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Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another You Made What?! Today, I have another recipe from this book called Prison Ramen. And today’s recipe is actually a dessert — you voted for it on my Facebook page — and it is for Parole Day Cheesecake. And Goose shares a bittersweet story in which he has only seen two lifers ever leave prison. So this is a little celebration cake that you can find from things from the commissary while you’re incarcerated. And if you like these kinds of videos, be sure to subscribe for more eatin’! All right, let’s go in the kitchen and I’ll show you how to make this. Okay, so we’re going to begin with a 12oz package of cookies, and then we’re going to place them back into the bag and crush them up into small crumbs. Then you’re going to take the crumbs and pour them into a microwave-safe bowl. I didn’t have one so I’m just using this dish. Then we’re going to nuke the whole thing for 3 or 4 minutes until the crumbs are nice and warm and golden. So this is what it looks like when it comes out of the microwave — not quite a crust, so I just used a spatula and packed it down. It didn’t call for it in the recipe, but I found that it helps make a crust. So, while that’s cooling, we’re going to prepare our cheesecake topping. So the recipe calls for 6 oz of cream cheese or 6 packets — I didn’t have packets, so I’m just using a block of cream cheese. And cut it into small pieces. So add your cream cheese to a bowl, and then add two tablespoons of honey. Next, one packet of Sweet-N-Low — and I’m just substituting sugar. Next we’re going to add two tablespoons of French vanilla creamer. Finally we’re going to add 3/4 cup of Kool-Aid — any flavor will do — but the recipe says a red flavor will look best. So just whip all this together until everything is well incorporated… And then we’re going to pour it on top of our cooled crust. Finally we’re going to cover it and then either place it in the refrigerator or in an ice-filled bucket for 4-5 hours until the topping is solid. All right. So, this is the finished cheesecake. There it is. So, will you look at this color. It is amazing. I’m very curious to see how this tastes. And, it didn’t quite set up — like it’s more of like a frosting on top; but the crust definitely feels like a crust. Scoop a piece up. The first piece is always the hardest, right? Whoa, there we go. All right, let’s give it a taste. So the crust came apart a little bit, but that’s okay. All right! Here we go. Itadakimasu! Wow! You know, that’s not bad. For something that you can make in jail, that really is not bad. I think it is more a Kool-Aid cake rather than a cheesecake, but it’s really not bad. The crust is really great, actually. I mean, it’s just ground up Chips Ahoy! cookies, so why wouldn’t it be? But I’m really impressed with how crust-like that was. Really sweet and got lots of chocolate chips. And the cheesecake portion just tastes like a cherry Kool-Aid frosting. It’s sweet and very, very artificial cherried because it is Kool-Aid. But I’m surprised — it has a little bit of tartness to it because the Kool-Aid does, and, it’s not overly sweet. Kind of impressed with that. I have to admit while mixing it I was shocked how red it was, but it turned out pretty well. This is the fourth recipe I’ve done from this book. If you want to see more prison recipes, I shall put the playlist down below in the description box. I read all your comments, so let me know in the comments below what your favorite celebration dessert or cake is…and yeah…. I hope you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something; don’t forget to subscribe, like and follow, and I shall see you in my next video. Too-da-loo! Take care! Bye! ….or margarine beer. And I think it’s a take on butter beer from Harry Potter. Ooh, yess, yaaaas!

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  1. Lane Buckler says:

    You're like an Asian Halle Berry

  2. Cee Herrera says:

    I love your videos I just think you should of try doing it just like in prison with out using your tools to see how it comes out

  3. Druid 369 says:

    Ive done some time and never had access to a microwave

  4. 최유준 says:

    I am a live streamer, and thinking about trying your recipe on my stream. Is this ok or allowed? thanks/subscribed

  5. SaucyDanny says:

    They really have access to all this stuff in prison??

  6. randomgirlG says:

    INTRIGUING in a good way

  7. phoebe chandler says:

    If I ever go to prison ( I hope I don't) I am gonna bring this book with me

  8. Nosji Hunslinger says:


  9. TacticalAR15Master says:

    You sound just like Jennifer Garner. Good videos.

  10. sOMeBoDy important says:

    putting kool aid in a frosting is super inventive, not gonna lie. totally wanna try it

  11. Kathy Myers says:

    Its gonna stick if you didn't grease it!

  12. Sunshine says:

    That cheesecake looked like crap 💩

  13. Cris LeRoi says:

    I love your jailhouse recipes. You can also make that cake with a layer of peanutbutter between the cookies and the cheese.

