96 comments on “Chinese Street Food Tour | INCREDIBLE Seafood and Hong Kong Dessert”

  1. rebeccawcleung says:

    I miss my hometown… thanks for the awesome video!

  2. Chloe says:

    Love your vids guys, you're both amazing! <3

  3. peepbmw says:

    Satoshi want spicy make me think about Hell Ramen that he was ate Ha Ha ha

  4. yourbestwhatever says:

    So gracious and sympathetic, keep it up. I look forward for every new video

  5. TheCynthiaRice says:

    I have eaten at Temple Street Spicy Crab. Great seafood!

  6. abe frohman says:

    You had me at seafood 🦞 🦀 🦐

  7. Maricel Limpin says:

    I always look forward in all your videos🥰

  8. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    Great looking food, once again. Cheers!

  9. Dee VanBlargan says:

    Once again everything looked so good 😊. The mango dessert looked especially yummy.

  10. Scriptor13 says:

    Delicious and healthy is a combination that can't be beaten! Although I'm a vegetarian, I loved seafood as a child and I could imagine the mouth-watering flavors of all the dishes you had. And the desserts looked scrumptious–particularly the ginger soup with sesame seed paste filled dumplings. Of course, growing up in Hawaii, mango is a favorite too.
    As an aside, I really want to see Laurence and Jean having their own YT channels. Instant subscribe!

  11. Moxie Beast says:

    i love you guys and your videos so so so much!!! happy to see you enjoying hong kong so much. you're giving me the travel bug like crazy!!!

  12. gardengal says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2QwpR2D0hQ SO INTERESTING!

  13. マウスベリー says:

    I need healthy desserts!

  14. Tim O'donnell says:

    Loving your videos and reviews guys! Shinichi, I made your mother's Gyoza yesterday and also made homemade gyoza skins. They were so good that I'll make more today. The taste is fantastic! 👍👍👍👍

  15. Kenneth Mar says:

    All these food are better than any of the Michelin Star restaurants…..the crab…..scallop……pipi…..🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  16. The Go To Family says:

    You guys are great presenters, making me dream of Hong Kong right now! 🙂

  17. Tenjin Ikeda says:

    It all looked delicious!

  18. Bobbie Brenton says:

    Ooh awesome video! Love watching you 4 together! Janes voice is so beautiful! 😊

  19. Woo Jong Son says:

    Thanks, guys! I really want to visit Hong Kong again!

  20. Ritsuko says:

    If you like Hong Kong food there are a few Hong Kong cafes in Tokyo. 贊記, 華記, 香港時間are some of the more popular ones among Hongkong people living in Tokyo. Please check them out if you are interested.

  21. Don Heil says:

    This video just killed me…I love seafood and this hit the spot. By the way I am a small town boy from Wisconsin and I LOVE Natto and anything else fermented or pickled.

  22. MsSaudm says:

    Luv you guys Thanks so much ! You never show open mouth food chewing like the other imposters be Well

  23. beavertown2006 says:

    Lawrence looks a bit sad at times, may be it is a Hong Kong syndrome?

  24. Petra Surfpog says:


  25. Mtaylor says:

    The crab looks absolutely yummy!💕 also love the desserts.

  26. Arushi Raj says:

    Come to India specially north India in june to August for mangos in cheaper prices ☺

  27. Ju Ju says:

    Hv a wonderful holidays in Hongkong guys, hi Lawrence 🖐💕

  28. linited says:

    I love when lawrence is in your videos. Your female guest is very knowledgeable too. Great video Shinichi and Satoshi. I really want to try all these foods. I love Lawrences happy smiley eyes too.

  29. changclan1 says:

    Love to see you guys in hk. Great to see Lawrence and especially Jean

  30. aolmonkey says:

    Omg goodness the food looks so amazing 😉

  31. Quan Thai says:

    Jean is cute.

  32. Jenny Milde says:

    Amazing video and amazing Disney shirt ! Thanks for it 🙏👍

  33. belaralia says:

    The fermented soy bean cubes that are stir fried with the morning glory are delicious! They are especially good with a plain bowl of rice porridge when you aren't feeling so well.

