Chipotle Burrito Hack Taste Test

– I can’t wear fragrance
because I have sensitive skin. If I could, (man laughing) I wouldn’t mind like a grilled meat fragrance. I really love it. (funky, bass-thumping music) – Hey, guys! In college, I used to work at Chipotle. Today, I’m bringing Chipotle to BuzzFeed. That’s right, I’m bringing my burrito hack straight to my co-workers
to see what they think. I honestly think it is the
best combination of sweet, savory, salty, spicy, and chipotle all in one. (rhythmic, energetic music) (rhythmic, energetic music) – Exactly, man. See, I come here all the time. – Damn right it does. (rhythmic, energetic music) – Chipotle is probably my
favorite place in the world. For a long time, I think my record was I went 26 times in a month. – What! – I think that’s the best I ever did. – That’s almost every single day. – My Chipotle opinion is
that Dos Toros is better. – No offense to Dos Toros but you can’t replace Chipotle. (funky, rhythmic guitar music) (funky, rhythmic bass-thumping music) – [Woman] Oh, damn! – There Is a lot of guac in here. – Yeah, there’s a (beeping) lot of guac. – Geez. – I know guac is extra. I never forget so this is a treat. – They won’t let you forget. (laughing) – It looks like something I would eat by myself. – I just wanna know what
to do with this lemon. Is it like a shot? Do you take a bite then
you suck on the lemon like tequila?
– No. – No. – Before you take a bite, you must squeeze the
lemon unto the burrito. (hammer pounding)
Squeeze, eat, repeat. – I’m impressed ’cause a lifetime of drinking lemon water there and I never thought the lemon
would be part of the meal. – I’m nervous. – So squeeze. – It’s going everywhere. Ooh! – Eat. (perky music) – Something sweet is in here. I’m not mad at it. – No. – It’s like dessert Chipotle. – Yeah, I don’t like it. (laughing) – Yeah, that’s really good! – I’m a fan. – This is banging! Especially when you get like the zest from the lemon like (perky music) this (beeping) is popping. – I just wish it wasn’t so slimy. It’s just slipping all
over my hands right now. – Like I said, something that you do with your close friends. – Exactly. – Ooh, now it’s kinda like sweet and spicy when it like sits on your tongue. – It was definitely– – Ooh, I like that! – Yeah. – The sauce is really good. – I can feel it in the back of my throat. (perky music) – It’s a little spicy but– – A tiny bit. – I’m Nigerian so it’s
really not that spicy. – A good mix of like sweet, like a tangy zest situation happening because of the lemon, savory. It’s a spicy something happening but it’s not too much. It’s like the right amount of each. It not flavor overkill. (lively, bass-thumping music) – This is outside-of-the-box
Chipotle work here. – I think you’re on to something. – The sweet is perfect. It just needs to like jack up on the spicy just a little bit. – Now I’m going to go to Chipotle instead of Dos Toros. Good job, Jade. – Oh, yeah. (laughing) – In order for me to eat this, I would remove the agave. That’s the thing that
like really threw me off. I still love Chipotle though. I’m never gonna give that up probably. – I am now forever indebted
to my awesome co-worker, Jade. – I just want to thank you for
introducing this to my life. It’s definitely changed it for the better. – Yeah. – Even Chipotle salads are
better than eating salad. – Um, that’s a quote. (laughing) (perky music)

46 comments on “Chipotle Burrito Hack Taste Test”

  1. sMitB_Lemonade says:

    Agave glazed in the middle with white rice pinto beans drained well chicken a little extra not double pico de Gallo drained well sour cream just a few drops a nice hand full guacamole pepper sauce and mix it up please

  2. c k says:


  3. Juz Random says:

    “I’m Nigerian it’s not that spicy” I’m Indian give that to me and it will be sweet

  4. Picasso Penny says:

    I’ve been doing this at chipotle ever since I saw this video 2 years ago except just the lemon part bed I’m too nervous to ask for the other stuff.The lemon is life changing tho

  5. Jerri Calvert says:

    i can’t get it.its to spicy

  6. Joseph Smith says:

    What kind of tabasco sauce is white???

