Chicken Tikka Masala Demo – Chutney in Kapaa – KVIC-TV, [Chef Demo]

This is Chutney restaurant in Kapa’a, which
just opened recently. We have pure, authentic east indian cuisine. Right now I’m showing
how to make a Tandoori Tikka from a clay oven. I skewered the marinated chicken on a skewer
and I’m going to put it down in the Tandoori oven. It’s very, very hot, 275 to 350 degrees
centigrade. It will take 10 minutes. After this is done I’m going to move this to a
frying pan and cook with a sauce. I’m going to make another dish, it’s very popular,
it’s called Chicken Tikka Masala. We need to add a little bit of cumin seed and onions
and bell peppers. And we are adding a chicken tikka, it’s already cook in a tandoori oven.
This one we’re going to cut like this piece. Originally, Chicken Tikka Masala was created
in the United Kingdom, not India, but they made it Indian-style. Add tomato, fresh tomato.
Add a creamy tomato and onion sauce with a heavy whipping cream. And we mix all kinds
of ingredients over here. Roasted tomato. Just for the flavor we’re going to use leaves.
It’s almost ready. For the flavor and garnish, we’re going to use cilantro.
This is called Chicken Tikka Masala. We’re going to serve this in our copper bowl, it
goes with bread or rice.

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    Hope to drop by Chutney next week for lunch 🙂

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