  34. susan says:

    Great vid, guys, as always. Nice to meet you Jean, and with Lawrence you both make excellent guides. 105$ for all that seafood was a bargain, I think. My mouth was watering the whole time! Thank you from Canada and see you next time.

  35. Presca From BC says:

    You know, I have to say – though I love the food reviews and the voyages you take, what makes the videos for me is the way you guys are when you're together, I love the love there. Very sweet.

  36. Kamille Wong says:

    Lol satoshi having the time of his life 🤣

  37. Kurtney Lofranco says:

    Ooooh I miss kangkong. We have that in the Philippines but it's cooked in soysauce. We call it Adobong Kangkong

  38. Whyme123 says:

    OMG Cantonese comfort food. Tung choi with foo you is the bomb. you guys need to go to Tai O for seafood

  39. Tracey's World says:

    You guys always put a smile on my heart!

  40. Spencer says:

    love the shirt shinichi!

  41. Ardana ArRuSwari Ruthi says:

    Ah kankung (in indonesia) daily food/veggies that i love….
    kangkung with oyster sauce or teriyaki sauce is so good….

  42. Colt Gustafson says:

    those glutinous rice dumplings in ginger soup makes me sooooo hungry! I love everything about that dish

  43. Myron Yoshioka says:

    I like that you put the prices of the dishes….

  44. Amélie Zh says:

    Laurence can't take fruit or spice!? Oy…

  45. The Night Owl says:

    Another awesome video for you both. 🦉💜

  46. Company with 3 says:

    So much tasty food there what’s up guys

  47. Tamara says:

    Food looks amazing! The desserts are really unfamiliar. I probably go for the mochi with sesame. Great to see Laurence and Jean 🙂

  48. Esther Hokke says:

    Great video! It is always nice to see Jean and Laurence. The food look so delicious. Thank you both.

  49. ymn202 says:

    Loved this video! The seafood looks amazing, and the desserts seem to be a nice wrap up for the meal.

  50. D J says:

    Great video guys! 👏👏👏 I’m so glad you guys love the HK desserts. I love grass jelly and rice balls with black sesame ginger soup so delicious 😋 🙏

  51. get2rog says:

    Those flavours of the black sesame dumplings in ginger soup. I know I would really love this. I will have to find a recipe online.

  52. Lady Murasaki says:

    Everything looks so delicious! I love all those types of seafood! Even the dessert looked yummy! 👍 ❤

  53. Maxfli Time says:

    Oooh that chilli crab is delicious 👍

  54. nor suhana says:

    Awesome video! I like how you guys are so open to trying new food. Cheers 😃🥂

  55. Millennial Travel Confessions says:

    Loving your food tour guys! Looking forward to seeing more 😁

  56. Plejade says:

    Woow awesome food and awesome video, I'm so glad you posted it even I know you Shinichi are worried because of the background noise. But it's absolute not disturbing, it's even more real to almost feel the energy and vibe, it's great, it's dufferent to Japan I think and that's why travelling is so exciting, to experience all the differences. Thanks for showing us ^^/

  57. vernwash2012 says:

    Interesting videos…. can’t let my mom have at the tv – she will binge watch all your videos!❤️❤️

  58. jesline sim says:

    You guys make me wanna revisit Hongkong real soon! Thanks for food recommendation!! 😃

  59. astroboy3507 says:

    Reasonable for the crab and all the food!!

  60. Mi Imp says:

    For Chilli crab you may also try this restaurant..
    橋底辣蟹 Under Bridge Spicy Crab..
    灣仔駱克道G/F 421-425號 Lockhart road HK
    2893 1289

  61. Mi Imp says:

    for ref. Chilli crab you may also try this restaurant..
    橋底辣蟹 Under Bridge Spicy Crab..
    灣仔駱克道G/F 421-425號 Lockhart road HK
    2893 1289

  62. Mindy's Mom says:

    Ohayo boys, Laurence, and Jean! What a beautiful selection of seafood! Everything looked absolutely amazing, and the price was so reasonable. Crab happens to be one of my favorites, so I know that I would’ve loved that dish the most. Every single dessert that you all had looked amazing as well! I’m truly loving this series boys! I cannot wait to see some more videos! Thank you so much for sharing, and thank you, brother Laurence and sister Jean J, for being THE perfect hosts! ♥️♥️

  63. SymphonyNo.9 says:

    Obviously a spin-off of the original fabulous Nyonya cuisine dessert called Bubur Chacha. You both might wanna consider visiting Malacca in West Malaysia to sample some of the best cuisine in the region.

