At this point… I got it!
-What is it? …I’ll tell ya later Nice. Personification of food. Eat a bit, draw a bit Thank you for coming
-Hello Shion is here again Hello again Curry Mafia Master Master…really? So, the personification I have no idea what food it is Carlos from Doki Doki drawing will bring it but I’m afraid of what he will bring Oh Santa Here he is Merry Xmas It’s mid summer Merry Xmas Oh my Looks good Looks good? Tofu Tofu? I need to stretch my imagination a lot Something serious I brought So Japanese, isn’t it? Yes very Japanese All of them quite Japanese Edamame? What is this? Did you eat this last night? It just came out cooked It’s curry, right? Oh yes, curry… Natto, Edamame, Tofu curry Is there such a thing? Maybe someone will put these in Something better Cheese… Even though we have the curry master… It’s ok Why is there Camembert cheese? Cheese curry is good This is it SPAM… There is no curry called Spam Spam curry? It’s like Okinawa
-Looks good It looks good but I’ve never heard of Spam Curry Oh yes you have If you put in, it should taste good This is Doki Doki Cooking Shion will draw, I will cook? Can you cook with this? It’s impossible It has no curry element what-so-ever Thank you very much Merry Xmas Thank you What has come? Which will you choose? When the lettuce came I feel like eating I don’t want to draw it, though You don’t? There was one more! There was more? The red fox Do we need this? Choose one Choose one?
-Make a character I will choose this one. Natto I will choose Natto with special sauce Oh really Cheese is too easy, Tofu is boring When it is edgy, it easily becomes character Edamame Really? Edamame? Let’s do this This is impossible I shall receive power The god of Edamame You laughed Is this before boiled? Is this raw? Can’t tell When I personify food, I will take up an element I often make it a hair Let’s decorate On four corners No Natto Blue pen is easy to draw lines After I joined Doki Doki drawing, I have become like that Since it’s beans, the shape of the head is a bean head so i’m wondering what kind of hairstyle will be made I’m worried Let’s make the eyes like beans
-cute Bean boy -It’s a boy?
-I don’t know. Will decide now I guess the hairstyle will determine that Do you like Edamame?
-I love it Everyone loves it
-Yes Does Edamame Sushi exist. Especially abroad, strange things become sushi Like fruits Sushi?
-Fruits sushi! I’ve heard about it. Like apple
-Apple? and strawberries exist
-What? It’s so fun watching other people draw
-Scary Please don’t worry about me watching I don’t think much and go head first I go in directly I feel somehow it will work out And when I put the hair on, it turns to something strange At first it’s like that. I’m pretty much like that as well I will start with the face line without the hair Draw the eyes and add the hair When I put the hair, it turns bad I was drawing something nice but made it horrible I’m right now at that stage I’m going to stretch my idea now I don’t have ideas. All I think of is, make it bean, make it bean Now the head is round so it must be like a bean
-Cute At this stage it’s…
-I got it! What is it? The fun for the last I’ll draw it now What is it? Look!
-Amazing The eyebrows are like the bean pod Take that!
-I like it Cute The important part is finished Hairstyle If you were hair, what kind of hairstyle will you be? Did he stole from someone’s lunch? Oh this will be a nice hairstyle It may be nice if you draw a draft on the side To avoid mistakes How is this? Cute. Like a mascot Too big. I will choose another shape I will make a normal hair like beans Maybe that’ll work Oh my, it’s really beans This will work I thought he will bring food which are really in a curry I was surprised what kind of food came out Udon? Become a bean! Does it look like bean?
Really Edamame! Amazing. Do you often do personification? No no, never Isn’t this great? Maybe I was wrong all along. I was drawing normal manga I should’ve drawn food drawings Cute. The curly hair looks nice I got it All of a sudden
-Great outfit Tshirt! but not a normal Tshirt Oh yes
-I see So smart Oh this is nice idea Ok?
-Ok! If you can understand it, it’s good This is bad
-Well, I do this with my character I draw a rice mark on the belly Nice Adding a little line art Why did you become interested in food personification? The reason why I started this Curry Mafia was My friend drew a character called Curry-san This one?
-Yes It looked so fun so I asked whether I can do it as well It’s a joint creation so we do it together but but the drawing is mainly me My friend draws as well. We draw the character and create the world -Sounds fun
-It’s super fun I’ve been doing since highschool so there are a lot of character now Done Amazing. It’s so cute Edamame
-What will you name it? Mame Mame Boy What a cute character Please draw What should I do? Curry Mafia Where to?
-Anywhere Ok, garbage I will do Natto Some of you may never have seen it or heard about it Japanese legendary I wonder legendary is in a good way or not A scary food When you leave Edamame in a old room for long Then this is made It’s sticky from start I don’t think everyone understand the real fear of Natto from what you see now Will you do with that shape? Can I take a look at each beans as well? That’s the Japanese culture You are mixing it so much I really make it with bubbles It’s better when it turns white You have good sense It’s soy bean so the shape is round It’s already cute I just drew a really simple circle, but this one is already the shape of a head Is this a special type of eraser? Yes, it really helps when you have a thin one like this
-The small ones? It’s really useful to erase detailed spots There is a small stick eraser inside She will eat a little Personification of food Eat a little, draw a little When there is a motif, it’s easy to draw I wonder what kind of shape it will be Let me utilize the pack as well What part of the character will it be? Oh, oh I got it I am making this a cute girl This is wonderful She will wear it as a hat Let’s make it like that this time Making a lot of arrangements And making different parts is the fun of personification. For drawings you look for anatomy, and so many tutorials It becomes a stress whether you are drawing correctly or not Meanwhile you forget how to have fun drawing It is really important to have fun and draw For a while I tried drawing muscles and stuff No matter how much you master it but found out that the important thing is to draw a similar drawing rather than obeying all the rules and draw something that’s not yours Cute Are these beans?
