Chicago’s Best Stuffed Pizza: Gianna’s Pizzeria

(synthesizer music) – Tonight we’ve been
on a pizza odyssey, but it’s time for
some hometown comfort. And Michelle on
Twitter said we had to check out the pizza puff at
Gianna’s in Calumet Heights. That sounds great! We’re here for another
Chicago original. It’s time to get stuffed. Sandro, we have been
on a pizza journey, but I would just like
to say, I’m happy to be back home. – We’re happy to have you back,
Elliott. – Thank you. – [Sandro] Chicago 100
percent is a pizza town. The enthusiasm for
pizza is amazing. Family business,
grew up with it, my father started
his own pizzerias way back in the day, and I’m just kinda
carrying it on. – I’ve traveled; I’ve
eaten pizzas in Italy and other places,
but this is home. – I have numerous friends
that come all over the states and
stuff, and Chicago is by far the best. – It’s the love behind
it, that Italian base. That’s what it is. – From Chicago. (bell ding) – Ha ha ha. I’m made in Chicago. – Chicago is famous for a
lot of different varieties, one, though, that you guys
are very famous for here, which is stuffed. – Stuffed definitely is the
hearty of all the pizzas. – It’s not thin and greasy. It’s like, hearty. – Stuffed is, like, layered, and especially
Chicago is the best. – For those who get
confused, can we go through the pizza schooling
of stuffed, please? – You know, stuffed is
a deep dish, but every deep-dish is not
a stuffed pizza. Number one. So, not to confuse ya. – It’s gonna be one of those. – The stuffed pizza
is created like a pie, like an apple pie
or a cherry pie, you got a crust, your
ingredients, your cheese, another crust, and
then the sauce on top. – [Elliott] Should
we go do this? – Right on.
– Okay. – Let’s do it.
– I’m so happy to be back. Alright, Sandro, so now we’re in the pizza hub right now. – We like to keep it old school. This is old, the
oven is probably 60 to 70 years old, the
pans I got from my dad. – And you? – I’m pretty old, too. – Okay. – Alright. – Gianna’s old school
stuffed pie starts with a buttered pan. More butter? – More butter, oh yeah. Just lay it in there. – I mean a heavily-buttered pan. And, our first layer of dough. – [Sandro] So you wanna
grab some sausage. – This is where it
becomes excruciating for anyone watching TV at home. – [Sandro] Yeah,
it’s pretty slow. – [Elliott] Why
don’t you finish up, and then I’ll take
over again from there? After Sandro finishes
with the sausage, I load on two heaping
handfuls of cheese, and it’s time to turn
this deep-dish into a stuffed pie. – So now what you want to do is, so this one, you gotta
stretch it out a little bit, gotta get it nice and– – Hang on. Put your arms down! ‘Kay, do it again. (laughing) Everything’s fine, see? Now that that’s taken
care of, we give our pie the ol’ cover, cut,
pull, and pinch, and top off with
homemade tomato sauce. Why don’t you throw that
in, but before I go out, we also hear you do
another Chicago original? Pizza puffs here? – [Sandro] Oh yeah. – Drop one of those, too,
and then we’ll feast. Like Kings.
– Alright, man, you got it. – Ah, I like our little
selection going on here so far. – Yes, it’s a nice
little layout. – City of broad shoulders– – [Sandro] And deep pizza. 100 percent. That’s stuffed to
the max, my friends. – [Elliott] Enough talking? – [Sandro] Let’s eat. – Delicious, buttery crust. That spicy, sausage
blend is incredible. This is astounding,
but we can’t leave here without trying what these
guys told us about, too, which is your pizza puffs. I love that crispy
exterior, the softness, the gooey interior. And, if I haven’t
sold it enough, I’m with pizza
royalty right here. What is your
grandmother’s maiden name? – So, my grandmother’s
name is Giordano. (bell ding) – I rest my case.

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  1. Midnight Extreme Play says:

    Wait a second.
    He drove a Italian car to a pizza place

  2. staccatos says:

    All I see is tons of cholesterol

  3. r123r 8 says:

    0:21 its time to get suffed 😂😂😂

  4. Beau Sobye says:

    I just looked my name Gianna and this popped up.

  5. Neil Goldberg says:

    Oooh more excuses to try pizza *homer simpson gargling noise*. its a win win

  6. luepaw3l luepaw3l says:

    why do you get a AL car? that's a piece of shoot

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