Chicago’s Best Pizza: Al’s Pizza

in the battle for think cross supremacy
I seek out the Masters and no one’s been doing it better or for longer but now is
pizza and Warrenville just good news for me bad news for you Brittany how you doing how you doing are you
doing tell us a little bit about Al’s pizza in
1959 my grandfather al started this pizza place say thank you boys
you guys have great customers we do we have like great fans they told us on
email on Twitter and on Facebook including Christina who said you have
the best thin crust yeah we should try and make some pizzas feel there cuz it
would be pretty we came all the way here and I said Katie thanks so much for
talking to us this is the first episode ever on Chicago’s best we’re gonna make
absolutely no food so why you Chicago’s best thin crust
we’ve been doing the same thing my grandpa did it passed it on to my mom
now to turn over to me consistency and loyalty techniques made in pizza heaven
it really honestly is all right Katie now it’s time to make the pizza
Justin pizza we’re talking about you can’t make pizza without a couple
different things cheese and sauce grab that a couple of secret spices if I tell
you what’s in there I have to kill you you know what the amount of times I have
heard that I guess well I’m still here now I guess nobody’s told you anything
start blending he’s hit shots fired he wasn’t lying when he say he’s gonna kill
me on to the cheats before we get started
what is this that’s where the ash of the problem employees go why is this on top
of that cheeseburger you know what so last stage we’ve done our sauce with
our cheese now it’s time to make damn pizza this is where it’s done
stretch it out I bet for a first time with Silla Snacks – three big scoops
cheese it up oh yeah bench full pinch these guys are smart
pull finally onto our toppings definitely pepperoni I love me some
pepperoni pepperonis good throw it on down the yellow me do all the work over
here man you’re just doing such a great job
oh yeah that’s ready to go how long do you think I’ll take 20 minutes just
enough time for me to finish these yeah grab a cup of best hey how you doing
good how are you good can I get two goose island IPA thank you first off what’s the deal with next-door
because I love that you can get the beers over there bring them over here
you can take your pizza and eat it over there just don’t let the door hit you on
the way in or out don’t blink oh wait chicken oh I love
you guys pan cook it’s on a pan but it’s still thin crust there’s still a crunch
but it’s airy at the same time it’s the way it’s always been
well the pepperoni adds an extra dimension to it I love the way that the
fattiness of it breaks down and it eases all over the cheese who doesn’t love
grease I love the grease but nothing cuts through the grease with pepperoni
like a goose I’m with APA I well here’s to you here’s your fellas pizza and to
mum as well hey Bret I don’t know what kind of thing for us you’re having right
now but it sure as hell ain’t this say thank you very much boys thank you very

100 comments on “Chicago’s Best Pizza: Al’s Pizza”

  1. David Welsh says:

    This is one of my favorite Chicago's Best clips. Katie Hoppenwrath is a hot lady.. and I so hope to one day eat at her place someday.

  2. David Hernandez says:

    what is that final spice they put on top of the pepperoni?

  3. Puppy Alvin says:

    Thin Crust!!!! LOVE!!! I need to go!

  4. Jens Lyn says:

    Those pizzas are nothing but fat

  5. Jacob _ says:

    katie could get this diugh

  6. may God save xxtentacion says:

    Dominoes pan pizza is better

  7. pennywise the dancing clown says:

    That pizza looks delicious!!

  8. Gordon Bain says:

    This looks excellent. The French (where I live) don't understand pizza at all. Ementhal instead of Mozarella, FFS!

  9. julle huu says:

    aah too greasy

  10. Red Blue40 says:

    my favorite pizza….pepperoni…lil red pepper flake…good breakfast for the soul

  11. Horse From Hell says:

    Sex mama

  12. Kakarotto says:

    So let me get this straight. Pizza sauce from a tin, machine flattened dough and 3 scoops of pizza sauce? How the fuck can anyone think that's good

  13. KING ISAIAH says:

    OMG looks so good!:O

  14. Dave says:

    …Fucking hipsters and your IPA's…

  15. ROXY24ification says:

    That chick has them all by the balls

  16. Will Wyatt says:

    Ingredients look pretty cheap

  17. Moaz says:

    That granddaughter's pretty hot and lowkey cute too.

