Chef Ivan Orkin Challenges Jimmy to a Ramen Noodle Slurp-Off

-Please welcome Ivan Orkin,
everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] Ivan, I am so glad you’re here. I’m so happy you’re here. You know I’ve been to
your restaurant, and I love it. If you’re in New York City,
go to Ivan Ramen. There’s usually a line, so get there early,
but once you get in, I will never, ever
forget that experience. It was one of the greatest, uh, food experiences
that I’ve ever had. How does a guy from Long Island
become famous for ramen? Talk me through. -Well, he opens one in Tokyo
and hits a home run. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -So you moved to Tokyo…
-Yeah. -…a gaijin.
-Yes. -And normally —
I mean, that is so rare for you to become a hit
over there in Tokyo. -You know what? I love food,
and I love ramen, and I love Japan, and so it was
a really great combination, so, in a way, it was easy. -But was it —
it was definitely not easy — but was it the noodle making?
Was it the — the umami? Talk me through — get nerdy. -You know what? I think… I decided to make
my own noodles, and I decided to put
whole grain in it. No one had every done it before, and I was super geeky about it, and I got so into it, and it was just a little
ten-seat shop, so, you know, it was just easy
to kind of focus, and we made one kind of ramen. -Yeah, that’s it.
-Yeah. -And then, now,
you came back home — Hometown kid done well, and you’re opening up
all these — Are you opening up
any more restaurants? -I’m opening a couple more
on the East Coast, and then world domination. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes! Of course! This is your, uh… This is your second
cookbook here. This is The Gaijin Cookbook, available for pre-order now,
comes out September 24th. What is this one about? -The first book was Ivan Ramen.
It was all about ramen. Totally geeked out.
-Yep. -This one is almost like a
home journal of all the food — the Japanese food —
I’ve cooked for my own family, and I made it super simple. I made every recipe myself. I use microwaves.
I do simple stuff. -Now you’re talking my language.
There we go. -You can make the real thing. -Really?
-Please. And if you want the book,
pre-order, because it’s so much better for the overlords
in the corporate world to see that people like it. [ Laughs ] -That’s an honest man. Alright, what are we
making tonight? -So, we’re making
my signature dish, the Ivan Ramen Shio Ramen, which means…
-This is your ramen. -…”salt” in Japanese.
-Yep. -And we’re gonna — we’re gonna put
some soup in here. This is chicken
and dashi, the fish — aromatic fish broth from Japan.
-Yep. -And we’re gonna go ahead and
put some noodles here into our — our water. -Okay.
-Okay. -So you got to put noodles
just in the strainer. Looks good. Giant chopsticks.
-Giant chopsticks. -Yep. Comedy chopsticks. -Comedy chopsticks. But they actually really work.
-Yeah. -And then we shake them out, because if you don’t
get all the water out, then the carefully made
soup gets diluted, and it’s gross.
-Oh, of course. -Right, so,
I’m gonna show you how I do it. -Yep.
-Right, I’m gonna shake it out. And I want to see your
dexterity, so why don’t you go ahead
and — and… Come on. -I know, it’s just that… [ Cheers and applause ] It’s just… You know this
is gonna be a meme. Okay, here we go. [ Laughter ] [ Splashing ] -Nice. Whoa! -Alright, alright, we’re good,
we’re good, we’re good. -You’re good, yeah, so just
now add it right into there. -Alright, look, here we go.
-Perfect, oh, my God. -Look at that.
Now that just smells so good. Now, what do you do?
Now, you add… -Now we’re gonna add
some pork belly. -Pork belly on top.
-Pork belly on top. -God, look at that —
just unbelievable. -Yep, some roasted tomato. -It’s almost like an art piece. -It is an art piece. And then we’re gonna add some
of these gorgeous eggs, right? -Look at this. -And then we’re gonna add
a little bit of — a little bit of scallion
on top, yeah? -Alright, now,
how is the key to eating ramen? -So, it’s a great question,
because, in America, culturally, slurping is noisy and messy, and your mother said,
“Don’t slurp your soup,” right? -Of course, yeah. -So, mine said the same thing.
-Yeah. -But, uh — but, in ramen, you want to take
less than you think — ’cause most people think
they want this much, and then they go,
“I can’t eat it.” -No, you can’t do that.
-No. So you want to take less
and pull it out of the bowl so it doesn’t stick, right,
and then you want to remember when you’re sipping that coffee
in the morning — it’s too hot,
but you need it, right? [ Laughter ] -That is exactly well put, yeah.
-Right, so you’re gonna make — -It’s too hot, but you need it.
I don’t care if it’s burning. -So you’re gonna
slurp this stuff right on a little
cushion of air. [ Slurps ] Like that. [ Cheers and applause ] -Alright, here we go. Ready? -Yep.
-So, take this. -Right, little less
than you need. Less than you need.
Pull it out of the bowl. -Yep, look, I’m having trouble
already doing this. -You got it. You got it. You know you got it. -Yeah, I know I got it.
Hold on. Here we go. Look at this.
Alright, good, yeah. -And…cushion of air. [ Slurps ] You got it. Oh, my. Okay. That was awesome. So, what I’m gonna propose, now that I’ve seen
your incredible chops — that we should have a slurp off. Yeah? [ Cheers and applause ] -Uh, what is —
Now, what is a slurp off? -A slurp off means
that we’re gonna see who can crush these noodles
faster than the other guy. Maybe you guys have
some kind of slurp off music. Uh, you know. -And, wait, wait —
finish the whole thing? -You’re gonna finish
the whole thing, yep, so… -Alright.
-Are you ready? Now, you’re holding your hands, ’cause it’s gonna be easier, and you can hold it
close to your mouth so you don’t totally
spoil yourself. -Okay.
-And you’re gonna five, four… -Three, two…
-…three, two, one, go, yep. [ Cheers and applause ] -♪ Slurp off ♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dinging ] ♪♪ -The master of disaster! Ivan Orkin, everybody! How did you do that? The Gaijin Cookbook
is available for pre-order now.

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  4. EmpyreanLightASMR says:

    Looks yummy but seriously I wouldn't be able to stand a table, much less a restaurant, full of food sucking slurping faces lol

  5. Abdel Ilast says:

    Jimmy lost this time…no worries jimmy get them in the other games and competitions.

  6. Mark the Shark says:

    Who Else was Thinking of Naruto while Ivan was Preparing the Ramen???

  7. Siddharth Burman says:

    Looking dead in the eyes

  8. Fiona Chan says:

    I used to do it in high school during the break as I had no time to finish my cup noodles but in America they turn it into a game

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  10. Izzy says:

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    Jimmy knows……..He’s too smart for us 😂

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    Jimmy looked stoned or hung over, or still drunk. he did not look sober in anyway shape or form. And how does he not know how to slurp?

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  18. Squish says:

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  19. TheRManProds says:

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