  7. PixelaGaming says:

    The chipotle worker is going to be annoyed tho, i will not order this 😂

  8. Infinitely Grateful says:

    This gives me anxiety bc we can’t put the tabasco behind the line due to germs I’m just imagining all the people made bc of this now lol

  9. AyeChocolateStarr says:

    Aye I was not expecting her to say "A grilled meat fragrance" 🤣🤣

  10. shahed fouad says:

    Guacamole isn’t extra if you don’t add meat

  11. Gillian Pasqualino says:

    FYI if you get a veggie burrito at chipotle (a burrito without meat, or a bowl) YOU DONT PAY FOR GUAC

  12. Michelle Jaiyeola says:

    "I'm Nigerian, so it's not ţhäţ spicy" ikr I say this all the time 🇳🇬🤙

  13. oscar ascencio says:

    This is disgusting 🤢🤢🤢

  14. nina muli says:

    I’m hungry af now

  15. Rachel K says:

    I thought that white guy was Charlie for a sec 😂

  16. falguni bhakta says:

    If you want free guac then you don't get any other protein meaning the meat or the tofu one

  17. GothEvilButterfly91 says:

    That burrito was ruined the minute they added that damn guacamole.

  18. David T says:

    2:09 worst joke ever

  19. lll l says:

    What do i do with the lemon????? Way too white

  20. Jit Patel says:

    Wait who in there right mind gets a lemon and not put it onto to there food

  21. ThatGuy_ Josh4 says:

    A meat fragrance that’s disgusting

  22. kasandra gomez says:

    SOO LIKE JADE LOWKEY SOUNDS LIKE LIZA😭 (in the intro part)

  23. David Vega says:

    Not knowing what the lemon is for

  24. Angel Enriquez says:

    The chipotle that I live near doesn’t have time for picky people because they need the line to go fast

  25. Daniel Perkelvald says:

    Can I get a like for getting chipotle for the first time today?

  26. Rhey says:

    00:45 " this girl slows down the line" Translation: We don't like you and the endless mods that holds up the line..Notice how none of them are looking at her or are happy to see her..

  27. MMS.16 says:

    I’m Mexican but I never enjoyed burritos but that burrito makes me go buy one

  28. Kanhje xXx says:

    Chipotle is not good. Freebirds is waaaaay better

  29. Demetrius Young says:

    Chipotle hack: order your meat and after the server throws your serving on ask for a "little bit" more but not double.
    Thank me later

  30. Delgado3218 says:

    Just got Chipotle today for the first time got 2 burritos two drinks and some chips costed 31$ bucks. Good but not that good rather go to a Mexican restaurant. 🤷( Got extra guacamole on one and queso on the other , that costs extra about 2$ for extra)

  31. CloutZ says:

    Being Nigerian doesn’t change how you taste things….

  32. jordan Moniz-Ramos says:

    So would anyone else wear a “grilled meat” fragrance?

  33. Douglas Guerrero says:

    Chipotle will never replace real burritos from any bombass taqueria,

  34. Hello Hi says:

    The host reminds me of coop from all American

  35. sarah lyons says:

    “Guac is extra” perks of being vegetarian/vegan😏

  36. Chanequa Reid says:

    I am not the one trying that own prision snack

  37. Novachrono says:

    Do every chipotle have agave syrup

  38. ari yeet says:

    i’ve never been to chipotle😗✌🏼

  39. Moto Moto says:

    I’m too socially anxious to ask for all that with that much detail

  40. Mateo Flores says:

    if you go on their online nutrition calculator you’ll probably never want to eat another flour tortilla ever again

  41. OG Big Worm 2 says:

    This is all good but I want to know what brand of wraps does chipotle use

  42. slim says:

    Last time I tried chipotle I hated it

  43. Alyssa Villa says:

    “Never thought of using lemo for my meal” my Mexican family could never

  44. Martin Garcia says:

    "you can't replace Chipotle" damn he right, the white people who run it to rich for that to happen

  45. Adam Hause says:

    Moes is better and you can’t change my mind

  46. jk Simmons a says:

    Get this white foos outta here tf dawg I never knew you could lime or lemon on burrito 😂😂gtfo😤

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