Cauliflower-Crust: Pizza or Health Fad? || Really Dough?

– Like a cauliflower crust pizza, so it’s yeast free.
– It’s yeast free. – Wheat free.
– Wheat free. – Flavor free.
– Uh. – I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza, but my friend, Mark, he is a pizza purist. So we’re trying the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza. But are they “Really Dough?” Oh, Marky-Mark.
– Hey, Scott, good morning. – You ready to get started today, dude? – How are you? – I’m doing all right, how are you? – You’re not cold driving
around on this thing? It’s freezing out. – Nah, I build up some body heat. – Yeah you gotta work
off all those calories, you eat all that pizza. – I keep myself capped
at fifteen slices a week. – Maybe I should get myself one of these. – Yeah, I mean, no offense, but. – It’s either that or stop eating pizza. – No. You can never stop eating pizza. – No, no I’m kidding.
– You don’t mean that. Maybe you just got to eat
it more intelligently, eat smarter pizza. – What do you mean, smarter pizza? – You know, like, sometimes
you get these big, heavy, thick, cheesy, greasy, meaty pizzas. – What are you getting at? – Maybe try some of the low-carb options. You ever dabble in that? – Low carb, eh? Pizza is carbs, Scott. – I don’t know, though. I mean, if you really
look at the definition, there’s nothing that lays
out in any great detail– – So let me guess, you’re gonna
bring me a low-carb pizza? – I got a place. There’s a place called Adoro Lei, all the way by the Holland tunnel. I’ll bring it back so
fast it’ll still be hot. – You’re gonna go to the Holland tunnel? – I’m fast, bye!
– Bye. Low-carb pizza, ramen pizza. I gotta find this kid a girlfriend. – Hey, Chef Mario.
– Hey, Scott, what’s happening, man?
– How’s it going, man? – How you doing, how’s everything? – I’m doing great, I’m doing great. – What’s new?
– Oh, a lot is new. I’m interested in bizarre pizzas. I heard you’ve got, like, a
cauliflower crust pizza. – Yes, we do. – OK, so what is the scoop? The crust is made from cauliflower? – Right, so we take whole
heads of cauliflower we give a rough chop, we
mince it all the way down as we squeeze out all the water. Then we put it in the bowl and we add some cheese, eggs, olive oil. – So does it feel like real dough? – No, it’s very– if you
look I have a piece here. So if you see, it’s very
grainy and it will rip apart. – Yeah, no elasticity.
– No, none whatsoever. – So you’re not throwing this in the air? – No, this you can’t throw up in the air. – This feels so weird.
– Yeah, yeah, it has to be pressed to be, you can’t stretch it like
a regular pizza dough. – I’m gonna taste a little.
– OK. – I mean, I do not recommend
that you eat this raw. – The cauliflower is very potent. – I gotta bring one to Mark. – Have a seat, have a seat.
– Thanks. – Believe it or not, this is my first cauliflower crust pizza. Will Mark just consider
this low-carb crust a “Really Dough?” bust? – Real pizza needs to have the finest and freshest ingredients. Sauce, cheese, dough, that’s it. Pizza should look as good as it tastes. Pizza dough, flour, water,
yeast, nothing else. – Well, if he really hates it, I guess he can just work
out, like the rest of us. – Last week on Adoro Lei, M.D. – So, after some research, we
found out that cauliflower is very good for your kidneys. So we came up with this pizza.
