Cheap Sushi in Japan – Alternative to Genki Sushi

Today we’re out for sushi And not just any sushi Bullet train sushi! We’re out for sushi for lunch At Premium Kaio Sushi In Diver City Mall in Odaiba It’s a conveyor belt sushi restaurant They haven’t got anything on the conveyor belt at the moment It’s all ordering your own I think because it’s lunchtime It’s not as busy as it would be in the evening So normally you can pick off the belt Or you can order on the touchscreen And your sushi comes along by bullet train Sounds interesting Now I don’t know about where you live But in the UK Sushi tends to be quite an upmarket, fancy type of food So it’s usually quite pricey So I was surprised when I first went to Japan And found that it isn’t necessarily that expensive There are higher-priced restaurants But it can also be as little as 100 yen per plate Sometimes even less So today we’re trying cheap conveyor belt sushi To see if it’s any good There’s new Japan videos on my channel every Thursday If you want to subscribe “I do not drive a car if I drink liquor” “I agree” They’ve got different languages on the touchscreen So we can change it to English There you go So you’ve got all your… nigiri, rolls Side dishes, noodles, drinks There’s actually quite a big selection And it’s a good place to try new things If you’re not sure if you’re going to like them What’s that one? “Extra large roasted sea eel” It needs a few more rice balls! You can order up to 4 things at once I’m going to go for a kappamaki Cucumber roll Once you’ve made your choices You press the order confirmation button And wait for your sushi to arrive By bullet train! It’s really easy if you don’t speak Japanese You don’t actually have to talk to anyone It’s my sweetcorn You have to press the button to send the train back This is a similar system to Genki Sushi in Shibuya Which is really popular with foreigners I used to think Genki Sushi was the only place you could order on a touchscreen I think that’s why everyone goes there But there’s actually lots of places like this Including a chain called Sushiro There’s a video about it on my channel And I found a really good one in Yodobashi Camera Which is right by the station in Akihabara There’s lots of them So you don’t have to go to the same place everyone goes to I got the corn mayo gunkan Which seems to me like an unusual sushi Because we don’t really have it in the UK But they have it at most of the conveyor belt sushi restaurants I’ve been to Corn’s quite big here isn’t it? Yeah, and in Korea They have sweetcorn soup in the vending machines! I want to try that actually! And I’ve got a cucumber roll It’s got pickled plum in as well Pickled plum has quite a strong, sour flavour It’s kind of an acquired taste It’s not for beginners! What have you gone for Phil? This is some yellowtail And some tuna I think it’s fairly standard tuna You can get fatty tuna and all different types But the price increases Right now, I’m not starving So I just want some tuna And they’ve got wasabi in sachets for you What’s this one? This is bluefin tuna What’s the difference between that & normal tuna? I actually don’t know! There’s quite a few families & kids in here I guess it must be a really fun place for kids to come And see their sushi zooming along One of the issues with this type of on-demand sushi Is the rice often comes out quite warm That’s not necessarily bad But I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to be served It’s supposed to be at room temperature That’s what I thought as well It can be a bit odd Doesn’t make it taste any less good But you know there’s less time over the preparation It’s more like they’re just getting it out Very quickly Which is why it’s quite cheap It’s not a fancy sushi place Oh no But it is good quality ingredients The rice tastes really good And the bits of fish I’ve had so far Have been really good, thick cuts That taste really nice They’ve got a cute little mascot! Like most conveyor belt sushi places There’s free green tea on the table They give you this pot of matcha powder There’s hot water on tap, on the table Here’s the rules of the conveyor belt sushi You have to watch out for your cuffs You’re not allowed to get on the conveyor belt No lane crossing Here they’ve got some points So they can divert the conveyor belt If they don’t want to use the whole thing Before I carry on If you want to try making your own sushi at home I’ve written a recipe comic book It’s got cute characters That show you how to make rolls Nigiri, futomaki Edamame And gyoza For a whole sushi feast! There’s nothing like fresh sushi It tastes so good And it’s a really nice way to spend the evening together If you want to give it a go You can get my comic book from It comes with a rolling mat & chopsticks Now back to the video Got to have edamame! Something’s missing if I don’t have them Here’s my kappamaki Can’t go wrong with kappamaki This is 3 types of tuna It ranges in quality really So there’s some fatty tuna which is more expensive Going down to the cheaper one And that’s some more yellowtail Because it’s quite cheap And I really like it They’re quite big bits of fish aren’t they They are Like I said before They don’t care so much about the presentation You can see this one’s split But it is also extremely thick When you compare that to anything you get in the UK It’s quite incredible So let’s take a look through the menu At the top we’ve got “Event” A lot of the salmon seems to be in there at the moment Sometimes these things are organised a bit strangely But all the salmon’s in there We’ve got the standard nigiri Nigiri arrangement Not sure what that is… I think that’s nigiri that’s got either cheese on top of it Or something else Rather than just simple toppings It tends to be something that’s been grilled or cooked Or perhaps not just fish on rice Limited event A couple more special ones in there Battleship: that’s the gunkan rolls And makimono Which are single filling rolls That’s where I found my kappamaki Original sushi I guess is their original inventions Only one screen of that Noodles and soup Miso soup Side dishes There’s a couple of things: oysters, fired potatoes, clams That’s where you’ll find things like chips & edamame Very important: edamame! Takoyaki Didn’t notice that before! We’ve got soft drinks Alcoholic drinks These are lunch specials Which aren’t on at the moment And there’s a few desserts as well We’ve got a taiyaki A matcha ice cream Some other ice creams there as well The prices are on the table here So they’re between 128 yen a plate And 650 yen per plate That’s exclusing tax So tax would be a little bit more Most of the ones we’ve had have been yellow, green and red Which are the 3 cheapest ones I have had one that’s been slightly more That was the 3 types of tuna And that was 488 yen Now we’ve found where the salmon is on the menu Phil’s got some aurora salmon It tastes very different to salmon I’ve eaten recently Which is salmon we put on sushi back in the UK It’s got more going on There’s a lot more complexity in that I dont’ know if that’s the fatty streaks Or it’s just better quality It’s like there’s 3 or 4 different types of fish going on there It’s really nice Interesting They do also have this gourmet fatty salmon But I’m a little bit full And fatty salmon doesn’t sound that appealing at the minute It’s normally really nice But it’s a bit much sometimes When you’re done Press the checkout button on the screen They bring you your bill Then you go up to the till to pay I’m always way in front of you That’s alright! The bill was 2686 yen Which is… A bit less than £20? I haven’t really done the conversions yet Obviously when you come to a conveyor belt sushi place It’s pretty cheap sushi So it’s not the highest quality But we’ve always noticed at all the ones we’ve been to The quality’s better than a lot of sushi you get in the UK Like at Yo Sushi and things So even if it’s not as good as you can get in Japan It’s still better than most of the sushi we’re used to having There’s a good place for cheap sushi We just wanted a quick lunch Where we went in there Got some food, came out If you’ve got dietary requirements Like yours, like being vegetarian Just being able to order off a menu Is really really convenient Without having to bother the chef and try to communicate It’s easy for us to go to as foreigners It’s not the best sushi Not by quite a long way But it’s still very very good It’s good, it’s cheap & it’s fun There were lots of kids in there with their families Obviously, it’s a fun place for kids to go as well If you want to come to Japan You should probably try a proper sushi place where you sit down & have it But definitely come to one of these as well Because you’ll get so much for your money And it’s just nice quality food Even though it’s cheap sushi The cuts of fish might not be the best But they’re still thick, they’ve still got a lot of flavour They’ve got a really good choice And all those things you don’t have in the UK So tell me what you think in the comments And I’ll be back next week I’ll see you on Thursday

