Chef Basics: This seafood stew is a dish to enjoy any season

If you love a good hearty stew, but you want to try something lighter,
seafood is a great option. Plus, it cooks in a fraction of the time. Once the olive oil is hot, Next we’re going to add in our seafood. I like a nice mix of shellfish, fresh fish what we got here is some peeled
and deveined shrimp. Some beautiful
pasta clams. Nice big clams. Given them a good rinse. I have some bay scallops here. These are just small, little ones,
they cook in no time. Once the seafood
begins to cook Reduce the wine and
add a 1/2L of vegetable stock. If you have fish stock
on hand, even better. Simmer the stew for five to seven minutes,
just until the seafood is cooked and the stew is slightly thickened. To finish add in a can of white beans, Serve with fresh parsley,
some grilled bread and enjoy.

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