  14. petev23 says:

    I would slap my dick across her face all day long

  15. Rebecca Justis says:

    Maybe using the soft Chips Ahoy would make a more cohesive crust?

  16. E. Lewis Basher says:


  17. Cofe seven says:

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  18. Sydney Prescott says:

    How does she not have her own cooking show on the coming channel??? perfect voice as well

  19. Because ICan says:

    Wonder if it would work with hot chocolate mix instead of kool aid.

  20. KILLKILL MEOW says:

    That last bit was the best part

  21. Jake Stevens says:

    They don't get a microwave haha

  22. pforce9 says:

    It would take 45 days in solitary confinement to make me eat that.

  23. Ajay Dwayne says:

    I really luv your show have you ever tasted something just plain old horrible

  24. mystic dragon says:

    That looks good ^__^

  25. Thuggee says:

    i love lime and grated dark chocolate cheese cake

  26. Mikki Ward says:

    I like to make a chocolate cake break it in half and then crumble 1/2 of the cake put it in a really deep dish poor one shot of Kalua over top of that cake then top that with a package of prepared pudding mix any flavor will do but the 1st cake I ever made I used chocolate pudding and then you put a layer of cool Whip, usually half the container of cool whip right on top and then take your favorite candy bar, freeze it and crumble it on top of the cool whip and then do it again for 1 more layer it comes out divine…kalua chocolate cake mess enjoy

  27. SHADOSTRYKR says:

    I think itd be good without the koolaid

  28. Infinite Plane of Existence says:

    Better without coolaid

  29. Pyemonster _1 says:

    Cool have you tried Diet Coke chicken , it's amazing.

  30. Elizabeth Nicole says:

    Idk why they’d add the kool-aid??

  31. rbakbrown says:

    You should and a little water with a pinch of salt so the crust will bind better.

  32. Alyson The Aly says:

    Your son is such a good boy, helping out his momma!❤️

  33. michel Guevara says:

    I still can't believe you did bird 😉

  34. S. C2076 says:

    Very cool. Let's see more videos like this please and thank you!!💖

  35. spookyduzit says:

    iv tired a different version of prison cheesecake. im a ask my friend for the recipe and try n send it to you.actually a cheescake not a cheesecake topping

  36. Shawn D says:

    You have an ASMR voice… i could listen to you talk all day.

  37. Kara Amundson says:

    Prison…the United States' way of coping with institutionalized racism. This cookbook proves that even in the places of greatest despair and least justice, people find small ways to extract something to normalize their lives. It comes at a price: these ingredients would cost months' worth of an image's prison income. But as you say, when someone's waving goodbye to The Row, you've got to celebrate!

  38. Stephen Murphy says:

    Kool-Aid can't do that…look's too sickly sweet.

  39. caramelmosaic Mosaic says:

    Not sure how accessible all those ingredients are in prison.

  40. Levi Ackerman says:

    I just wouldnt add the kool aid

  41. MysteryMachine 444 says:

    This lady loves her prison food!

  42. Lauren Quinn says:

    It honestly looks good. I personally would have just left out the kool aid completely and added crushed up fruit loops.

  43. Patrema Gilbert says:


  44. Patrema Gilbert says:

    I'm goin to try thanku.

  45. Patrema Gilbert says:

    Yes I Would love to see more prison things u do.

  46. Michael Bass says:

    Okay girl, normally in prison the sissies use fire balls for lipstick. LoL 👮‍♂️

  47. Monica Villada says:

    Koolaid and chips ahoy flavoured cheese cake? Forget parole if I can stay and eat it for the rest of my sentence. 🙂

  48. RoxAnne Livengood says:

    Oh, my! That is RED!!

  49. Aaron Gerrells says:

    What are your qualifications?

  50. Rainy Chain says:

    The words 'prison' and 'cheesecake' are in the same sentence, thanks for the pun… and the nightmares.

  51. Jewel Atkins says:

    If you were to do a halfway house parolee version of this cake you could swap the kool-aid with Jell-O and Cool Whip and come up with a less toxically colored penitentiary dessert.

