Hey a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen I had a roast chicken yesterday, we’ve got a little bit left over I generally always have some dried
noodles in the house, I’ve got some Ramen here, I’m going to take these noodles the chicken and a few extra ingredients
and make the most delicious Miso soup, come on let me show you how Now the beauty of this dish is its
simplicity we’re just going to take 250 grams that’s about a half a pound of those Ramen noodles I’m going to put
them into boiling water and cook them just for two minutes no longer or follow the instructions on your
pack. Now whilst the Ramen noodles cook we’re just going to take a little bit of
fresh ginger and we’re just going to slice it up
into little matchsticks and we’re looking to get
little julienne strips like that I’m also going to be adding in
this wonderful broccolini plant just going to be breaking of the little
tips like this and adding it to my soup and I’ve got my chicken here as well this
is chicken breast which I’m just breaking into little
shreds like that I’m also going to take some spring onions which I’m just going
to slice up finely and I going to be using these wonderful
enochi mushrooms. Now you can get these in alot of the Asian stores and they mimic the little ginger strips I’m using they
look delicious in the soup Now as soon as those Ramen are cooked we’re just going to drain off the water and I’m going to divided these up into four bowls so about equal portions Now a quick rinse out of that pan and I’m
just going to put a liter of stock in here that’s about four cups of
chicken stock, then over to the stove and we’re just bring this up to the boil Now as your chicken stock comes up to a
boil we want to take a quarter of a cup of miso I’ve got a red miso here just going to pop that in and we’re going to dissolve that down in the chicken stock the into that stock I’m going to add my
broccolini and we just going to cook this for a couple
of minutes along with those little juliennes of
ginger we don’t overcook them just until they’re
tender and now we’re ready to plate up I’m
going to take some of these shredded pieces of chicken here just going to lay them across the top the
noodles also going to pop some of the enochi mushrooms on top I’m going to garnish that with some of my
spring onions or shallots whatever you like to call them and then we’ll bring our broth over from
the side I’m going to lift some of those vegetables out and pop them in the bowl then we’re going to pour some of the broth
over the top the noodles and if you like a little bit of nori
seaweed just dropped some flakes over the top of that Now that little broccolini had a flower
on top I popped that one on the top there and there you have that wonderful bowl of
chicken soup with that miso and all the flavors in there its
going to be absolutely delicious so let’s go for a
taste test I know this is going to taste delicious its
smells fantastic and it’s healthy too so here goes. What
better way to finish up some cold chicken from the day before making
a wonderful miso soup like this it is fantastic, the Ramen noodles are just
perfectly cooked I’m going to enjoy this one, if you’ve
enjoyed it please share love give the thumbs up I’ll see you next
time take care Now I’ve got to eat these while they’re still warm so you guys get off and if you want to make it yourself I’d
love to hear down below it you have done please subscribe to the channel I’ll leave
a couple of links to some other videos here be good see you next time


  1. Nannerchan says:

    In American English scallions are green onions. Shallots are mild onions about a quarter the size of a regular onion.

  2. Liam Quiroga says:

    Is it traditional to have noodles in miso I have never seen that ?

  3. Rabecca Y says:

    Subscribed! So happy I found your channel! Love your recipes

  4. Laurie Flaherty says:

    Hi Steve, not familiar with miso. Does it come in different colors ( you used red) and if so do the flavors differ? This does look delicious and I would lke to try it! Keep sharing the love & as always good eating!

  5. Todd Weller says:

    Looks really good Steve!

  6. Bartner says:

    Ramen in uk?

  7. Sumer61 says:

    My son LOVES his noodle soups. He gets all kinds of the better quality ones. But after I show him this, I don't think he will be buying them any more. He will be making your recipe. Thanx Steve, it looks gorgeous! Have a good day 🙂

  8. EZGlutenFree says:

    Looks fantastic Steve.  I can't think of a better way to use leftover chicken.
    The final bowl sure doesn't look like yesterdays remnants.  lol

  9. teacupika says:

    Mmft I love Miso! You always make the best foods. 

  10. MikeTheBarber63 says:

    We do use noodles in our miso sometimes and even sometimes add our homemade version of wontons. We fold them in a rectangle like Gao Gee in Hawaii where my wife was born. The Gao gee can be deep fried for crispy snacks as well as an appetizer. Great work as always!

  11. fcouperin says:

    perhaps with a bit of roasted sesame oil too?

  12. Susan Brown Peck says:

    What is miso?

  13. Chrysanths says:

    I have made similar soups but not the same ingredients and with home made noodles. I only use a little bit of ginger and use garlic as well. I like your soup because it's simple and doesn't have too many flavors and sauces added. Thank you Steve!

  14. Itss_finooo says:

    Love your videos. Could you try making the McDonald's Nfl chicken wings thanks. 🙂

  15. FitAngie says:

    That looks so delicious steve. Never tried miso soup. Yumm

  16. ehop22 says:

    Would love to see you do dim sum or a japanese type of dumpling, as always bud great vid! I will be trying this in the mear future

  17. Zannnnah says:

    Food and chopsticks look great

  18. sha whit says:

    Best comfort food ever! Thanks Steve, you're the best.

  19. Anna S says:

    Hi Steve,

    Japanese food again! I'm so glad to see you introducing Japanese food to the world:)
    My hometown is one of the most famous cities for miso in Japan, and my favourite ramen flavour is, of course, miso!;)

    Usually we boil noodles while or after cooking soup as noodle can get too soft if it's left for long after being boiled:)
    And are inoki mushrooms heated enough before you eat them? We always boil them in soup:)

    But I love seeing various ways of adaptation into preferences of people in the world!

    Thank you so much for this video, I really hope more people will be encouraged to try Japanese food:)

    Have a nice weekend!


  20. Maitham Kareem says:

    You're always the best 

  21. RAVEN BLADE says:

    all ways got spare cold chicken on fridays and on Saturday i dont know what to do with it now i know what to do this Saturday.   

  22. BeanToe Box says:

    Yay thank you. I've Been trying to find a vid to try and make this.
    It looks so goooddddd

  23. Toni O Malley says:

    Awsome lunch for friends today and so quick and tasty

  24. Cecilia Charon says:

    I'm making d soup:-) thank u

  25. Blank says:

    You do not ever boil miso, it breaks up the enzymes that adds the flavor and benefits your health.

  26. Down From The Attics says:

    Excellent Recipe!!!!! Thanks!

  27. Selkinor S says:

    As anyone who's Japanese will tell you, don't add miso to boiling water. Mix it in at the very end with the heat off.

  28. mark bienvenu says:

    You never boil miso it has micro organisms and inzymes so if u boil it,it will kill the inzymes and the micro organisms

  29. BoyFromCali says:

    Made it the other day and was super. Great recipe mat. 🙂 🙂

  30. ALiteral TrashcanPlays says:

    So Steve where would you recommend buying japanese ingreadients or ingredients in general online, Wal-Mart? I'm not sure where would be best

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