Due to an injury that I had, I’ve been put on the IR for
a while with a broken finger, so one of my guys help make the pizza. This is Oscar. We’re gonna make cauliflower crust pizza. It’s not as easy as
making a regular crust. Almost work it the same way
as you would a regular dough, but you have to be much more
careful or the ends break down. Okay, now he’s gonna add our tomato sauce, which has some olive
oil, garlic inside it. OK, now he’s adding some
grated pecorino cheese. OK, so he put the caramelized onions, our homemade fresh mozzarella, raw, roasted bell peppers,
fresh basil of course. About two, three minutes, it
takes to cook the pizza here. The bottom is nice and crispy,
the top everything melted. The crust is a nice color. So this is it and we’re ready to cut it up and serve it. Add a little pecorino
cheese, some garlic chips. OK, and we’re ready. As you can see now that after it’s baked, the cauliflower, the texture
is exactly like a pizza. You can pick it up and
hold it like a pizza. It’s ready to be eaten as if it’s just made with regular dough, but it’s actually made with
just a cauliflower crust. OK, so my definition
of pizza, this is pizza, but we’re gonna bring it to Scott, and let’s see what he thinks about this. – Oh, there we go! Wait, let’s make some room. – Here it is. – I’m ready for the
action, there it is, huh? – Mmm-hmm. – I mean, it looks exactly like pizza. It smells a little funny. – Is it the cauliflower? – Yeah, like when you
say roasted cauliflower. – It has that scent.
– I’m OK with that. – All right. – Well, I mean, I gotta take a peek at it, because it’s like, kind of a– oh! I mean, look. If that doesn’t say pizza,
I don’t know what does. – Oh baby, oh baby, even the kids like it. Oh, whoa! Well, it’s kind of a big deal. I gotta get that out of the way. You know, we gotta foldability. – OK. – Not bad. A little crack on the bottom.
– Right. So, this is your first
cauliflower pizza, right? – This is my first
cauliflower pizza, ever. – So, does it look like pizza? – So I mean, to me, theoretically, this is not a pizza.
– OK. – But, in a visceral sense,
it seems like a pizza. In a sense, if it looks and tastes and feels like a pizza, it’s pizza. Otherwise, what the heck
does this word even mean? – Right.
– But historically, pizza is a bread; so if
not a bread, is it a pizza? And to me, I feel like the answer is no. But I feel like I’ve had pizzas before that, in my head, they’re not a pizza, and when I eat it.
– It changes your mind. – You can’t tell the difference, yeah. So there are a couple of things I’m thinking about right now. One, is it a pizza? Two, is it good? And then finally, I’m thinking about, would I eat this over a standard pizza? – Got it.
– I’m just curious. – OK.
– So I’m gonna take a bite. – Yeah, there you go. – Yes, I got you.
– You got it? – I got you, I’m supporting you. – All right, are you ready? – Yeah.
– Go. – It doesn’t have the pull-back, it doesn’t fight with me the
way that normal pizza does. – Right, the gluten would.
– Yeah, it doesn’t, I get such a quick release when I bite it, I don’t have any kind
of battle, which is fun. – Yeah, we work for the
recipe for a little bit, to make sure to get the
pliability that it has. – Yeah, the flavor of the base of it is not like normal pizza flavor, but I gotta say, it’s
not nearly as far off as I thought it was gonna be. – OK, I got it. – Do people get it who
are not gluten-free? – Yes, they like the idea that it’s a healthier
version of the pizza. – I like that. Those peppers stay crunchy. – Yeah, we put them in
raw inside the oven. The pizza doesn’t have that big texture, I wanted to give you some
more texture with the peppers. – Cool, wow. Because you want the texture? ‘Cause you’re never gonna get it on the bottom.
– Correct. – Chef Mario, you are smart. – OK.
– Absolutely, absolutely. You weren’t so smart when you
slammed your hand in the door, but you were smart when
you were making that pizza. – OK, that’s fair enough. As long as I’m smart when
it comes to food, I’m happy. – Well, I’ll bring this back to Mark. – OK. – We’ll see what he says! – OK, and you’re gonna
let me know right away? – Don’t have your hopes too high, but just know that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what he thinks. – OK.
– You know what I mean? – Sounds good.
