Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: Green Tea Japanese Restaurant

(fun exciting music) (slow rhythmic music) It’s been quite a while since
we featured a sushi spot here on Chicago’s Best. But, of course, the show
is all about you guys, so you ask and
you shall receive. Neena told us about this
little spot in Lincoln Park that she says has her absolute
favorite sushi by far. Well Neena, we’re here,
let’s get our roll on. (fun rock music) We heard that you
guys have great sushi. – Fish come in the morning
in Japan, from China, from Thailand. Sushi and coffee in the
morning everyday, tastes good. (laughing) – Out of all the rolls
you have on the menu, which one should we make today? – [Isao] Spicy Chicago crazy
roll. Tuna, salmon, albacore tuna, red snapper, spicy fish
egg on the outside and we make a triangle. – [Man] What! – [Isao] We just wanna
do something different. – Let’s go get our
triangle rolls on. (fun exciting music) I don’t feel like I can
make the roll unless I have the proper uniform on. Time out! Time in! I’m officially part of the team. Isao, you’re gonna walk me
through how to do all this, and Kur is gonna step in
with a handy knife for me because I’m not trusted. First thing’s first, spreading
sushi rice on our seaweed. How am I looking, guys? – [Isao] You’re hired. – I’m hired, I got a new gig! Oh, brother. Next up, our first
seafood, spicy red tobiko. I’m counting seafood two,
three, and four right now, but those are some
very sharp knives, so Kur, you got this? – Yes. – Okay, yes, that was
a semiconfident yes but we’re gonna go with it,
it’s still safer than me. – [Isao] Red snapper,
tuna, salmon. – Isao gets the fish,
Kur cuts the fish, I gently place the fish
inside the roll, tough job. Hey, you’re stepping on my gig. (laughing)
– [Kur] Sorry. – Time to roll and pinch. Ouch! Eh, it’s a lopsided triangle. I think I’ll just
throw in my uniform and let the masters
take it from here. (exciting fun music) Guys, this is
Neena, we found her! Neena, you brought us here. – Yes, I did! – So, what do you
love about Green Tea? – Everything, the
best sushi in town. – It’s shaped like a
triangle, it’s really neat, it’s got a couple
different fish in it. – Tuna and all the
different kinds of salmon, and because it’s so fresh,
it just makes a difference. – We’re sitting
at the sushi bar, it’s BYOB, so I
brought some rose. I think that we should
start with what I made. Cheers. (fun exciting music) It’s so delicious, I’m
trying to distinguish all the different flavors. – Salmon, we put
tuna, white tuna, and a red snapper. – The fish eggs on the outside,
it’s a little bit different. I absolutely love the sushi. Tell me, why is Green Tea
Restaurant Chicago’s best? – We not just making food,
we’re creating the art. – And it’s BYOB. (exciting energetic music) – See you tomorrow!

12 comments on “Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: Green Tea Japanese Restaurant”

  1. Bradley Savage says:

    What was that noise at like 1:15?

  2. Luis vlogs says:

    i miss the old host

  3. DionysusAlS says:


  4. Johannes Schmidt says:


  5. Ocean says:

    Why are they wearing Hawaiian themed shirts? When it's a traditional japanese sushi restaurant? it looks wrong & tacky

  6. etoiles majeur says:

    Wasn't sure until now but this chick has giant tits.

  7. David & Barbara Mielke says:

    Not Japanese sushi!

  8. Robert Kumaki says:

    No. This is not Japanese. It is Thai, which is becoming all-too prevalent among Thai restauranteurs. I'd kill for more decent Thai places in town before eating at a fake sushi place.

  9. Jdcie says:

    1:18 No QC on these things, eh?

  10. keithtko says:

    Sure look different from Japanese sushi.

  11. Fuzzy McBabyHead says:

    That woman at the end triggered my yellow fever

  12. ZAYTEN says:

    Ewwwe Parker

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