Chicago’s Best Seafood: The Angry Crab

angry crab hangry hosts the perfect
combination we’re in West Rogers Park for some seafood that’s finger lickin
good we had suggestions for the anger crab
from people on Facebook on email and our rap in particular Mitch said that we
needed to come here and get messy what the hell goes on to the angry crabs it’s
a secret style Cajun restaurant and come in here you order a bag of seafood that
everything’s boiled with our special house seasonings and just dig in no
utensils no plates just use your hands you will get messy in one way or another
you can’t wear dressy clothes here look at you it’s messy you did good I see
there are a couple of spots but you know I mean prepared you know no jewelry the
hairs back and we’re a shirt that can get dirty they should have a shower the
bats is there anywhere else you’ve had more fun and got this messy with your
clothes on no what kind of vibe do you have here like people see a pretty
closed pores it’s BYOB with the fury of limited into like the seafood eating and
the music plane that we have just the energy of the place the food is just
incredible the flavors were unbelievable definitely let’s the seafood BC this is
the best place for good shellfish what’s the spread of the seafood you guys we
have a lot of seafood here raw fish we have snow crab legs king crab legs we
have a clams mussels shrimp whole lobster lobster claws everything comes
to by the pound if your secret lovers is a perfect place to go so I understand you can pick what you
put in your bag right yeah for the table I definitely want some of these bad boys
king crab and RAM and snow crab what else do you think we should throw in
there it’s throw some hailers some headless wah
Hailey’s shrimp oh just get the light found me let’s throw some mussels dude
add some corn and potatoes yes I think we have a win right there we have two
plus is that you’re speaking to an idiot right now what does two clusters meme I
told you get two too late too late oh yes grab that muscle did he call me
muscles or do you say grab the muscles grab the most that’s why three set all
right you gonna do the honor sure in a pot now now hit that timer
which one six six is three minutes by the way hey how to confuse an idiot now
grab a pound the kings Taylor shrimps remember this drop it in and launch code
activated and now it’s the waiting game why do you have a hole in your t-shirt
he’s angry you have to save this stretch of Lincoln from the carnage of angry
crabs the Cloverfield there’s one breaking him right now when you unstuck
the crabs from getting in come and try what seafoods ready and in go the
potatoes and corn time to get sauce just two thoughts House Cajun and garlic
butter I’m terrible making decision let’s go both we hit it with some spices
and bag it up Josh little Sophie with seafood goes on
yes or should I say chlorine claw and look at that oh my god
look at that steam screw the steam look at all that nice and in that it’s just a
pack full of flavor spicy look how big these mussels are they’re huge they’re
enormous I’m talking right now no sorry you can taste all the secret
that’s been kicked through the house boiling system non-stop garlic I could
drink that sauce up by itself and the way you guys eat it here you can’t help
but enjoy yourself with the bib on you think that’s one of reasons it makes
you Chicago’s best I think it’s everything it has to do with the
experience the sauce and just coming here and just the vibe conveyed oh you
can’t beat it guys I want to see pictures of you getting messy don’t
forget to tag us in at Chicago’s best TV take a napkin

100 comments on “Chicago’s Best Seafood: The Angry Crab”

  1. rob andone says:

    Almost worth going to Chicago and getting shot just to try this. Almost.

  2. Brandon Yu says:

    When u take crab that was previously cooked and frozen, reheat it again, it gets mushy.

  3. Ashley Kem says:

    Fuck the British guy host!

  4. Ashley Kem says:

    Almost forgot 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. William Brasky says:

    0:47 u can see the homosexuality oozing out between these two

  6. Nick Tovey says:

    That host is annoying & ugly af. Sweaty face for a food show. Fk off.

  7. Stephanie SC says:

    Too much seasonings 🙁 , you probably couldn't taste the seafood. Melted butter is just right for me, nothing else.

  8. Julio Hernandez says:

    now that's how you eat seafood.

  9. 박상복 says:

    놀러오세요…b ^ ^

  10. Anthony Smith says:

    I would love to go there

  11. lonbites says:

    I'm vietnamese and my distant relatives own the boiling crab, We asked if we can franchise it in Houston, TX he said 1mil to franchise…..fuhhhh

  12. Chang Charlie says:

    how can any frozen seafood taste good?

  13. milincoln says:

    The food looks ok but the way they eat it looks nasty. I like walls with out graffiti. And I like plates and flatware.

