Classic New Haven Apizza: Apizza or a Pizza? || Really Dough?

– So let me get this straight, you guys chuck the clams
right after the party? – We sure do, yes.
– Shuck the clams. – Shuck, not chuck, I say chuck. – Well, we chuck ’em after we shuck ’em. – Chuck and shuck.
– Chuck and shuck. – Shuck and chuck. – Shuck and chuck. But you got to know how to
shuck them to chuck ’em. – (beep) ’em. – I’m Scott and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re hitting the road to taste the craziest concoctions
claiming to be pizza. – But are they Really Dough? – It’s nice to check off another state from the list, right? – Yep. – Rhode Island, the smallest state conquered, and now we’re going
to go down to its neighbor. We’re going to go to
Connecticut, very, very famous for pizza. – I’m going to take you to a place you probably never heard of before. – Ooh, I love it! – Pepe’s. (laughing) Have you ever been? – Are you joking, Frank Pepe’s, of course. There’s like over a dozen
locations, it’s been voted, like, number one pizza in the country by, like, 20 different websites. Seriously, the place you were
going to take me to is Pepe’s? – Yep. – I mean, look, don’t get me wrong, it is awesome, I love Pepe’s, I love it, but don’t you want to go to a place that’s a little more off the radar? – No ice cream pizza. – No ice cream pizza, promise. We’re gonna go– – No gravlax Pizza? – No gravlax Pizza, but you love that, just for the record, west. – Where do you want to take me? – I want to take you
to a place that opened in the ’30s called Zuppardi’s. It’s usually a dense, crunchy crust. Kind of great snap and crunch
on the base, minimal topping. – Do they have clam pizza at Zuppardi’s? – Yeah, yeah they do. – That’s what I had in, uh, Pepe’s. – Oh, you’ve had clam pizza before? – I made one with him – Did you like it? – Surprisingly, it was really good. You know when were making
it, there’s not much to it. – Yeah, it’s just, uh– – And when I, you know, when I ate it, it had so much flavor, it was fantastic. – Let’s go to Zuppardi’s,
get Clam Pizza Apizza. – How did they come up
with the name Apizza? – They didn’t really come up with it, it’s just sort of dialect the pizza. – Why don’t they just call it pizza? – They just don’t, it’s not their dialect. You got Brooklyn dialect. What’s a good word in Brooklynese? – Marinara? – Oh, oh, suddenly it’s marinara. – Hey, check out my madana. – It’s marinara,
– No, it’s madana. Marinara ‘s marinara, madana’s madana. (over-talk)Two totally different things. – How do you spell madana? – It’s M-A-D-A-N-A. – Madanada? – No madana. – Madana. – No, no, no, not mardana. – Maldana. – M-A-D-A-N-A. – Ma ma ma ma. Here it is, welcome to Zupp’s. – Zupp’s, I like that. – You can’t call it Zupp’s yet. You haven’t even had it yet,
you gotta say its full name. – They’ll get mad at
me if I call it Zupp’s? – They’re not gonna get mad you but they’ll be like, we don’t know you. You’re going to meet Laurie
and Cheryl, they’re awesome. (sniffing) You smell that? – It does, it punches you in the face – Hi. – I knew it was going to. – Hey.
– Hi ladies. – Can we help you? – Remember me?
– I met you. – Yeah, I’m Scott. – You were on the pizza truck last year. – Yeah. – He harassed you? (laughing)
– No way. – I didn’t kick him off the truck that day and it was crazy. – It’s a long story. – This is my sister Laurie. – Hello.
– The famous Laurie. Good to meet you. – Scott, nice to meet you. – My friend Mark is a pizza maker. – Nice to meet you
– Mark? A pizza maker?