  18. Curly Savv says:

    Im sorry but to me the host is such a fucking dickhead…

  19. GuidoAnchovy B says:

    I'd bang Katie

  20. Russel Mack says:

    Killer looking pie … and I bet my eyes don't deceive !

  21. the MadHater says:

    She's good looking. I like her.

  22. Dilan Ross says:

    20 minutes?? What do you have that heat on??

  23. Mark Donovan says:

    I’d rather eat Katie than the pizza

  24. Supreme leader Snoke says:

    Shit load of msg

  25. Supreme leader Snoke says:

    Fuck this host is shit

  26. Ryan Costello says:

    my favorite thin crust place, going there makes me feel proud to be from chicago

  27. fancydeeldo fafa says:

    i'd pork her in the pecker

  28. Footballrap says:

    Chicago’s best? More like Chicago’s worst

  29. Luca Savu says:

    Al's pizza is the best

  30. Mike Baxter says:

    took WAAAY to long to get interesting

  31. BigMoneyGrip says:

    Id go there to eat that. Id try the Pizza too!

  32. Inferno says:

    Can a better beer sporsor thiss show ? ffs thats shit is nasty, my friend bet me 50$ i can t drink one and he won

  33. James Davis says:

    Al Bundy's place!!! And she is kinda hot. I agree. I can think of freaky pizza sauce related things to do to her. But I can see she is a true misandrist and hates men by the way she continually calls them "boys"; that is bad sign. All those MEN in her kitchen better lock down the penis unless they want get 20 years of indentured servitude. Go MGTOW!!!!

  34. The Organ Donor says:

    They dont make fresh sauce wtf

  35. a b says:

    Too much pepperoni and too thin crust for my taste
    Id eat it anyways tho

  36. Paul Shangkuan says:

    Chicago has some of the best food around. If I lived there I would literally be overweight

  37. mugensamurai says:

    Man, all those guys spoke in unison like they were from a Nazi barrack. She runs a tight ship. Like a Nazi mistress. Firm, spicy, and humorous. Oh and the pizza looks good by the way.

  38. google franek says:

    canned pizza….looks like sh..t

  39. kohzabest says:

    Pretty sure 60% of us don’t live in Chicago

  40. P byas says:

    the owner is hot but the channel did nothing as food prgm

  41. Trevor Rotan says:

    Sooo, I’m crushing on Katie.

  42. Sweegy Swag says:

    Man that looks like some crispy ass pizza:)

  43. Mike V says:

    Is it better then Pizza hut

  44. Mike V says:

    That cheese looks amazing

  45. Lopido says:

    Arnies is better

  46. Merican Headbanger says:

    Holy Hell sausage pizza! Chicago sausage pizza! Go put some ketchup on a hot dog!

  47. Tony Samson says:


  48. Moaz says:

    Katie is hella pretty man!

  49. Aasim Ahmed says:

    Chicago false reviews in this channel

  50. venkata mangina says:

    Shes like tv star

  51. Tony Samson says:

    Yum nothing cuts threw the grease huh like way over priced beer. Wat a slob, that's wat paper towels r 4 moron.

  52. thought police says:

    goddamn that pizza looks so good

  53. Mike Bird says:

    One of my favorite episodes as far as best looking 🍕

  54. 9,999,999,999 views says:

    Oh man the thumbnail is perfection. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  55. Bob Donovan says:

    I muted the video and Elliott Bambrough is still annoying.

  56. Ant John says:

    Yeah my pizza didn’t come out that way

  57. marko27513 says:

    boxed cheese and canned sauce? no thanks. oh and the host here is shit. looks like an 8 year old boy with elephantitus…

  58. Alex ander says:

    The guy hosting this is really bad at his job . And annoying as fuck. I hope he reads this

  59. Robert matheny says:

    Pizza is still the best around. thanks guys.