  14. Cibi nandan Kannan says:

    please don't use plastic bag with hot will spoil the taste and cause health issues…..use some other theme like clay pot or banana leaf…

  15. Chi_towndre says:

    Overrated place

  16. Reimi Ronra Shimray says:

    I bet it will b damn good

  17. Tam Tran says:

    0:51 Dem Eyes doe

  18. Aydrian Martinez says:

    Wanker host

  19. edidnac ondo says:

    oh my God whyyyy watching this with a hungry stomach.😭😭😭😂😂😂..

  20. theCrpldOrphnPrjct says:

    My cousin took me here; but one in AZ. I am going to the market today yo; la viga mercado. the 2nd LARGEST SEAFOOD MARKET IN THE WORLD; i just found out about it
    i have been craving a bag of seafood for weeks; tomorrow im making a feast for me and my squeeze. Yall jealous? It is going to be insane an none of you are invited

  21. technologic says:

    aah nothing more carcinogenic then putting fresh boiling food in a plastic bag

  22. alan says:

    basically frozen seafood then they put a sauce on it to make u crave it THAT SIMPLE

  23. Martin Cristobal says:

    Kind of awkward to have another seafood joint right beside it… Unless it's a different concept idk.

  24. Cake Popz says:

    Looks more like a corrupted crab

  25. M Ouija says:

    They got their gimmick game at max level and I'm not gonna lie, the food looks tasty. Those prices are really high, even for a seafood spot in the midwest. Makes me feel fortunate to have grown up in New England where we take fresh seafood for granted.

  26. dana taylor says:

    Shrimp out of a bag? How is that fresh?

  27. Willie Lindquist says:

    This place is insane. Best food and hell went all in by myself sampled it all. Everything was great and the sauce was nuts. I'm not too sure what people are thinking to be honest.. 🤔🤔 plus seafood in Chicago or any city is expensive.. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  28. Dantheman says:

    damn i never thought i could hate the taste of the lower classes but here we go!! The only think that is missing is an indian chef who refuses to use toilet paper because his culture tells him not to!°!

  29. シラスナショウジ says:

    I hope "Angry Crab" comes to Tokyo.

  30. Audrey Williams says:

    This guy is annoying!!!

  31. Dana Patillo says:

    Lol this is how I crab boil, toss your seafood, potatoes corn, sausage in an oven turkey bag pour any sauce you like shake and eat. I to know how to make this garlic sauce used in the video?

  32. zoltannd says:

    why no liquor permit ?

  33. Kool_Dee23 says:

    I really hate this host…, Eillott such a moron…..

  34. Joel Walker says:

    So a restaurant for low class trash, pretty much. I don't care how good the food is, the way it is presented and eaten has no class.

  35. pria agung says:

    I'm asian. it's common to eat with your hand in my country. just wash your hand before eating

  36. MixVids II says:

    I mean it could be delicious but frozen shellfish

  37. Raghib Rashiq Haque says:

    This video made me hungry

  38. shazman03 ya boy says:

    what is the music used in the video? please answer

  39. Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl says:

    yum yum yummmm

  40. MiAH says:

    So we all gonna act like Josh ain't fine?… OK 😂💋❤💞

  41. Aaqib Zia says:

    This guy is awesome..great host..I love him..oh yeah!!!

  42. Donald Blankenship says:

    I hate the "1-10" numbering system, but without having been there, that Angry Crab looks like a 10.

  43. Wally Baby says:

    This look so good how can I get this in Washington state

  44. Dana Patillo says:

    How can I make.that garlic sauce it's very thick?

  45. Chris Taylor says:

    It looks very nice, but its not a very civilized was to eat.

  46. Lilbike Subscribe Now says:

    Bring a fork & be happy lame ass people

  47. Twyla Hill says:

    I tried them, I drove 3 hrs…. They where Good but not be the Best…

  48. Brian A Heise, MD says:

    frozen? really? Losers!

  49. Patrick Genge says:

    I prefer The Boiler. Same concept I just really like the fresh food from The Boiler in Skokie.

  50. Too Much Drip says:

    I really want to punch this host in the face

  51. Dr Rizwan Khan says:


  52. Emmanuel Dorasme says:

    They don’t even wash the seafood

  53. Tanea Miles says:

    We have Angry crabs in AZ as well best place ever for seafood

  54. Dolores Renee says:

    Absolutely delicious. When we went I got headless shrimp and the crab clusters. Sausage potato and corn. My bag was about $40 for a pound of the shrimp and a pound of crab at MP. Worth every penny.

  55. Barrie says:

    wtf. everything is cooked frozen. that’s real shitty.