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  1. AwesomeAdam From 2099 says:

    Hey Amy great work I just let you I m turning 25 years old tomorrow it’s my birthday times fly.

  2. Amar A says:

    Good afternoon Amy hope you are good.

    I had sushi once in japan at Akihabara near the gundam cafe. It was delicious. The best I’ve ever had.

    I read on a newspaper article yesterday saying Britain’s favourite dish is Katsu curry!

    I’m trying to learn Japanese for my next trip. Where do I start? I don’t know if to start with hiragana or katakana, and what the difference is. Please explain.

    Thanks a million

    Amar 😀

  3. Willie Henderson says:

    Do you have a video of different fast food places ?

  4. briandemodulated says:

    My wife and I checked out that conveyor belt sushi place at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara and although we had pretty low expectations it was very good! Wide selection of dishes and very satisfying bites. Do you guys have a favourite sushi place in Japan?

  5. James Moore says:

    Looks really good for the price. I'll be sure to go there while going around Odaiba in November. Many thanks!

  6. lee white says:

    I got cheap sushi in food court in asakusa. Was end of day and they reduced all the prices.
    1000% better then what u get here.
    One large tray was 300 yen.
    Had 2 japanese omelette,4 fatty tuna, and 8 others.
    So good

  7. Meimi132 says:

    Yo!Sushi has dropped the sushi from it's name and most of my favourite menu items. It's just "Yo!" now… can't wait to go to sushi places in Tokyo in November like this tho :DD

  8. unitgj says:

    Nice to see your man in front of the camera a bit more in this one! Think I’ll get you’re sushi guide for a gift. Great stuff 😄

  9. Burks says:

    I'm just starting to try sushi. Cant wait to make a trip next year and try it in Japan. Love your videos. Thank you!

  10. Timothy Messer says:

    One of my first days walking around I found this hole in the wall sushi place with the chefs in the center of the conveyor belt. I literaly had to say nothing to anyone, and raised my hand when I was ready to go. Which was great because I was still unsure of speaking any Japanese. Only spent like 1,300円 there, so it was super cheap, and super good. I also hit up the airport sushi place in Haneda. It too was surprisingly chrap, but SO good. lso a great goodbye to Japan meal.

  11. pervykiwi says:

    My wife and I love this place. We stayed in Odibia our first two trips to Japan and this was the first place we went both times.