  52. BigHomie Buddha says:

    that's not how I made cheese cake in prison I made mine with a 16 oz can of Coffee Mate coffee creamer 4 with a 2.5oz ReaLemon
    juice a 4 pack of the snake pack vanilla pudding and 1/8 cup of sugar mix well we also had graham crackers in the commissary so we just crushed them down and mixed that with some butter or margarine usually got about 3 bowls full out of them for me and my homies that supplied some of the ingredients you should try it out very tasty @emmymadeinjapan

  53. Jeannine buquet says:

    I've never I have never been incarcerated but I made lemon
    Pepper chicken using a packet of lemon flavored unsweetened Kool-Aid it was awesome I served it to my guests and they all loved it I never told them how I made it

  54. Slash G&R says:

    For all of you saying she should have done this or that, she didn’t make up this recipe!! Didn’t you see she had a cookbook??? Damn, everyone has to be a know it all.

  55. Dustin Clapper says:

    You're so adorable =]

  56. H o n n e β o n n e says:

    Dang people in that jailhouse be having a breeze take me to jail free food TV and no bills or rent yeah

  57. Zechariah Hye says:

    Mmm chips ahoy🤤

  58. Rosaria Lemma says:

    Why are you adding these absolutely silly endings? I think they're a real fall down.

  59. Jade Wilson says:

    On behalf of all Black people, I love that you said “any RED flavor” 😂😂 red is a flavor. #ifyouknowuknow

  60. Billie Joe says:

    It doesn’t feel different to how my mum made cheesecake as a kid. Packet of digestive buiscuits smushed up with a little bit of melted butter, cream cheese and a little bit of flavouring

  61. Alexios Hubbard says:

    I want to make you my mommy

  62. Toysintheattic says:

    Digestive biscuits (cookies) would be a way better base

  63. Haley Garrido says:

    Lol I wouldn't have added the koolaid. I wonder if they have strawberry pop tarts. I would have mixed that in the crust. Yum

  64. KingEnvy SquadUp says:

    This the thumbnail does not look like cheesecake I gave 6 yrs of my life this looks like my bomb ass meatloaf let's see how this goes

  65. KingEnvy SquadUp says:

    We had oreo cookies crush the cookies it make a brownie batter with milk and you take the cream stuff out of it mix it with milk some peanut butter and swiss roll cakes and roll the brownie batter around it. That shit is bomb

  66. Crazy Chick's Opinion says:

    😂😂 Yaasss!

  67. Crazy Chick's Opinion says:

    You should try Kool-aid pie! It's 4 ingredients and I have now made SOO MANY versions of it. My friend told me about it and it's so good!
    1. Premade graham cracker crust or chocolate depending on the Kool-Aid flavor you pick.
    2. Whipped cream in a tub
    3. Sweetened condensed milk
    4. Kool-aid
    Mix it together and let it set up to 2 hours and your done. Sit back and enjoy! (Also I like to sprinkle nuts on top.)

  68. RJinthematrix says:

    why would they have access to choc chip cookies and not graham crackers? pretty sure "prison recipes" are just bullshit invented by people that have never been to prison trying to profit off novelty

  69. Ellen Spear says:

    Yikes! I've never seen a cheesecake that color. I imagine it's tasty; ambrosial if you're in prison (I read Orange is the New Black).

  70. Ellen Spear says:

    Celebration cake must be chocolate in my book. My upcoming birthday celebration will include a Mississippi mud cake, made by my fair hand,since my partner does not cook.

  71. Glitchy Glitch says:

    OMG you're so cute and sweet we don't deserve you.

  72. Southern Bella Donna says:

    Wow this is definitely an upscale version of prison cheesecake than some of the other recipes I have seen done. One lady used coffee creamer and Sprite with Kool aid mixed in over nilla wafers as crust haha. Sounded awful.

  73. Natalya Flake says:

    She looks kinda like a farie

  74. Tepadj says:

    Don't prisoners get enough food?

  75. spare change says:

    Lots of opportunity to work on your prison cooking skills out here in the good old US of A

  76. Ferchii Alice says:

    Y'all got chips ahoy and cream cheese in prison !?
    We barely even have rice lol

  77. Herr Starr says:

    Would be much better to just eat the cookies with the cream cheese

  78. lukewarmmess_ says:

    I enjoy your channel but don’t use books (or video names) that take advantage, are click bait and/or make light of a massive joke of the seriousness of prison and its effects on people and their families.
    It’s incredibly disrespectful and disappointing to come from you… 🙁

  79. Trip Bee says:

    Wow this is my dads favorite dish to make lmao says a lot

  80. JustMeD902 says:

    I was so confused in the beginning, I was like "why does emmy have so arms?"

  81. Vince V says:

    0/5 not enough soap being dropped

  82. EvaBongoria says:

    Emmy – you're so kind, and passionate. Glad I Stumbled upon your videos.

