Chonburi Thailand Vlog 1: Seafood, Smoothies, and Killer Onion Breath

Hey guys we are in Pattaya a little bit outside, of Pattaya. I’m here this weekend to pick up my sister. So it’s a quiet weekend, here you probably heard, the news of the Kings passing. So everything’s a little subdued, but restaurants are still open, and people are still out, and about and spending time with family. So I’m doing exactly that today. Hanging out with my sister. She’s on a three-month mission, in Thailand to kick some butt. She’s hanging, out at the combat muy Thai training centre. So i kidnapped, her from there and we’re going to be hanging, out and eating some good food. Get a little bit of a seafood treat for her today. Because normally, she’s eating only healthy stuff. So i’ll show you guys a little bit of the seafood. we’ll be hanging out and now i’m eating good. It’s very good, but a little bit dry, but seafood sauce it’s like so spicy, and bomb. It’s good, it’s very fresh, and the seafood sauce is spicy. It’s got a good flavour, like a lemon, lime, and spices very good. We did a fried fish. We got some cabbage, here that’s been stair fried, and fish, sauce and also We’ve got our crab legs, and like what they call squid deal Which is like lightly, fried and sun dried, squid. I think this would be better, with some seafood sauce, but they serve it with the spicy ketchup, that I’m not crazy about. It’s like a sweet tangy Sriracha. The squid is kind of rubbery and salty. But a pretty, good plenty to chew, on and that’s even better with some beer. Alright we’re leaving the restaurant. headed to a little cafe, grab some coffee. That’s all for our little cafe excursion, today cute place. Coffee’s pretty mediocre, but we just kind of chilled out with smoothies, for a little while. Yeah just a quick Jomtien, and Pattaya, really. We’re going to go exploring, a little more tomorrow in Chonburi. So stay tuned for that part. We made it into the Pava sweet. something like that, it’s a really tiny, cheap hotel about 450 Baht Night. We’re just crashing. We’ve got an amazing view, of the back of a shopping centre. Yeah we’re just crashing here, for the night. going to explore Chonburi. I gotta buy some clothes tomorrow. Chonburi they, have a couple markets, that are famous for their stoneware. Where they make the cloaks, or what we call an English and mortar and pestle. We got to get the “courageous kitchen” kids something. So they can grind their own curry past. So we haven’t done that yet. So we’ll be doing that tomorrow. and also just seeing, what other types, of snacking and everything else, that we can get into this is a big place for food. They have some chicken dishes, and sauces, and stuff, are that i’ll be interesting, that we’ll see what we can find. So to be honest. We went in that little hotel, room and I sit on the bed. We’re like i don’t think. We’re ready to turn in just yet. So we’re back out a “Khao Thomas” place as you can see behind me. It’s got a really, big station of people frying up stuff, and they’ve gotta just hanging ducks, and a lot of food up front that made it really attractive place to come. check out and eat. So we’re a couple of the reviews they also got some of my favorite dishes. So we’re here today for the duck philo. philo are basically, where they do the thinly sliced, duck in the five-spice broth. They’ve also got chicken, foot soup. I know you guys, love that as much as i do. Its a spicy, and tanginess, and got a ton, of spring onion in it. and we’ve also got young tight now which is the deep fried, kind of omelet. That you like lemony, tangy, sauce chilli, and they’ve covered, it with onions. If you guys see all those things, are going to think about Mark Wines. and think about whoever, and your family’s gonna hit, you for the next week. When you smell like hot onion bread. Am gonna try some of the duck philo. Its good thinly slice, and also got a bunch of the cilantro, on top looks really tasty, and nice little layer, of fat on top. Big kick from the cilantro. The meat on the duck, is just super tender. I don’t know how they got it like, that they brined, it or something. That is just delicious, now that first bite. I didn’t even get any sauce, or anything on. It’s really juicy, on its own you don’t really need the sauce, if you don’t want it. The sauce is just like a chilli, and vinegar, sauce. but it just adds a little bit of tang, to it. I’ll dip, this time talking to you guys, what that’s like. It’s good i like it with a little, bit of a kick to it. but that duck is so tender, that you can eat it on its own. You really, don’t need anything. I understand, why people would come here, for that alone. Now let’s taste the broth on these, chicken feet. Wow that tastes like one of the early, videos that i made for you guys, for the Buckeyes, super the chicken foot soup. Very rich flavour. Very spicy. I like that you see the chilis. The spring Onions. You see first you can also see the chilis, floating in the broth. It will make your mouth Tucker, a little bit and also make, your throat burns. As soon as you stop eating it. You get actually, coming back up wow.! It’s got a great flavour. It’s my first time having chicken, feet with the “khao Thom” Makes it a little tough to eat. Just kind of scoop, it out of there. I wish i could just grab it with my hands, and just suck on this foot. Bite chicken feet. If you’ve never, had them they’re very kind of gelatinous, they’ve gotta like fatty texture, to them. Just the broth is really, what makes it. I’m gonna keep dumping, broth into this “Khao Thom” all night into this bowl of rice porridge, all night. Because, it tastes so good, and had such a nice little kick to it. But before we run out of time and memory space. let me taste this yum.! hideout for you. Gonna skip some, of that up to see we’ve got, some Onions in there got a nice big chunk, of egg. There’s a big piece of “yoke” in there but I don’t think I got the “yoke” in this particular. bite. That is really so good. So strongly funky, Onion, is like now that egg, in the salads, at a little bit. So I got a little bit soggy. The pieces, that are on top. I really enjoy because it got that nice crispy, texture. and crispy, on the outside, and soft on the inside. You got plenty, of spice, and like you say ohhh.! Onion flavour. Somebody is not going, to be happy with me later. This is an area full of “khao thom” restaurants. If you are in “Chonburi” and you go to check out some spots, around here to eat. I wish I had time to check, out all over the kind of departing, here to visit my sister today. Hope you enjoy this Episode. You get a little bit, of a what’s in Pattaya. What’s in Chonburi. We got some more adventurous coming up in “Chonburi” tomorrow. Before we have back to “Bangkok” stay tuned, and enjoy talking to you later. leave me a comment, below we’ll see you soon.

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