Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: Mariscos La Sirena

(fun energetic music) – When you’ve been doing
this job for five years, it’s sometimes tricky coming
up with fresh things to say about new restaurants. Luckily, Glenda’s got my back. When you think about
restaurants, especially
great seafood, you don’t have to
venture much farther, Mariscos La Sirena. Glenda, next dollar
oyster bar, it’s on me. (exciting fun music) Angel, do you know
anywhere around here that serves good seafood? – Oh yeah, totally, totally. – What’s the name of the place? – Marsicos La Sirena. – Mariscos La Sirena. – Mariscos La Sirena,
I know where I’m at. (laughing) – She knows where she’s at. What can they expect when
they walk through those doors and swim in the seas
of your restaurant? – The best seafood
in all of Chicago. – That is a hell of a buoy! You’re just flopping
into the sea right there. I’d normally say a stake in
the ground, but because this is
our seafood episode, there’s gonna be a (beep)
ton of seafood gags. (fun lighthearted music) What would be a good reflection
of what you guys do here? – You came here to
try the Cucarachasa, Langostinos, or
the Pina Rellena, one of the most famous plates
we serve at this restaurant. – That last one, Jaime suggested
that we come here and have that. So that should be what we make. Am I gonna be cooking with you
or working with someone else? – You’re gonna be with Alfredo. – Does he like seafood gags? – [Angel] Oh, yeah, very much. – Awesome! – Very much. (fun rhythmic music) – Angel informs that
you love seafood jokes. If I say something stupid,
you’ll actually laugh? – Yeah, I promise I will. – Well, that’s all ready
a good start because I didn’t say anything funny
and he’s all ready laughing. We’re also not just
stupidly funny show, we’re a little bit educational. So the name of the dish
we’re making today is? – Pina Rellena. – Which roughly translates
into stuffed pineapple. – Correct, yeah. – [Elliott] Thank me later! – [Man] Thank you very much. – [Elliott] Our stuffed
pineapple starts with mushrooms, peppers, and of
course, more pineapple. – [Alfredo] A little seasoning. – Aye aye, Skipper. There’s another seafood gag. (bell ringing)
(cheering) Now for our star ingredients,
shrimp and octopus. This is where, Alfredo, I
won’t shake it up in the air and pretend to
impress you because I don’t wanna lose any
pieces of octopus or shrimp. With a dash of cream, it’s
time to load up our boat. Aha, final thing,
some cheese on top. My ship’s about to sail, so I’ll see you at high
tide out in the restaurant. (bell ringing) God, I’m killin’ it with
the seafood gags. Don’t leave me hanging! Alright! (rhythmic music) – I’m a pineapple lover, so
when I saw it in the pineapple, I was like, oh my
god, what is that? The moment I saw the cheese,
I was like, oh, I’m sold. – How would you tackle
a dish like that? – Full force, head
first, actually. – [Elliott] Full
force, head first! – Dig right into it, make
sure you get enough pineapple with it and then come
on right back up. Kind of like you’re diving,
you know, a little dive. – See, I’m not the only one
with the seafood gags today. You could charter this
thing in Lake Michigan, in Chicago on the weekend. Should we dive off the deep end. – [Alfredo] Let’s
get into it, yeah. (fun playful music) – The cheese through the
cream, through the vegetables and through the
pineapple in there, and then when you finally hit
the shrimp and the octopus, it doesn’t get any
better than that! (laughing) – [Alfredo] Couldn’t have
said it better myself, man. Glad you liked it. – To seafood, to you. – Cheers. – To my terrible gags. (fun exciting music)

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