Chef at Binchoyaki shares how he makes ‘you gotta try’ krispy rice dish

My name’s Craig Takehara. I’m the chef-owner of Binchoyaki. Today we’re going to go over
probably one of our best dishes that we’ve been doing
since we opened here. That’s the crispy rice. So there’s a few steps that go
into making the crispy rice. One of those is actually having
our tuna here that we have. And as we cut, I will talk a little
bit about our sauce we use here. So we make kind of make
a spicy mayo sauce. In the sauce we have some Shichimi, which is a seven spice chilli pepper. We use chilli oil, a little oil,
and some Japanese mayonnaise. With the Japanese mayonnaise, it has a little bit of a different
flavor than regular mayonnaise. We’re also going to chuck the rice into the fryer. So once we have our spicy mayo made, we add this to the tuna. What we also add is we add masago, which
is a capelin roe, and we add green onions. The way that we make our crispy
rice as well, the rice itself, is we actually make sushi rice. Then we take the sushi rice,
and we mold it into what represents nigiri sushi,
then we freeze it. Once it’s frozen, we can take it out,
and we can drop it right in the fryer. And once that’s ready to go, it has
a nice, crispy crust on the outside. It has a wonderfully, nice, warm,
soft center, which I think is great. It has this great flavor. It goes wonderful with the tuna. Our version of of sushi
without us doing sushi. So we pair this dish, what we do is,
we do some ponzu sauce. So, we use chives, and
ponzu sauce together. It has an extra added
green onion feel to it. Those are very hot. Then we take this. Then we add this straight on top, Then we top it with a little serrano chilli
pepper, fairly simple, fairly easy. It does have a few different steps to it. But other than that, it’s a great dish.

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