– Thanks a lot. – You got it man, good seeing you, Scott. – Hey Mark, it is freezing outside. – Stop, what do you got? – This pizza is gonna change your life. – You always say that. – And I’m always right. – It’s a pizza. – Well, it’s a low-carb pizza. You know, when you eat a slice– – What makes it low carb, that it’s small? – Well yeah, I guess it
does a little bit, but no, it’s just that they’re
using alternate grains and you know, there’s light stuff on top. – What kind of grains do they use? – I’m not even really sure. – I don’t understand,
you’re the pizza guru, you don’t know what kind of grains it is? – I want to let you taste it unencumbered by the knowledge that might set you off. – You kinda, like, pushed my question to the side. – Uh, I just… – I’m gonna, all right
don’t worry about it. – I just really feel
like too much information might weigh you down. – It has a really nice texture, the crust. – Yeah, it does. – Walk me through your emotions. – I like it. It is a pizza. What’s it made from, Scott? What are you making me eat? – Cauliflower crust. Does that change your opinion about whether or not it’s a pizza? – Yup. Is it a cauliflower flour? – It’s the head of cauliflower. Look at this, I did not
expect this char pattern. – No, really, really good.
– Right? – Everything other than
the crust says pizza. – So what’s happening with the crust? – It just has a different texture. It gets a little powdery in your mouth. – Like kind of in your teeth a little bit more than standard crust? – No, ’cause that’s doughy. – So, even though this is a dough that’s not made from–
– Is it a dough? – I know you think dough
is flour, water, and yeast. Now that you know that this is not flour, water, yeast.
– It’s cauliflower. – That’s a different kind of
flour, you know that, right? – It’s a flour. – All right, if we’re going phonetically. – If it looks like dough and it tastes like dough, it’s dough. – Then you’re saying you’re
gonna stick with your game? – It’s pizza. – Wow!
– Yup. – That’s a curveball for me. I didn’t think he was
going to go that way, but it’s legit, we have the verdict is in. Mark says that the
cauliflower, gluten-free, low-carb pizza is a pizza. You surprise me every day. – I just had a piece of the crust without the sauce and cheese, you can taste the cauliflower. – Yeah, a little bit, but I feel like. – You don’t taste the cauliflower? – Well, when I eat it separately,
maybe a little bit, but. – But you really don’t have
a sophisticated palate like I do.
– Excuse me? – Where’d you get that helmet? – From the helmet store.
– You look like a bee. – You remember when I saw you riding your bike that one time, you had those, like, high handle bars. – Did you?
– Yeah, ‘member? – Oh yeah, the ape hangers. – What are you doing, what?
– The ape hangers. – Is that what that’s called?
– Yup. The apes have like long arms. – Oh, I guess so. I don’t know much about apes. I don’t know much about bikes, either. – You just know pizza. You really, really need
to find a girlfriend. – Why does everybody keep saying that? Why are you playing with the cheese? – I’m gonna eat it. – OK, I see you playing with it and I’m like… – You want some? – Yeah, of course I want some. This looks like a bowl of pasta. – You just gave me an idea. – Yeah, what does that mean? – Gluten-free pizza, gluten-free pasta. – It’s just cheese with sauce on it? – Yup, can you put a
little more sauce on it? – Yeah, I would love to. – Hold on, let me get a fork.
– Can you get two? – All right, we only need.
– You got a spoon. – What did you do to it? – What do you mean, I sauced it. – You massacred my spaghetti. – It’s not spaghetti, look at you. – It’s gluten-free spaghetti. – It’s called “Really Pasta?”
– There ya go. – Listen, it’s not pasta. It’s not pasta, my rules
of pasta are very clear. You’ve gotta have wheat flour. – It’s gluten-free pasta. – No, it’s gluten-free
pasta, it’s not a pasta. – It’s a protein pasta. – It’s not a protein, either, it’s cheese, which is very protein-rich.
– Which is a protein. You heard it here, protein pasta. – This is so weird. OK, it’s stopped looking appetizing. – Yes. – Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to
subscribe to Thrillist, where you can watch our
other “Really Dough?” episodes, like the time I brought you
that Paulie Gee’s vegan pizza. – Yes, and don’t forget to
like, comment, and share. – If you like it, and
if you have a comment, and if you like sharing.
– And if you like to share. – Sharing is important. – Sharing is caring.

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