  60. Volcano Blue says:

    This is not the best pizza in Chicago….. this is not even close to Chicago either….

  61. Fish Mann says:

    1:22 And then you would go to prison … over stupid spices.

  62. Fish Mann says:

    1:25 You're "still here" … because nobody told you their precious "secret stupid recipe" , you dolt!

  63. Fish Mann says:

    Does any restaurant in Shitcago use gloves while preparing food?

  64. Fish Mann says:

    2:10 another Health Code violation, by the ignoramus host.

    You can not eat food while preparing food!
    Do you know why, ignoramus host?

    Because your filthy fingers are touching the SPIT on your filthy mouth … and then you are preparing people's food with those spit fingers!
    F YOU!

  65. united we stand says:

    went out with a milf and pizza.

  66. Tashun Kosapa says:

    American shit pizza

  67. B Kay says:

    That looks like the best pizza. Omg I want it.

  68. Curtistine Miller says:


  69. Sydney Austin says:

    Send tgat reciept to Cali Colombia!..(They could really use it here).looks Yummy

  70. Jim Gerth says:

    Damn Macklemore really went downhill

  71. Henry Void says:

    did he just salt that pizza? it already has way too much cheese and pepperonis, why on earth you would need more sodium on that

  72. Red Blue40 says:

    thats my favorite …pepperoni

  73. Karim Mohamed says:


  74. // Ritvik says:

    We get worst pizza here in india Dominos or pizza hut really don't how make a good pizza here

  75. alldaydrae says:

    That ain’t nothing but Donatos pizza 😂

  76. Aaron Nelson says:

    Is every pizza place in Chicago, the best pizza place in Chicago?

  77. Danny Muro says:

    I've seen a lot of your guys episodes and man this pizza by far looks damn right the best yummmmmmmy.

  78. Bro Nemesis says:

    Suburban pizza…

  79. Bro Nemesis says:

    50 miles from city center of Chicago…maybe a suburban best.

  80. ZeroWolf says:

    Hoppenwrath has fermented to perfection

  81. Chuy Chuy says:

    Wtf where is marley

  82. Jack Lee says:

    페퍼로니가 진리지

  83. XtremeZone says:

    What a cool chick… the owner chick seems like she would be a hoot to work with.

  84. IRIDIUM says:

    But is the pizza boneless ?

  85. Country Living says:

    Be ware cash only

  86. Cole Thornton says:

    Looks delicious but there is a point where too much pepperoni doesn't make it better. It just makes it too salty.

  87. Berserk Highlander says:

    Canned tomato sauce?

  88. Larry Becker Jr says:

    she is one Hot pizza chick!!!

  89. captain john Rambo says:

    I wanna marry katie.. pizza is my favorite

  90. Hated Critic says:

    Not enough sauce

  91. Hungry Haus says:

    If you want the boys to say thank you very much… throw a few bucks their way. I always ask for pie cut and Katie obliges. I compare all others to Al's… NO ONE IS BETTER! I get a shout out on the graph for recommending.

  92. Исхак Асаев says:

    Findig a job an America pizza tel +79014265394 WhatsApp

  93. Jays Raps4eva says:

    chicago must have some of the fattest unhealthiest people in the world…fo real

  94. JOE MAMA says:

    Okay dude your vids wereon my recommended and I was like should I sub and then again I saw your videos and I was like I already love this and instantly subbed 😂

  95. James Lee says:

    Now thats a pepperoni f*n pizza

  96. SilenT_ SkilLeD says:

    Why did i watch this im hjngry and its nighttime.

  97. Ethan Donald '20 says:

    She better than the pizza

  98. Jt C says:

    Easily the best looking thin or whatever

  99. tom sawyer says:

    al's pizza is great sauce, it makes the pizza.

  100. Truth Triggers says:

    Pepperoni should be put under the cheese so that the cheese can get browned, jut my opinion.

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