Celebrating National Pizza Day with Papa John’s Papadias!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review. Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone who is here right now This is running on empty food review. I am your host the report of the week. And here we are We are back in business. We’re back at it again, and I’m excited I’m excited to be to be back at the food reviews. At least we’re giving it a shot We’re seeing what’s you know, what’s going on? We’ll see if this ends up being successful. They’re not Obviously, you know, I’m sure I’ve said this so many times got the dental work done had a couple You know teeth that had to be removed, you know, all that obviously when that’s healing, you know I can’t really do the food reviews, but I’m giving it a shot this time around, you know It’s been about it about two two-and-a-half weeks since I got that done and we’re gonna see what happens And yeah, I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s uh, it’s national pizza day today believe it or not. So this is You know, I like pizza pizza is is one of my favorite foods I’ve always been a big pizza consumer and I thought you know why not? It’s national pizza day Let’s go to a place that sells pizza and get something that’s not a pizza and that’s exactly what we’re doing today This is for Papa John’s newest release called the The Papadias, I believe it is. That’s a PAPADIAS So I you know, the pronunciation is a little tricky could be Papa Diaz It could be You could add a little flair to it. You could say Papa D us you could say Papa dia us if you want to hear though that so number one already a lot of ingenuity in the name of the item to begin with But here’s the thing and this is why I think it’s the perfect item I mean, I don’t think there’s any better thing to even eat on national pizza day then the Papadia from Papa John’s you might say Is it a pizza or? is it not a pizza and They say well that’s up for you to decide they say it’s a pizza, but it’s also a sandwich, right? so what it is is imagine, right that you have a pizza and Then you fold it on top of each other Cut it in half Make sure the sides are you know sewn up a little bit That’s what we’re talking about and you can get four varieties. You’ll see what it looks like in a minute It reminds me of some other items kind of like calzones, p’zone, you know, the pizza hut kind of variant of this But Papa John’s they’re given there by their shot at it. There’s four different types of this that you can get Okay, here’s what they are Philly cheesesteak Italian Barbecue chicken and bacon and meatball pepperoni So those are the four are the most iconic one by far is Philly cheesesteak one. That’s what I’m given a shot That’s what we’re gonna try out today the Philly cheesesteak one Comes with you know, your Philly steak that the beef right onions green peppers mozzarella cheese and Philly sauce and yeah, Papadia so you can get it for around six dollars, I think mine was a little more prices around eight dollars, but it’s supposed to be around six dollars or so and Well, let’s take a look Yeah, papadias, you know the name actually kind of Brings back a couple memories because back when I used to work overnights at the dockyard that’s what they used to call me There we go. See this is what it looks like right here. All right See, that’s it And you can see comes with the garlic sauce and also your Commemorative pepper some people of lately. They’ve kind of put it in their hat and wear it like that, which is very you know, I Think it’s a good touch makes your a nice little sartorial accessory Alright, here’s what it looks like, right? see, it’s kind of like a calzone right there and looking in Alright, there it is. You can kind of see the beef you can see the green pepper right there See it’s kind of like a pizza, but it’s a sandwich at the same time But to be honest, I was looking through the comments last night because I was getting a few there’s cheese You know some of the sauce mixed in there, so you see what it looks like Right, and I was looking through the comments though, and I always like to see what people are saying, you know Some people will suggest a item to you know to try out to review and I was looking and you know, someone was suggesting the papadia and I Actually, saw two people got in like this this heated debate one person was insistent that It’s just a sandwich And you know, there was insistent that no It’s actually a little more it actually is like a pizza and it was interesting when you think about it, right because in that case Couldn’t I mean look at it look at it this way, right? Couldn’t the sandwich be a pizza because you know ask yourself this question. Okay, so The pizza you have the base, right? And then you have Everything on top of that So you have the bread right? and let’s say you put a slice of tomato and then you put a piece of cheese and Then some pepperoni on top of that again. Like we’re talking, you know sandwich meat on a slice of bread But then you take the bread and you fold it over and then you cut it Right, then that’s kind of like this but they say this is a pizza So if this is a pizza than a sandwich could also be a pizza see where I’m going Probably not. I don’t even know if I know or I’m going. I don’t know why I even did that But anyway, here’s the deal. I’m gonna try this out because I stole you know, my mouth isn’t perfect I’m just gonna pause the camera while I’m eating because I just don’t want to rush things and be really awkward then it would be 20 minutes so I’m gonna take