Chefs vs Normals Japanese Food Pairing FACE-OFF

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  1. whitesonar says:

    you can just say "New York"…

  2. David Bradford says:

    Love your videos perhaps a curry battle between the normals next

  3. Bioshock Menolly says:

    There is a Japanese word that describes you four gentlemen…

    Meshiterro: a person who shows you delicious food you cannot eat, to make you hungry.
    "meshi" is food or a meal.
    "Terro" is short for terrorist
    With love from Calgary Alberta

  4. Tadhg Duggan says:

    Does Japanese food challenge and goes to New York city

  5. TRIPLE K says:

    were doing an japanese battle so where should we go to taste japanese food……lets go new york

  6. Renee Vautier says:

    i'd like to see these guys have a cake decorating contest

  7. ferry bergman says:

    Love this series guys!!! Men I can’t wait for the chef vs chef battle <3

  8. Florian De Graef says:

    03:03 omg those red cheeks someone's being hitting the sake too much

  9. Chris Baum says:

    Why would you put Mike behind the camera? He's effing adorable.

  10. GoatsEatsOats K says:

    I don't have much to say apart from I like sushi

  11. MissCaraMint says:

    I think you have mostly just convinced me that I need a sake selection.

  12. Svetlana says:

    I just want to say that I love Sorted. I've been subscribed to the channel for about 6 years (OMG) and you guys never fail to amaze and make me hungry. Thank you for great content! lots of love xx

  13. syl81 says:

    Private Video 18+

  14. Johanna Purdy says:

    Feral sake 🤣.

    Was Barry drunk at the second restaurant?

  15. Marpen1980 Gaming says:

    No food requires sake or any other alcoholic drink.

  16. SirJMDDK says:


  17. Maxim Ginsburg says:

    Guys you got me excited.

  18. Maxim Ginsburg says:

    You should really come to Israel and try our dishes

  19. Parris M says:

    How do you guys decide who gets to go on these trips to taste all this food? The one person that doesn't get to go must feel really left out. I would 🤤

  20. Terry ann McKenna says:

    Love the new videos but I would live to see you bring back big night in or more throw backs

  21. Kíra Kőrösi says:

    James looks like a typical sexy gentleman with that fashionable coat on

  22. dora stipanic says:

    You guys should do a balkan food battle 😊

  23. persnickety99 says:

    Lure was one of my top 5 meals in NYC. Definitely adding Osamil to my list!

  24. Dom Lloyd says:

    Ben creeps me out

  25. DavosHS says:

    I want to eat at that Korean restaurant so bad!

  26. Amy Randles says:

    now that I don't eat meat, I live through you guys and videos like this, but I would love some more veggie friendly content if you have the time x

  27. thecorona1784 says:

    How is alex jones and Joe rogan not trending? ??

  28. Laylah Dabney says:

    Do they let mike eat or does he just sit and film😂

  29. Adoria says:

    I knew I need to get a real job before I go to NY….these restaurants look pricey af…but great video!!

  30. Norma Navarrete-Soprano says:

    Pair Mexican food with mezcal

  31. Clefarious says:

    Being a huge fan I was sad realizing I missed you guys being here in NYC. Will the crew be heading back soon?
    Especially so I can meet Ben 😍😍😍

  32. Ellie says:

    Jamie is annoying af.

  33. Amanda Byrd says:

    Mike's laugh is everything in this episode and James is so chatty and actually excited about sake!

  34. AleriaCarventus says:

    I don't even drink alcohol and I still think this series has been great!

  35. Julie Foster says:

    In Kyoto this week … next month will be in Tokyo … best timing for these 💜☯️✨

  36. Patrice Estacio says:

    I lovvvved the Japanese food videos !

  37. Jin Wei says:

    Best episode by far!! Love you guys and keep up the good work!!

  38. Jocelynn Faye Sagh says:

    PLEASE make Icelandic vinaterta!!!

  39. Edith Dominguez says:

    Mike is super handsome

  40. blissfuldreamer06 says:

    What ever happened to your special guest Ollie? The potato crisps video just popped up in my recommended feed

  41. sammooa says:

    So sorted only goes to the USA for its ventures? like its USAUSAUSAUSA all over and over

  42. Betawarier The Meme Emperor says:

    I only like the old intro

  43. サルリGS says:

    I'm a Japanese. Glad to watch you guys enjoyed so many Japanese stuff!! Thank you:) Hope you guys will be able to come to Japan and eat and drink more!!!! Aligatoh (ありがとう)!

  44. smitha sastha says:

    Hey u guys have tried almost every thinkable cusine but have u tried an authentic south Indian meal called sadhya served on a banana leaf

  45. james inge says: Whats Ben doing on the keyboard???

  46. Bernadette Fessler says:

    I don't know why but I do miss the butt first joke

  47. Katie Dunne says:

    I'm from New York, and I'm seeing this on day one of sake week! It's kismet.

  48. Amythest Mabee says:

    I love that you guys give off a good mix of traveling abroad for food, and exploring what's right in your own backyard; and you're such a good group of mates! Everytime I watch your videos I feel like I'm just hanging out with you guys X)

  49. Frances Brooks says:

    great job

  50. Brandy Anderson says:

    you should do another one of these I really enjoyed watching

  51. LisaNovak95 says:

    Good, I'm glad the chefs won. It would be shameful if they didn't know their pairings better then non chefs. This chefs battle is going to be fun 😁

  52. Garth says:

    So you want to taste Japanese food and you go to ….??? this is why this is idiotic this is why this sucks

  53. Janine Knoche says:

    Hoverboard in German food battle

  54. Niamh Doyle says:

    @Barry ur haircut is fabulous xo

  55. Liana Apuli says:

    honestly had no idea there were this many different kinds of sakes! I WANT TO TRY THEM ALL.