-Yes, the image is beans Some droopy eyes image Oh looks good. I wonder if I should say it looks good to a human Rather than tasty looking….I try to show what the original motif of the character is Also adding in some surprise to show that this food cannot become this character Do you have interest in game character? If I were to get a job in the future, maybe I want to do something with character design When it’s game character, it’s important to tell what kind of personality it has at first glance It’s done quite well here
-Really? This person is kind, or becomes shy.. It’s a good opportunity so I want to use this as well The soy sauce as well?
-Oh yes Is this Soy sauce?
-This is sauce Mustard as well?
-Yes I’m so moved that you can make the Natto package into a hat and make it cute -Really? I’m happy If I were to make that package as the motif of the character, it will never be cute The original motif is very important, but thinking of what this product can become and bringing into that direction is important Line Art
-Here I go I have never drawn in this type of atmosphere so it’s amazing With the bottom shining How is it?
-This is nice. I usually will draw directly over this and have to erase later so it’s a hassle and gets dirty Having this is great
-Oh yes If you were to buy this, it’s around 3300yen
-Quite cheap And use it on the train… -I have to use it on train
-You really have to A product review while riding on the train Maybe not on the train Using this one the train may be difficult “This guy started shining all of a sudden” I have an iPad I don’t have the courage to draw on the train The eyes of the others bother me
-Sure does For me, I’m riding on the train for long, for 2 hours I get bored so I have nothing to kill time than draw, so I don’t worry about other people No choice but draw I’m so bored It kills time and can create a character at the same time so it’s great It’s impossible. Making a Natto package into a cute hat All of you may not see this as something special It can become a nice hat like this Oh, I’ll take my hat off Oh, please try the hat on Small. There are these type of small hats It may be trouble when the inside comes out It will fall People will say “You are weird” I don’t people will say. They will just leave They will leave without saying anything It’s easier to put accessories on girls so I should’ve made it a girl Well, even for guys, you can make it cool looking by putting some earrings on it Make it an accessory or parts of a belt A lot of arrangement can be done A nice belt. Edamame belt The reason why you put highlighter there is because you mixed the Natto? It’s more like the design on the beans It’s hard to see now These designs, these color you see on here Beans have these designs on them Like you see black lines on broad beans That’s the image When you add those things people will be amused People will see it and understand it Oh and the sticky part
-Yes, sticky It’s personification so anything is possible
-What an imagination The eyes go last?
-Yes Usually I draw it later. Sometimes when I draw the face, I draw the eyes with it And sometimes I draw the hair and everything else and then draw Any particular reason why you are adding it last? If I don’t draw the hair first, I may have mistaken the lines, so I drew the difficult hair first I just draw where my eyes stop but the eyes go after the face line There are some people who draw the eyes first I see people who start from the eyes I don’t see how they can do it I think drawing the eyes first will make it unbalanced but find out that they draw amazing drawings. What a cheat! That is amazing How do they do it? I wonder what training made them do it
-I want to know Please teach us The eyes are the image of Natto beans
-Wow Curry Mafia Mania The master knows the skill of mania This person is totally Natto
-Does she look like Natto? Very much. The beans are falling from the package very naturally So it’s done Thank you very much. Nice. Oh, the name What’s the name? Natto-chan? I want a cute name but all I can think of is Natto-Sticky girl Too realistic Sticky girl…. -This weird stuff
-Find a cuter element Tender, so tender-chan? Marona-chan Small icon Let’s compare So the first one is this When I looked at your drawing, the details are less Maybe I needed more highlight for the head or add a little bit more shadow or the bloating look of the Edamame It’s quite amazing to draw a nice character like this at your first attempt Maybe it was better if I added shadow into these areas What Shion had drawn It’s quite balanced The good part is, this is made a hat very naturally When you make it a hat, it will fall down It becoming a hair on the way is a genius A genius. And the sauce and the mustard The outfit has a motif of Natto as well Having Natto beans on the sleeve The head is the shape of Natto beans Eyes are Natto The nose is round like a bean as well Nice That was it. Today’s challenge was Mame Mame Boy and Marona-chan It was fun The important thing is have fun drawing It sure is I have to ride the train for 2 hours as well Maybe I can draw Shion’s work can be bought in many places
-Yes I am doing Twitter And on the Twitter, there is a URL of Booth, an online site where you can buy these I am doing it under the name Tanakamegane I am drawing illustration as well so please take a look This type of Natto company or game company, please hire her character design She will draw you these balanced character. Very nice Thank you very much Around August, in Tama Art University Picture Book laboratory There will be an art exhibition of picture books I am not sure about the dates yet There will be info on my Twitter, and the Picture book twitter as well This is not decided yet, but we always are in the event called Comitia so We may be there in August Please take a look There are other videos where Shion appears Please take a look Please subscribe as well Lettuce Cheese

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