Chankonabe (ちゃんこ鍋) Japanese SUMO Food in TOKYO, JAPAN + LIVE Sumo Fight 2017 – BEST Japanese Food

96 comments on “Chankonabe (ちゃんこ鍋) Japanese SUMO Food in TOKYO, JAPAN + LIVE Sumo Fight 2017 – BEST Japanese Food”

  1. Phiology says:

    Man I want to be Sumo wrestler lol awesome video Luke!

  2. Seddoliciouz says:

    First? Hello Luke o/

  3. Lee Loves Food says:

    The food is just absolutely fresh and amazing! Now I have to go to bed with a hungry stomach…

  4. Ana Banana says:

    I don't know why but…the shitz those guys must have 😐

  5. Luke Martin says:

    Hey Guys! What do you think of this episode would love some feedback! I know it was a short one but we have a lot more coming and we have been filming tons to ensure longer videos in the future! So stay tuned for more from Tokyo and beyond! Follow us on Instagram – and Facebook

  6. geniuschen902074 says:

    wow so you're in Japan now 😀

  7. Jason says:

    This is an amazing video. I went skiing in Hokkaido last year but didn't get the chance to visit Tokyo but I must say Japan is an amazing country! I'm planning to go again during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Love all the way from South Africa

  8. michael coffman says:

    Hey guys, great video! Luke, dude include your better half in more of your videos. It just makes the video better when the both of you are involved 🙂

  9. Navus_X says:

    Haha Luke reminds me more of The Karate Kid than Sumo wrestler.
    Always enjoy watching you two. Love the Chankonabe too.
    Short or long episodes doesn't matter just keep them coming 🙂

  10. Subzerouh says:

    great vid, as always, and the second intro was amazing 🙂

  11. CongoGTA says:

    Great video Luke!

  12. Jia Ji Teng says:

    How much is the set meal?

  13. Rogério Portella says:

    Thanks a bunch, I love Sumo and Chanko-nabe!
    Hi from Brazil again.

  14. matthew cooper says:

    Hi Luke and Sabrina , another fantastic video it's somewhere I've always wanted to go to .

  15. Garden Lady says:

    Love this video and would like to see more of the same👍🏻👏🏻🍀

  16. Hanna Nice says:

    I noticed a huge progress in editing, this was entertaining especially at the end. By the way, I think that Luke lost a little weight.

  17. 57koop says:

    Love your channel and your Enthusiasm!

  18. Jayson Smith says:

    Hey Luke, No weight divisions. Get in there and push those little guys around lol. ;O)

  19. addino says:

    Best intros in the game! Your videos are getting better and better 🙂 keep it up guys can’t wait for the malaysia videos

  20. olenick 7734 says:

    Ok Luke when are we are we going to see you in the Sumo Ring ?

  21. Matthew Sturm says:

    I love Japan and i lived their for 3 years. Japan is a great country and the people are wonderful. It is so much more wonderful then anything chain can offer. Enjoy the land of the raising sun.

  22. johnson Li says:

    Wow That meal you have looks really good.

  23. Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena says:

    What a meal and what an experience to see Sumo! So neat you were able to be there at the right time and also get tickets! Also what an edit. That intro was the best!!! Loved it! 😀

  24. TENGIL TM says:

    Holy fuck the thighs and glutes on those guys are seriously impressive

  25. Vanadium says:

    Loved the editing! Super fun

  26. Hostar Dou says:

    How about add some notes? Some local customs and I don’t know what they are doing (like what‘s the meaning that wrestler waved the stick etc…) just my idea~ Don’t mind that too much🤣
    Cheer up!!👊🏽

  27. Monkey Nut says:

    If ever these guys get want career change … competitive eater! They would be undefeated

  28. simply J says:

    That is a croquette that you (Luke) are eating. It's not a tempura.

  29. FARHIN ILA says:

    I like how you guys make this episode diffrent than the others.

  30. Erwin de Groot says:

    Yaayyy Luke, great again!!! Im hungry now !

  31. Susanne Sommer says:

    Oh wow! That was different and exciting to watch! Thanks for the awsome video!

  32. R 24 says:

    Imagine those sumo wrestlers as offensive lineman in football lol

  33. Kiana Jones says:

    Can you do Osaka again

  34. Moustache Maniac says:


  35. Woody Xyooj says:

    Look forward to watching it as soon as I saw it on my list and surely wasn’t disappointed. More of these cultural experiences please

  36. Richard Bouska says:

    Luke Bud those editing skills love them👍 and Sabrina love💙 you to girl! Oh and loved the bloopers so funny!

  37. xcessive2008 says:

    hey guys , great job I love the little attitudes with the playful smacking of the camera. great job keep it up you 2 🙂

  38. Abel Campos says:

    Nice! Thanks for the video

  39. Daddy Kuliner says:

    WHEN GO TO INDONESI brother? i waiting.. hahaha do not forget to invite local.. because the local know place really good..

  40. w d says:

    you look like Andrew from Big Mouth but more innocent eating food and grown up

  41. Mary Brantley says:

    Fun stuff!! Sorry ad tuff time with scarf on head😅😆😆😆😆😆

  42. Dean Mitchell says:

    Loved this video one of my favourites, I'm a keen martial artist myself and never really watch sumo but you may have changed my opinion. Thanks Luke x

  43. Kel San Nicolas says:

    That was so awesome!!!

  44. Kiana Jones says:

    Luke Martin can you subscribe to my channel?