– Yes. – Okay, we’re going to
teach you how to make pizza. – All right. – I wanna feed him the thing you’re really known for, and
what New Haven is known for. – Fresh Clam Pizza. – Fresh clam pizza. – But we do fresh little necks. That’s the difference,
we don’t chop our clams, we open little necks and put
them right onto the pizza. – Full clams. – Then after you eat it, you do this. – If it’s good, if it’s
bad do you go like this? – No. – Do people ever add other toppings? – The one thing that I don’t get is some people put pineapple on it and I don’t understand it. – Good luck trying to
get him to have that. – It’s different from what
my father would have done but by popular demand we kind of had to. – See that’s why I took Mark here is because you’re totally classic, you don’t change anything,
unless you have to. And Mark likes kind of
strict rules on pizza. And this is like classic pizzas here. You don’t do anything crazy. – No, we do what my father taught us. My father was a baker in the Navy and I’ve been baking pizza with my dad since I was 10 years old. – But you’ve been open since the ’30s? – We haven’t changed a thing. – By the time we gotten out of bed it was 10 o’clock, 11
o’clock in the morning. – And we come and eat hot bread. – Never seen you so excited. – I’m really psyched for this pizza. – You’re like, bugging out. You’re leg is twitching
underneath the table. (sighs) – When I walk into a pizzeria, I want that smell to punch me in the face. A city’s got flavor, you
should be able to taste that in their pizza. – You know I was 10 years old and I would stand here,
my dad would stand there, and we’d make pizza and he’d
correct me and teach me. Taught me how to do the ovens,
everything, it’s all my dad. – Pizza dough, flour,
water, yeast, nothing else. – We are patting the dough
out for the Fresh Clam. It’s a yeast, risen dough,
a lot of people toss, we don’t toss, he never
liked it up in the air. – Pizza needs to have the finest and freshest ingredients. – These are fresh little neck clams. You cut the mussel so that
it’s skimming the top shell of the clam, you can pull
all this nice stuff down. – Pizza should look as good as it tastes. – We do try to make it so
you get one in every bite. – Right onto the dough, they just came out of the shells. We’re putting fresh garlic onto the dough. I’m adding red crush pepper,
parsley, oregano, olive oil. Then we’re gonna take a
little bit of the briny juice. And we’re going right into the oven. – Temperature needed for pizza. – 500 degrees. – Is 500 degrees. – It’s a thing of the past, my father always called it apizza. As little kids with Italian background, this is what we’ve been taught, apizza. This is our Italian heritage. This is apizza right here, apizza! – I can feel your leg twitching. – Here we go, apizza. – Oh, here it is, thank you! – You’re welcome.
– My God! – Look at this, it smells ridiculous. – Smells amazing. – Which slice you gonna do? – I’m going for this one. It’s got the clam right in the front. – You’re not gonna lemon it? – No, not just yet. – You’re gonna do first bite no lemon? – It’s probably not gonna need it. – Whoa, I’ve never seen you dive into pizza this fast before. – This is phenomenal, the
clams are outstanding. – They are right, that’s fresh clams. – The combination of
the clams and the crust, they just work so well together. – What’s so good about this crust? – The crunch, the flavor. – A lot of pizzerias,
the crust is just there to hold up the ingredients
and the toppings and all that. But here it’s absolutely part of it. – Look at that.
– Yeah, great bake, right? – Amazing. – It’s no necessarily airy, like, there’s such a trend right now. An airy, open crumb structure
and big bubbles and all that. This doesn’t have that. – Nope! – I love that little extra bit of clam juice she put on top. – You’re still on your first slice. – Yeah I’m still on my first slice. – ‘Cause I’m not going to stop. – Dude, we each get three slices,
you get three, I get three. – Doesn’t work that way. – What are you talking about? – You wanna hang with the
big boys, you gotta eat fast. – Are clams a topping or
they a part of this pizza? – It’s a part of the pizza. And I really didn’t think this
part was gonna be that good. – Why not? – ‘Cause it’s just clams,
oil, garlic, and parsley. – This pizza’s almost naked. – I’m getting a lot of the
hot pepper and the garlic. And she put a lot of garlic on the pie but it’s not overpowering. – No, it’s the kind of garlic that clam likes to hang out with. So would you consider adding
anything else to this? – There’s no need, I mean
the lemon’s a nice touch. I’ve had it.