the first bite then I’m just gonna pause it While I try the rest and then I’ll immediately resume and let’s see how it is So this is the Philly cheesesteak Papadia from Papa John’s Going in All right, and we’re back you don’t know how long the time jump really was but you know just have to take my word that it wasn’t, you know, I Didn’t stop this for 15 years. So, you know, it’s You just you got to take my word on it, but there’s the cross section of it Yeah, you can see, you know the beef right there. You can see some of the Onions some of the green pepper the sauce mixed in right? Let’s get that. Uh autofocus off now. There we go So I tried it out and Well here goes it’s interesting we just take a sip of water real quick I’m the good news. And again, you got to take my word on it, but I was able to eat it successfully and Here’s what it tastes like though. No, it was interesting because I Think the fact is right. There’s no tomato sauce on this one all right, so it’s it’s not you know, I mean I was kind of just messing around with the whole then you could call it whatever a pizza sandwich I thought you can call it an airplane if you want. It doesn’t yeah, doesn’t bother me one bit But the thing is this is it reminds me of just like one of those that like a calzone like now they call it a Papa diya cuz like A quesadilla Papa. Do you know that type of thing? I wouldn’t say. It’s like a quesadilla though Here’s the thing though if you get this It retains its warmth a bit better than I expected Which you know, I know I can be long-winded. I know I can take a little bit of time to set up and everything But the fact is is that you know, I tried to get this done as quick as I could It stays warm for a long time on the inside though Some items. It’s like you got to eat it right away You got to eat it ASAP or you know? It becomes like this soggy mess and ones that you once it loses that initial warmth. Is this never the same? Let me take a sip of water again In this case though, not so much It retains that warm that still tastes good still tastes fresh. The beef is definitely there. The beef is flavorful It’s not like it’s um stringy or chewy, you know, it’s it’s soft Definitely has us that that good kind of I wouldn’t say quite melt-in-your-mouth, but it’s definitely it’s not tough or anything It’s like it’s a jerky or something What I do like is this a little bit of a balance between just that that heartiness that the beef has Kind of mixed in there with the green peppers. It also has this tang to it as well You have you know the onions and then the Philly sauce that is like this this tangy creamy sauce that’s in there as well And gives us this tang that kind of you know Counteracts a little bit of that heartiness that the beef has and it’s an interesting combination but it works if there is one thing about this that I would say that I wish I would have a little bit more of I would say it I wish would have a little bit more cheese, you know A lot of the time these places they kind of go overboard with the cheese, right? And it’s usually the opposite where it’s like there’s too few ingredients, but too much cheese, but in this case There’s a lot of ingredients not a ton of cheese. That’s that’s one thing I think it could just be a little cheesy because otherwise, I just kind of noticed that we’re bites where it’s just more runny with the ingredients than just you know That that cheesiness I think would tie it all together Um, but overall though, you know I think I think it’s good for what it is if you like calzones if you like that type of stuff give it a shot I think it’ll work out for you there Real quick. I’m just gonna try it with the garlic sauce. So I’m just gonna pause it again real quick We’ll just see how that works. And then just reconvene for our final ratings. I’ll see you in a minute the Garlic is okay dance a little bit of like a butteriness to it, though It doesn’t you know, it doesn’t really work with the just that tangy sauce. So, I mean you could use it It’s optional, but absolutely if I no means is it mandatory? It’s like the garlic makes us and you know This is just you got to burn it. If it’s if it’s not with the garlic sauce or anything like that Give it a shot. Otherwise, yeah, it’s a soft It’s uh, you know, it’s soft but a little chewy crispy around the edges, of course, but largely it’s soft I mean if I can eat it Having a you know, extensive dental work done. I think you’ll be okay, too So with that out of ten what I would say It’s it’s around average maybe a little bit above average for what it is, I don’t have any huge you know? Like massive complaints where it’s terrible or anything I just think you could do it with a little bit more cheese, but overall I think it’s pretty flavorful for what it is They’re four out of ten six point six two out of ten. That’s a six point six two and on a final note That’s all that we have But but last but not least that’s what we got. Pretty good And otherwise I want to leave you with a little bit of a joke What did one? Papadia Say to the other Papadia? What’s up? That’s all that I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week Today’s review was for the Papadia from Papa John’s the Philly cheesesteak one really happy to just be here again being able to do the food reviews like other good old days and Yeah good to be back. So I hope you enjoyed the video Thank you for watching and do take care and have a happy national pizza day until next time. Take care I’m your host the report of the week

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