  45. Bamboo Organ says:

    Wow size doesn't really matter at all. Smaller Sumo wrestlers are stronger (in this video) thanks Luke for sharing

  46. mogwieone says:

    Love it! Glad to see the new camera spins. And both of you in the shots more! 🙂

  47. Ranisha Newsome says:

    Wired wrestling yep awkward😀😀

  48. Ranisha Newsome says:

    Cool food😂😂😢😯

  49. Brigie Thepickle says:

    please tell me you will have more Japan Vlogs – I visited Japan in april this year and then won a trip back for April next year so I'm back to binge watching your original Vlog – Keep it up!! <3

  50. Khmer FoodTV says:

    Wow food japan is very good and sumo is good

  51. Lorna Strahan says:

    Broth looks so good..

  52. Khondker Rifat Hossain says:

    Sabrina looks like my neice Sarah:)…she is a super intelligent kid…
    Both of you guyz make a lovely couple

  53. Ross Harris says:

    you could both end up looking "SUMO" !? after a couple a bowls of that…

  54. Mylon Ash says:

    I kept thinking to myself, "self you know after that Sumo meal, Luke just might jump into a loin wrap and be a walk-on competitor."  Oh my molly, we are talking big time viral.  If you retained only 5% of the viewers you would eclipse both the Ranger and Mica's dad's subscribers.  You know, if you are still there you have time to "pull this off".  Sumo, sumo, sumo!  Later Dr. Martin and Sabrina princess warrior … Chopstick fun!  Great video!

  55. Wai kuen Lee says:

    Woo 👍Japan my most favorite country in the world , looking forward to seeing more delicious food and adventure in Japan .

  56. InvU says:

    potato croquette!

  57. Canopus al-Hariri says:

    2:58 Japanese croquette has been always my favorite.

  58. Nyanpass says:

    I went to Japan in May and Japan is amazing.
    Have fun and look forward for more videos!

  59. 文輝 says:


  60. Abiodun kemisola says:

    I love the intro, it was amazing

  61. Мурат Бегалыев says:

    thank you so much, i love your videos

  62. Jeric Gonzales says:

    try Filipino food too.. we have may delicious food to try on. for sure you will love them. 🙂

  63. 白眼革命 says:

    I like the ending, so cute!

  64. AipoT says:

    Chankonabe is paired with rice not because of increasing its calorie value. It's because Asians DO love rice and we believe that without rice we don't have the energy for the day.

  65. Olivia Hong says:

    Amazing editing skills for ur video esp for the start…

  66. ricka wuland says:

    come to indonesia, you must try no 1 delicious food in the world rendang and sate padang, nasi goreng, gado-gado, soto and much more, I recommend you to go to Bukittinggi city, in west sumatra province. in addition, there are many amazing natural attractions that you can enjoy.
    I guarantee you will find some food better than rendang 😉

  67. West Clox says:

    I liked the bloopers at the end.

  68. batbatern says:

    Luke i saw you last week in athens

  69. Taiga Ishida says:

    It’s s croquette not tempura. It’s tonkatsu sauce not ponzu. ????????????????

  70. jimkyfication says:

    Love the intro!!! It gets me in the mood for watching a sumo fight xD

  71. Edamame says:

    If i'm not wrong, that piece of "tempura" is actually korokke (croquette).

  72. Nami Kopi says:

    Awesome 😘

  73. allen domingo says:

    what i can say .. WOW . WOW..WOW.. you guys are blessed.. how i wish my life travel would be like you guys a recommendable to all friends …thanks a million for that wonderful video..

  74. Evan Chen says:

    love how your edits has evolved over time. Definitely looking forward to more videos.

  75. Philippe P says:

    Luke Sumo meal !

  76. Ryan Tatro says:

    Nice. These vids make me so jealous! The sumo's honestly bring back memories of my brother and myself wrestling around.. If only they'd let a Gaijin try out for being one lol.

  77. p e a c h says:

    This Looks Nice

    Sumo Fights

  78. lee_lee says:

    Would have loved to see you share more of that main dish…or are planning on doing a separate video on the food?

  79. Apperentice Player Graal says:

    no wonder you can't beat mark wiens, its a big bow of soup with many others ingretians and you only ate the vegtables

  80. OKAYYYY says:

    damn this vid is hella well made

  81. The Mighty Sparrow says:

    Is that same restaurant that Mark wiens went to?

  82. Tren Snowden says:

    Ahhh those hairdeee ingredients lol

  83. Richard Smith says:

    I love it!

  84. Derek Taiwan車干 says:

    Definitely don't wanna mess around with those sumo wrestlers 😂

  85. pegeen007 says:

    I have heard of Sumo wrestling, but have never seen it till now…very interesting…very good job…liked this very much.

  86. Santos Lucas says:


  87. Mark M says:

    It’s not a true Chanko meal without beer.

  88. zikri waie says:

    you sound like Mark Wiens tho

  89. Ulfgarius says:

    Ok…NOW I am hungry!

  90. SeaLion says:

    00:47 I thought he was gonna say “Toilets” but oh well

  91. DivineSage says:

    Looks damn good. if i want to bulk up can i eat this everyday ?

  92. Luca Rain says:

    I think you guys left just as the Makuuchi (top division) wrestlers came in. That Yokazuna you saw there at the end is Harumafuji. He got into some trouble last year, and he doesn't compete anymore, sadly. One of the greatest.

  93. Rob says:

    Mark Wiens Jr??

  94. Gentle Man says:

    Just show us the food not ur f***ing face

  95. Jack El Loco says:

    Not fighters… wrestlers.

  96. TwinFans says:

    What’s the song that they play for the intro of the video?

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