Chicago’s Best Seafood: Oyster Bah

(upbeat music) – We just rolled into Lincoln
Park to check out Oyster Bah. Jody says it’s a must
try and our Jeep compass perfectly fits today’s
seafood color scheme. We’re trying a roll that has
crab, lobster, and shrimp. Sounds like a match
made in heaven to me. (upbeat music) – Oyster Bah. I’m
not saying it wrong? – No, you’re saying it right. – Saying it right. Bah! – Not too far from the car. – It was a very
sophisticated oyster bar, but we thought we’d add a
little bit of fun to it, a little bit of funk
and remind people that it’s definitely an
East Coast type place. – I love the food,
but more importantly, I love the environment. – If you’ve ever been
to anything East Coast, it kinda brings that in. The decor is awesome.
The Oyster Club, when you have your first
oyster, you get put on the wall. – I love it and I
cannot get sick of it. – It’s a unique combination
of really high-quality seafood that you usually only find
in coastal restaurants or fine dining
restaurants in Chicago. – [Marley] And you guys
bring in all the seafood? – Seven days a week. – Where’s it come from? – O’Hare. (laughs) – The airport. It
comes from the airport. – It comes from
all over the world. (swanky music) – So today, we’re gonna
shuck some oysters, and then we’re doing
a seafood roll. – [Bill] Yes, the
star of the show. It’s our number
one selling item. It’s I think why you’re here. – It is. People sent us for it. – It’s Chicago’s, dare say the
nation’s best seafood roll. – (Gasp) You just went
up above Chicago’s Best? – I did, I did. – My whole family really
enjoys it and it’s always one of our top choices. – The food tastes as if
you’re on the Atlantic Coast, ’cause it’s so fresh. – It’s the most authentic New
England place here in Chicago. – And your chef has
been here since day one? – [Bill] You know, he
came in the one day, and he interviewed for
a job carrying nothing but a backpack and a
bottle of hot sauce, and the hot sauce kinda sold it. – I carry hot sauce in my purse. – Oh yeah? – Tiny Tabasco’s
everywhere I go. – That’s the coolest
(bleep) story I’ve heard in my entire life,
that’s insane. (upbeat music) – Teach me how to shuck. – Okay. Here is your oyster. – [Marley] Okay. – [Bill] Get to
know your oyster. – I’m getting to
know you. Hello. – This is an Island
Creek oyster. Put the knife in and you
wanna wiggle it in be gentle. – [Marley] Be gentle. – [Bill] Talk to your
oyster and it will pop open. – [Marley] Ta-dah!
Should I add hot sauce? – Four Letter Hot Sauce,
also Chicago’s best. Cheers. – Cheers. – [Marley] That’s
some good hot sauce. All right, I’m gonna go meet
the maker of your hot sauce. – Let’s go. – And make that seafood roll. (upbeat music) – Alright, Donny,
we got some pretty delicious looking seafood here. – [Donny] So we put,
not only Maine lobster, but we also add gulf shrimp
and Alaskan king crab to ours, get a
depth of flavor that no other restaurants do. – Not just a standard
lobster roll. We’ve gone full New
England on this. – That’s right. – [Marley] Walk me
through the process. – [Donny] You can
add your king crab. – [Marley] All right. – [Donny] Shrimp, and
you can add your lobster. – Okay. – [Donny] Some fresh cut
celery, we add chives to ours. – Little more punch. – Pump up the jam. – [Marley] Little
more, pump up the jam! Yes, that was such a great song. ♪Pump up the jam, pump it up, ♪ while you feet are stompin – [Donny] A squeeze of a lemon, a tablespoon of mayonnaise,
mix it all together. You don’t wanna have too much
mayonnaise so it’s heavy. – [Marley] Ah, yeah. – We serve it up on a
toasted New England bun, it’s a local baker
does it for us. So we’re gonna toast this guy up with some butter
on the flat-top. – [Marley] Tell me
name of the hot sauce. What is the inspiration? – [Donny] Four Letter Hot
Sauce, I used to swear a lot, so my parents used to put
hot sauce on my tongue to keep me from swearing,
and now I have an affinity for hot sauce and four letter
words. Thanks, Mom and Dad. – Four Letter Word Hot
Sauce makes a lotta sense. – [Donny] That’s it. – [Marley] Do you put
it on the seafood roll? – [Donny] I put it on
pretty much everything. It’s great on oysters, it’s
great on eggs, burritos. – So it’s acceptable if I
put it on the seafood roll? – Yeah, please do,
the more the merrier. – Totally doing it. (rock music) – I see food, let’s eat it. – Okay. (laughs) – Just crack myself
up over here. Can I eat this roll?
It looks amazing. – Did you make the both
of them or just mine? – [Bill] That’s
pretty darn good. – [Marley] I took an
inappropriately large TV bite, sorry about that, it’s so
good, and I love that you get a little different mix of
the seafood with each bite. I need that hot sauce,
I promised Donny that I’d put some on. – [Marley] This was delicious. – [Bill] Every place, whether
you’re seafood or not, has a lobster roll,
but it’s like a hotdog. Like, hotdogs are all good, but
a Chicago hotdog is the best When you add the king
crab, gulf shrimp and you kiss it with
some mayonnaise, it’s like turning this lobster
roll into Chicago’s best. – I love your logic there. – I mean. – Cheers to the Chicago’s
Best seafood roll. – Cheers.

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