  56. Lucy Simpson says:

    Drink every time they say Sake🍻

  57. Bashfl says:

    shippin' the chefs.

  58. Someonez Mom says:

    step one: get a YT channel
    step two: convince restaurants that you deserve free shit
    step three: be Elle Darby

  59. Ashley Zee says:

    I love this seriess buuuuut please do more pass it ons😂

  60. forthefrills says:

    New curveball: Chefs have to swap ingredients halfway through!

  61. Mynameonlynotyours says:

    There is no R in sake. Please learn to correctly pronounce sake. Not sarkay

  62. Matthew Brookes says:


  63. Smartphone Cinematic says:

    Make food that came from the Food Wars : Shokugeki no Soma… (its an anime)
    Some creative recipe's that u can found in there
    That might be great

  64. Shahira Omar says:

    Ben getting a erection by food

  65. injgeri says:

    For some reason, I can`t stop watching your videos… but something is a bit off – is Jamie wearing mascara? 🙂

  66. Christina N. says:

    I love this in-depth series, guys!

  67. eilish nash says:

    You should try a traditional Irish Stew

  68. Callam Pugh says:

    Hey can we have a chefs Vs normal food battle all 3 normals Vs 2 chefs

  69. sasaki ai says:

    So when are you guys actually coming to Japan?

  70. Noodah says:

    Who here imagined wolverine but in the form of sake

  71. Henry Hermawan says:

    How is this "japanese food" pairing??? But credits due, i feel so hungry now…

  72. princessrose17 says:

    have a meet up/come visit Vancouver BC, Canada! I would love to meet you guys and hey, if you want i'll let you borrow my kitchen for cooking/filming. (only condition is i get a taste of what you cook! yum)

  73. Faultty says:

    Tobiko is flying fish roe. Salmon roe is salmon roe.

  74. Nigel Romabau says:

    💥💥❤️❤️🌸⚡️🌼 🌟 ⚡️💜💜💜 🌼 🌟 ⚡️🌼 🌟🌸💙💙💥💥 Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.

    He promised to also heal your body. (Just ask Him)

  75. MalAddict says:

    I feel like Ebbers might have been a tiny bit tipsy by the end…

  76. Kayla Gates says:

    Do a trip to Australia and come to Darwin to try our amazing seafood including Crocodile and Barramundi! Would love to see what you guys do with something Kakadu Plum.

  77. JumpsRightIn - says:

    Jamie looks like this youtuber I found called Enes Batur

  78. TheLifeOfJonat says:

    I'm currently wearing the same shirt that Jamie is wearing!

  79. Eve Lambrick says:

    I swear Jamie has the nicest teeth I've ever seen

  80. Beth Robertson says:

    Can you do a pairing or face off or something outside London? like please? You can get the train… easy!

  81. GermanBeestrd says:

    I swear some of the ways yall across the pond pronounce certain things, I think you say it that way just to fuck with Americans. Hairloom? Not heirloom?

  82. Amy Rotella says:

    The first vidéo of the Japanese restaurants in London you all tried are better authentic than the ones in New York. I didn't quite like the restaurants in New York, more like the made up Japanese cooking. I loved the Japanese Restaurants in London. Can't wait to see what kind of Japanese cooking Ben and James will do on Sunday.

  83. noemi giambattista says:

    I love you all, but please do not roll spaghetti or fettuccine on the spoon. it's allowed only if they are in broth

  84. Joyce Wadzinski says:

    The only two sakes I’m used to is the one I keep for cooking (esp. braising) and the one my mom gets for New Years. You’d think being Japanese I’d have extensive knowledge but sake never seemed like much to me. Until recently, and esp. from this video. I took screenshots when the video had the sake and the notes I’d think I’d like most, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to try. Awesome video, humorous and so entertaining, better than tv series lately. Good job, and THANK YOU for taking the time to pronounce it right, accent aside, I can’t stand when people call it “Sah-kee.”

  85. Z.M 161 says:

    Is it just me or does Ben (kinda) reminds me of Rev Chris from JOLLY???

  86. joonlee says:

    What camera do you guys use to film and take photos?

  87. Rachel Leung says:

    Could sorted do a collab with Korean Englishman ?

  88. bigstupidgrin says:

    I miss oysters 🙁

  89. RokstarGene Gaming says:

    But why pair a sake with Korean food? We have soju and makguli lol

  90. Lady Berd says:

    James' fashion sense in this! That is an awesome trench coat

  91. Miraj Desai says:

    Your videos always makes me hungry.

  92. MrTingles says:

    "Lure" is such a baller name for a seafood restaurant that i might have to steal it for my D&D game…

  93. Lady Berd says:

    I need more vids like this where the boys go out to posh places so that I can drool over James' fashion sense…stan a fashionista chef!

  94. Anna B says:

    How much time transpires between each restaurant? If they're literally going straight to one from another – how do they do it? I'd be absolutely full and tipsy after the first one! Surely this must be filmed over the course of a couple of days.

  95. cutecheerfreak1 says:

    Let Ben have his cocktail!

  96. cutecheerfreak1 says:

    I just recently got into saké I love wines and whiskeys so it just seems natural lol so good and at least here in the states it can be pretty cheap for good quality

  97. Archie Carnes says:

    You should come to Texas and do a BBQ challenge

  98. Keiden Cheung says:

    Anyone know what lens the boys are using for the photography?

  99. Mag Eirvinne says:

    Ben was so cute and tipsy 😀

  100. Audrey Stielstra says:

    Is it weird that I felt really bad for Barry when Jamie ate the whole burrata right in front of his face. Why does everyone feel the need to pick on Barry

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