREVALLY Sashimi/Dried&Grilled Fish Japanese Seafood

Hi, I am Tadasaka This time I was able to dive in the sea with good transparency I hit it, but my spear was removed The fish was weak I aimed again The first catch of ISLAND TREVALLY I ate sashimi on that day I ate the belly with a sashimi The part with a lot of fat is delicious I thought that the taste would get deeper if it was aged As I felt a little bit of acidity Boiled and eaten with ponzu sauce It became easy to eat I also grilled Light taste A little complain I thought that I could not be satisfied with this and made it a dried fish Dry in the refrigerator for 4 days This way of eating was the most delicious This is the first time I’ve cooked ISLAND TREVALLY I could not extract the potential of the fish I will eat more delicious next time See you in the next video

4 comments on “Catch n’ Cook fish|ISLAND TREVALLY Sashimi/Dried&Grilled Fish Japanese Seafood”

  1. MB Spearo says:

    Here in Med we have a fish that looks close to this one – Bluerunner. One of my favorite recipes of it is "ceviche"

  2. Cast and Spear says:

    I love the song choice! Great catch

  3. 浅場 九十九 tsukumo asaba says:

    秋の日本海で釣れるカイワリうまいすけどねえ 条件によるんでしょうね
    パリパリで香ばしい感じ大変よく伝わります。深夜に見ちゃいけない 笑

  4. Wade Brown says:

    Wrong knife for filleting

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