  12. epi1337 says:

    Another cool video 😉
    I went to this Sushi place in Diver City on my first visit in Tokyo and was amazed how good and cheap it was.

  13. あいうえお says:

    Hello !

    I love Sushi !
    But, I had eaten only conveyor belt Sushi.😢
    One day, I'd like to eat no-around Sushi in Tsukiji or Toyosu.

    I'm looking forward your next video.

    Please have fun !
    And, please come to Japan again.

  14. BlueFeral says:

    I love you

  15. S P says:

    Your videos are a very nice, extremely welcome break from the contemporary news cycle. Thank you!! Let's have more gachapon challenges!! 😉

  16. S P says:

    I see what you mean about the ordering system. But do you get a sense that the automated delivery systems (belt, water, robot, etc.) are actually beneficial? Or are they seen as more of a gimmick?

  17. Texasneo says:

    Kura in the US is mediocre. It also costs at least twice as much.

  18. Craig Maddison says:

    Had my first Kaiten Zushi in Fujiyoshida, really enjoyed it, loads of plates, drinks and dessert for 1600 Yen!

  19. jwrappuhn71 says:

    Good vid Amy, thanks for the Sushi lesson….lol.

  20. PandyBearMusic says:

    I just want to thank you for uploading these videos every thursday. I'm currently a student and haven't got the money to go to Japan for a while but these videos always make me feel like i'm in Japan for a bit. Thanks again for putting all the effort into these videos, you're really putting smiles on peoples faces ^_^! p.s your designs are so cute!

  21. 194DAG says:

    Only had Sushi once in the UK. Will have to try it in Japan when I'm back next year. Great video.

  22. Astor Reinhardt says:

    I've only had California rolls where the fish is cooked so eating raw sushi is something new…I'd be willing to try it though. I'm avoiding doing it here in the US because I don't think we have the best sushi restaurants compared to Japan. I want to give raw sushi the best chance for me to like it. That's where I think these cheap sushi places will come in handy…I can try a lot of sushi on the cheap and if I don't like it…it's not like I spent a ton of money on it. Plus if I find something I DO like, I can remember it and try it at an upscale sushi place to see how good it can really be.

  23. Terry Wolf Lessard says:

    I never had sushi before. Is it ok to eat raw fish? I love your videos. Please make more. Thanks from a Canadian fan, in Belleville Ontario.

  24. Nemui Mori says:

    Props to Phil, he is much more descriptive regarding the salmon than some other videos 🙂

  25. Rob Langford says:

    Kura Sushi is another good one with lots of restaurants throughout Tokyo. Y100 per plate, touch screen ordering, and when you put 5 plates in the chute you get a chance at winning a capsule toy with a cute mini 'game' appearing on screen. Definitely a good place to try a lot of different sushi

  26. Doktor Qualle says:

    I love Genki/Uobei Sushi.

  27. My Jensen says:

    I think as a foreigner you have to experience this at least once in japan ! But in my experience i found a lot of sushi shops with an actual chef on the outskirts of tokyo was way cheaper than this ''kaiten sushi'' i could get 12 pieces for 680 yen including all the tea and miso i wanted. And it was way better than the kaiten as well. I went to kaiten sushi chain and one of my pieces of crab arrived frozen on my sushi (yuck!) my total came out to something like 1500 yen. But i still think kaiten has its place , for people with kids or bigger groups its perfect. But if you're alone or two people you might as well go to a sushi resturant in the same price range.

  28. Genmah says:

    We visited this place this summer, and it was "okay". The train delivery part was fun and the prices was cheap, but they messed up our orders a couple of times and gave us the wrong items. Not really that impressed, there are better places at the same price level. 🙂

  29. Willson Ize says:

    Thanks for this it would be great to try a different place genki sushi was good but sooo busy that we didn’t feel like we could relax and enjoy it so thanks for this 😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧

  30. TaraBoo Art ARMY says:

    Here (where I live in the U.S.), we pay $3 for 2 very tiny pieces of ebi nigiri, and $6-$8 for one roll. It’s insane.

  31. Jalaal Elasmar says:

    I usually go to Uobei which is behind the shibuya 109 building. Every sushi dish is ¥108 with tax.

  32. abvhrulz says:

    Been there! Was great!

  33. gary s says:

    The worst sushi I've had in Japan is always better than what I can find in the US. thanks for your vlog!

  34. UCC 930ml says:

    That is brown rice tea, not matcha. Powdered tea itself is inexpensive, but leaves such as gyokuro that were originally first-class tea leaves are used. Matcha is usually drunk at tea parties and is not served at sushi restaurants. 🍵

  35. APS says:

    @6:04 "LIVE octopus"!?!…

  36. いぬんinun says:

    From Japanese sushi
    The price is high
    The quality is low
    vice versa
    I was worried about
    How does it taste?

    Because I use it,
    If it's terrible
    I'm sorry

  37. あぶabu says:

    I'm a Japanese, but it is rare to eat sushi. Because I have an image like as sushi is a very expensive food. I know it is not correct in present day. I don't know how to get a lunch in Kaiten-sushi store. I have to learn with your video.

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