  83. Eli says:

    That actually looks good. It's kind of beautiful that someone would be so inventive to offer celebration for a friend leaving prison.

  84. D Lee says:

    💕 I really liked this one as well ! I'm trying to watch all of the prison recipes now. lol
    Thanks again, Emmy ! 👍😘
    YAAASSS !!! ♥️♥️♥️

  85. Tay Lee says:

    Oh wow they have all this in commissary?but I feel like they should’ve used a little water for the crust 🤔

  86. Tony Frescko says:

    Should've stuck it in the freezer overnight

  87. THEbadlnb says:

    I want to be in Jail with Emmy. I will eat well.

  88. Sputnik says:

    There is one topic I am sure or recipe is not in there? Is how they make cheese from the milk. There are several ways I guess and I do not know them all. There is no such thing as 'bad milk'. It is the yellow liquid that give you cramps. NOT the 'chunks'. One 'recipe' makes a HUGE uncontrolled variety of cheese tones. They put the milk in a plastic commissary container. Some add sugar and some don't. Some add a piece of normal cheese as a 'culture'. They put a lid on it and the milk ferments. {When you decide to use it varies] By the end point- floating on top. Will be the raw cheese and the yellow liquid below it. Can be 1 week or 2 weeks. The chunk is taken out. LIGHTLY washed but squeezed of the liquid or else you end up with a DRY mass. So the chunk is put into a bowl. The Italian Spicing is added with some salt and light on the sugar. It is mixed and mashed very well. You may have excess liquid remaining and it is squeezed out some more. It is tasted as they go for 2 reasons. How will it taste and how will it be after storing. Then some roll into into a ball. Throw lots of Italian spices into the bag where the ball of cheese will stay. [Which I stepped over explaining that step] They will roll it in the bag and triple wrap it and store it for weeks. Then when a big event is ready. They eat it plain or by adding it to a hot recipe. Some keep their cheese for several months. I must warn you the 'fermentation is only ONE way it is made However the odor CAN smell as if it is not edible and worse. This is where the spices come in and adding to hot food. The flavor has nothing to do with the off odor. It cane taste like cheese sticks, goat cheese, and from light cheese to SHARP cheese. Even if the recipe is mimicked the same. At least in the prison environment. You can hit me up for more information.

  89. Ruthanne Phillips says:

    I need to go to prison… Joking but seriously. I can't afford to make that, not and eat all month.

  90. David Tosscano says:

    Cant take you serious, rather watch a genuine criminal make something. You white washed it

  91. sour mash says:

    dude the fork on teeth!

  92. djbigdaddy71 says:

    Don't know where these jails are where they can get bowls and microwaves and cookies. I'm currently in a work release jail, we have none of that. We got ramen and squeeze packet cheese. No cream cheese, no liquids *except milk cartons at breakfast. Other than that, the only thing on the inmate canteen is packets of generic drink mixes, instant coffee, non dairy creamer, chips and candy. If you want fancy, you can get Earle Grey tea packets that aren't half bad (if you can get the faucet to give you hot enough water to steep it in).

  93. Troy says:

    Maybe using just a tiny bit of Kool aid, like to the point where it just barely tinted the cream cheese would help

  94. Mini Haha says:

    Your not doing it right girl the kool aid AND you the sugar HAS TO BE SUGAR FREE THEN YOUR MAKING REAL JAIL HOUSE FOOD, they cant substitute why should you, they do not get real sugar and 99.8 % of stuff is sugar free, God bless

  95. BF Turnerwell says:

    This is probably the single greatest deterrent ever to living a life of crime. Oh my. Still love you, Emmy.

  96. AJsongs20 says:

    What an odd looking meatloaf

  97. Kyle S says:

    lol this is definitely not the typical ingredients in a prison cheese cake, I dont know where you got that book from but people that made them where I was at made them much better.For one the crust is always made from crushed gram cracker, they use lemon juice,creamer,and cream cheese for the base.Depending on what you want to spend they can make it a peanut butter cheese cake, oreo, pop tart,butter finger etc etc etc. Then they chill it in ice water for a day.Its like getting one from the store.Sell in peices for 5 stamps or the whole cheese cake for 30 which is a book and a half if anyone has every heard of selling books in prison a book is 20 stamps

  98. lucas46100 says:

    I am sure is not bad but after that I don't use lipstick

  99. ed and cindy Poole says:

    have you ever thought of making bi bim bap? 🙂

  100. alvin jones says:


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