  64. Lilypot Pot says:

    Nice food tour!

  65. Korea4Me says:

    Looks amazing. I'd love to try the clams one day.

  66. Thuggee says:

    i LOVE crab

  67. Edamame says:

    That "Jaja" desert looks more like "biko moi" (black glutinous rice with coconut milk).

  68. Pozzo says:

    Lovely as usual

  69. felicia felicity says:

    got lucky and got my hands on some awamori 40 proof im guessing in usa thats around 20 abv. thats been sitting for around 1 month now thinking in july im going to buy some cherry blossoms from amazon and soak the salt off them and soak them in the awamori then add some cherry flavoring and with some ice cubes and have a fun summer this year.

  70. Chris Hansen says:

    love that green vegetable i have had it many times.

  71. Sakja says:

    Always a pleasure to see Lawrence. Everything looked so delicious.

  72. Blue Nightfox says:


  73. Yo Mama says:

    I'm going to say it–Chinese cuisine is not good for making desserts.

  74. Pastor Jill says:

    Get the meat out of the pincer. It is worth it

  75. Boba Love 122 says:

    I'm glad you got to try some more good local eats in HK! Those Chinese desserts remind me of my mother in-law's aunt who makes those kinds of desserts all the time and then just randomly drops them off at my in-law's house in the middle of the day. Hehe. My in-laws are Chinese who lived in Vietnam. Thanks for another nice video! 😊

  76. gekisou says:

    And… subscribed. What an excellent recommendation Jean. Also, thank god for Japanese subtitles, I could barely hear anything over the background noise in the seafood restaurant. I love and miss those desserts!!!

  77. John Smalldridge says:

    Good video content but bad sound quality.

  78. Christina Alameda says:

    Hi Guy's yummy Crab looks good Desserts yummy💙⚘💙⚘LOVE GOD BLESS You ALOHA Always Chrissy 💜⚘

  79. Secret Player says:

    We buy and eat as many strawberries when we travel in Japan since quality strawberries are very expensive here. As for Mangoes, we own several mango trees in our backyard. 🙂

  80. John and Malie says:

    Oh my that spicy crab is making us so hungry right now and that red bean dessert 😍Azuki is life!

  81. edgeyberzerker says:

    Everything looks so good! There’s a place in my city that actually sells those desserts and I may have to give the Mango Grass jelly a try!

  82. Juju Mimosa says:

    Love your videos! Thank you so much 🙏🏻💕

  83. Eliza Rapsodia says:

    great great video as always

  84. Rebecca Alabada says:

    Yum! All the seafood & vegetable looked so good!!!

  85. Pheng Ov says:

    Like the tasty Cantonese food from Hong Kong looks all delicious 🙂

  86. sonsie Hollingsworth says:

    I am so jealous !!!! It all looked delicious ❤ Hello Shinichi and Satoshi and Lawrence and Jean 😍😍

  87. kaum kayu mati says:


  88. Lissel Yzaguirre says:

    Satoshi looks so happy with the scallops ❤

  89. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:


  90. Colby Chaos says:

    kangkung is very delicious <3

  91. Ever Abby. H says:

    Love it 😍 all the food looks so good yummy 😋 I love kang kong!! It is best with Sambal chili!! Love the satisfying look on your faces and definitely missing hongkong

  92. Lisa Dowdle says:

    The food looked wonderful! I’m full just watching!

  93. David Sobel says:

    interesting how lively(aka:noisy) the outdoor restaurants are compared to Japan.

  94. Ju Ju says:

    Lawrence 👍

  95. Fey Fey says:

    The sub has its own mind, it says “complimentary penis!” 😝😆😅

  96. Pei K says:

    Hi Jean!!! 🙂 Good to see you with the boys :). I miss Hong Kong food ….6:31 we cook with the fermented tofu all the time at home where I am :), I think it's a common food item in the States at least among American Chinese. We often use it for congee like dishes and the spinach shown at 6:30

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