– I know it is – One more. – Oh yeah, keep on going,
this is so lemony. (laughs) Oh, you’re eating my slice! – No I’m not – That’s my slice! – You still got a slice in your hand. – Yeah, but this is only number
two, you’re on number four. – I can’t even think straight
right now, this is so good. – You can usually not think straight. So, there’s no cheese on this, Mark, and there’s no sauce on
it, there’s just dough. Out of those three, there’s
just dough, pizza or not. – Not pizza. – How is this not a? You’re gonna go tell Laurie and Cheryl that this is not pizza? – Yeah. – This is pizza. – No it’s not, in Connecticut, they call it apizza. – So you’re saying– – So, you need to respect Connecticut. – I see, you twisted
the whole thing around. So now you’re gonna call it Zupp’s, now you’re gonna call it apizza. Which is the exact same
thing as pizza by the way. – Whatever. – All right. – Just order another pie then. – You want a whole other pie? – Yep! – Clam?
– Yep! – We’re gonna make
another Fresh Clam Pizza. – Pizza, I think it comes
with little lemon bits. – Probably not because
it’s not really like a bay clam. (gasps) – I know what slice I’m taking. – Thanks Laurie.
– Enjoy. – I can’t believe I’m eating
with two hands (laugh). I need another mouth for this. – You’re in the family. (laughs) – So I can say Zupp now? – You’re a Zupp. – I’m a Zupp?
– A Zupp, apizza. – Apizza at Zupp, wait, thank you. I can’t wait to come back. – Anytime, bring your family. – They were wonderful. – I’m so happy you enjoyed,
so nice meeting you. – I want a double hug! – They don’t want a hug. – Thank you guys.
– Thank you. Thank for coming.
– Bye, thanks so much. – Thank you. – Watch your step – Thank you, Scott. (laughs) – We need to lock the door. (exhales) – You okay? – No, I ate too much pizza. – You did eat a lot of pizza, apizza! – I need a break. – Dude, I so glad you like this, I like, I’ve felt so terrible the last few days. I know I didn’t get you
back in time to Lucali. I know that you’re disappointed, I know your customers are mad, I know your whole staff is mad. I know it’s all my fault, I know you haven’t loved
everything I’ve eaten. – Scott. – I know you haven’t thought–
– Scott. – Everything was pizza. – Scott Scott Scott. – It’s not that big a deal. – What do you mean it’s not a big deal. It was a big deal. – Its not a big deal! They said everything’s
fine at the restaurant. – Like just now? – No the other day. – Oh my god. – No worries, it was an easy night. You know how to make pizza
sauce, cheese and dough. – What, you knew when
we were in Maine that the restaurant was okay? – Yep, I just wanted to
see you sweat a little. – You, you make friends when
you’re a friendly person. – Yeah, would a friendly
person kidnap someone? – You know what? – How many people have you
kidnapped in your life? – We just talked about that we’re not gonna use the K word. Maybe you can take me to a doughnut place on our little road trip. – Why would I do that, you kidnapped me – Ah. – He’s gotta get his beauty sleep so he can go back to
work and stand around, pretending like he makes pizza. Anybody can stand around
in a white T-shirt and pretend to make pizza! – Yeah, you’re right man,
that’s why I got a black one on. – You wanted to see me sweat? – Let’s go. – No, no, you don’t do that to a friend. – Come on, open the door. – You are unreal. (knocking) – Scott, open the door. – You need to learn how
to be a good friend! – Wiener, come back. – I guess cut. – We lost Wiener. – I guess you’ll have to do the call of action by yourself, you ready? – Thanks for watching
this week’s episode of Really Dough, some good
news, Scott’s gone AWOL. We get to eat pizza in peace finally. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. If you’re still hungry for more, go back and watch last week’s episode
where I ate a pizza donut.

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