Chef John Cooks: Vegetarian Burrito

Hi there this is Chef John from Slimgenics.
Today we’re going to take a classic burrito dish and make it healthier when i remove the
ground beef which is full of saturated fat and cholesterol, and instead use nice
roasted vegetables. They’ll be sweeter in flavor and much more nutritious, I think you’ll like it. Okay now we’re going to make a marinade for
roasting our vegetables, so I have some extra virgin olive oil fresh minced garlic always fresh little pinch of cayenne pepper which is a
natural body cleanser in itself. Little bit of oregano or you can use chopped cilantro as well since we’re
cooking mexican today. Wisk that all together and we’ll use that to brush our vegetables for roasting or grilling. Now we’ll take the porta bella mushroom and
pop out the stem and remove the gills cause they throw off a lot of
liquid you don’t have that in your burrito. Put the mushroom on the cookie sheet And now I have some cleaned zucchini yellow squash and a red pepper for
roasting. So just knock-off the ends of your zucchini And we’ll slice them about a half inch thick and lay those on your cookie sheet. In the meantime our oven’s pre-heated to five
hundred fifty degrees on the broil setting so it can roast from the top now we’re gonna get some yellow squash same thing, half inch slices. Lay those out on the cookie sheet We’re going to get a red pepper And you just want to square it off on the flat side of the pepper for easy roasting and then lay your pepper flat side down or skin
side up. We have a little paint brush or pastry brush just brush your vegetables and by the roasting them or grilling them
we’ll get the caramelized real nice and bring out more flavor in your vegetables. You don’t need to roast the peppers with a marinade, they can do without the marinate. So now we’ll take our marinaded vegetables and put them on the top
rack of your oven on the broiler setting, and let them roast for about fifteen minutes and while your vegetables are roasting we can
prepare the rest of the ingredients for your burrito. I have a bowl of shredded non-dairy
cheddar cheese here as well as some non-dairy shredded jalapeno jack cheese our vegetables have been cooled I peeled the red pepper skins off and sliced
the vegetables and we’re ready to assemble our burrito right now. So I’ve got a whole wheat tortilla and the first thing we’ll do is put your cheeses down the center of the burrito shell. Then in no particular order ad your roasted squash some roasted zuchinni some roasted peppers slices I’m getting hungry already. Then a little bit of the sliced roasted portobello mushrooms. At this point you’ll want to fold it over a little at the bottom Then just roll your burrito And then fold side down place it in the
casserole dish. Let’s try again We’re going to take another tortilla, once again it’s cheeses first and the flavors of the roasted vegetables
are going to be amazing. Now that we’ve added the cheeses we can add the squash zucchini the roasted red pepper slices and a little bit of the roasted portobello slices. Bring it up, tuck it, then roll it over folded side down Now just cover your casserole with some foil Pre-heat your over to about four hundred degrees and allow about eight to ten minutes for the cheese to melt. And we’ll be ready for some burritos Okay so our cheese is melted and now you have a wonderful roasted or grilled vegetable burrito with some fat-free salsa for your enjoyment so there you have it a delicious vegetarian burrito If you would like more recipes and healthy tips on
cooking please visit our Slimgenics online community.

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  1. yankee doodle says:

    Superb, thanks chef, will try this!

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