  56. Stepan Sonnik says:

    Asian N Cajun 2
    Best in town Boiling seafood restaurant
    8121 Greenback Ln
    Fair Oaks, CA 95628
    United States

  57. kim macapinlac says:

    yum yum yum

  58. Carlos Falcon says:

    Host is a piece of trash

  59. ncsam 000000 says:

    Lmfao seafood in the middle of the country?! Nahhhhh I'm good chitcago can keep there trash seafood

  60. PRETTY JO L says:

    Seems everything is frozen and not fresh frozen doesn't taste as good

  61. Michael Sammut says:

    host needs to be kicked in the nuts

  62. Terry Baker says:

    I really like the host

  63. Pr3tty Brown Twiin says:

    Mesa, AZ Angry Crab the best and more flavors

  64. Sounds Space says:

    Imagine eating seafood underwater lol

  65. edbtzkhud says:

    Why are there so many monkeys at sea food joints? Give me a break!
    Go to red lobster and they’re all there go to Pappadeaux’s and it’s infested with them.

  66. Guy says:

    I work in the seafood industry and I’ve never understood putting sauce on crab shells. This is big in Asia as well. All it does is make a big giant mess. It’s like dipping a bag of chips into dip before taking them out of the bag

  67. Scorpio Life says:

    Why do we pay for the POUND when we don't even eat the shell? Seems like a rip off!

  68. Lakadumalikaiyai says:

    1:00 😍

  69. عبدالعزيز السبيعي says:



  70. عبدالعزيز السبيعي says:


    A little and the eye will come out 😂😭of the quarry

  71. Take444 YoYoDo says:


  72. Santiago Valencia says:

    Personally Mexican neighborhoods have much better seafood restuarants. Nayarit style

  73. N.M says:

    We have it Malaysia too and we call it "Shellout"..Same thing except for one thing,we put white rice on the table too😂

  74. Marcus Jones says:

    Guys the food at this place is ok. You want some good seafood this style Two Fish on the south side is better. Lines are horrible and they don’t seem very organized. But you want to talk about the food??? It’s two fish no question

  75. Patrick M says:

    all frozen…not impressed

  76. Seeking Pathways says:

    Is this in NYC cause this what I want?

  77. Dakota Isham says:

    Chicago gang😚😍🤗😌😛😡😽🕺💪👌🤞✌🤘🤟❤💔❤💔💕

  78. PerrySport says:

    Looks nasty.

  79. Alzabian Horne says:


  80. Mc YuCk says:

    El restaurante donde se pierde la elegancia!!

  81. Jo Jo says:

    This guy is a bumbass! Soo annoying

  82. Wouldn’t You Like to Know says:

    Seems like they went to Kroger’s and bought a ton of frozen seafood and slapped sauce to it🤷🏽‍♀️👎🏽👎🏽

  83. PhiLL Rock says:

    Are this guys Filipinos? B.Y.O.B!

  84. 1kinu T says:

    I love seafood boils. In Seattle, they (used to?) have a place in Pike's Market that did something similar to this, they gave you wooden mallets for the shells, everything was just poured onto butcher paper on the table and everyone just grabbed. I love this but can't find anywhere like this in my city or I'd be living there. Is it bad to eat seafood every day?

  85. Sylvester says:

    Though it was Spongebob

  86. Edwin Rodriguez says:

    Its always the beer that make it more delicious..I love the sounds of a popping beer..

  87. Rhea Wright says:

    You can see your tag on your car

  88. Jeff Calvin says:


  89. Sandra Rivera says:

    Yo quiero ir alli😋

  90. Trill Fairy says:

    LOWCOUNTRY IS BETTER 🙌🏾 (drops mic)

  91. Mawmosh Two says:

    Racist owners and management. Horrible customer service. Any place is better! The food is not worth the terrible treatment. Go ELSEWHERE.

  92. I'm Black & I Say So says:

    False. The best seafood in a bag is Two Fish located in Bronzeville (Chicago)

  93. Stacy Mondaine says:

    That host told me that the plastic bags they use cost to much for me them to give me a hlf pound crab for 18.99🤷🏽‍♀️

  94. The Freem Team says:

    That’s our favorite spot! Check out The Freem Team channel for more great content 🙌🏼🧡

  95. Killa Mike says:

    It looks like The Boiling Crab located in Dallas

  96. Jose De La Luz says:

    Looks disgusting! But I'm sure it's delicious 👍

  97. Santanna Family says:

    3:12 rude … this host in general always thinks he's funnier than he actually is, i'm not the type to usually comment on videos , but bro… this literally aggravated my bones. Just let the poor kid have his moment tf?

  98. BA TAK says:


  99. Scott pissed says:

    He did not just use frozen shrimp?

  100. Mawmosh Two says:


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