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  1. Neil McKimm says:

    Stevie just seems like the coolest person to be around..

  2. Greyson Carraway says:

    The season 6-8 is my mom's ringtone and ive just had an out of body experience hearing it with my mom not calling me

  3. Nathan Aguiar says:

    Omg! I went to Beau Jo's in Denver too. Their pizza is amazing and so are their wings. A must try in Denver.

  4. Moving Picture Production says:

    F O S H O ! ! !

  5. aznlover9114 says:

    That moment when you realize you’ve been watching gmm since the toast days lol

  6. Matthew Plays says:

    Who else disliked Rewind?

  7. azhurelwarrior says:

    Freaking Joy Division pants on Link, how rad

  8. No Akomplice says:

    Trendy “lesbian” still pretending to be a lesbian? So trendy.

  9. No Akomplice says:

    Deep dish pizza isn’t pizza. It’s an average Casserole at best, a shitty Lasagna at worst.

  10. No Akomplice says:

    It’s always amusing when people who “work” from home, sitting on their asses on computers talk about “working” 18 – 23 hour days. It makes me wonder if they’ve ever actually worked a real job? True hard work or manual labor. You know, something that would be physically impossible to do for 23 hours straight, let alone 46 hours. But I’m sure he “worked” very “hard” in between sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating hot pockets. Essentially doing a school project..

  11. Martin Lindgren says:

    Season 9-11 was my fav.

  12. CenLAStormSpotters says:

    Bj's pizza in Alexandria, Louisiana is honestly the best pizza anyone can ever have or taste.

  13. CenLAStormSpotters says:

    You guys need to leave the "mythical bird" behind stevie on the desk.

  14. sydneyss10 says:

    Guys! I live in Fort Collins. Come have some Beau Jo's with me! 😂❤️❤️❤️

  15. Tyler N says:

    Each intro brings me back to what I was doing at that time in my life. The toast and eggs remind me of killing time in graphic design class (when I first discovered Rhett and Link) and the rest also tie to other “phases” of my life. I agree with them when they say they’re all special. Interesting that videos that aren’t even “old” bring me nostalgic joy. Mythical Beast for life!

  16. Meg Sads says:


  17. Momma Bean says:

    Please use the new ltat theme

  18. shayla says:

    the newest intro looks like one of those I Spy books

  19. Ace Woody says:

    I went to Beaujo’s last spring break and it was amazing

  20. raven hades says:

    I missed the season 9 intro

  21. raven hades says:

    So welp get used the new ltat intro

  22. Errick Wilson says:

    Oh! So we're doing these out of order? 😂😂😂

  23. Jadie Diesalot says:

    9:41 Wut?

  24. Emil Ellénius says:

    What about that version of the GMM theme with played by the flugelhorn? I really liked that one…

  25. comul1995 says:

    TELL US WHAT WE REALLY NEED TO KNOW: what is Stevie’s skincare routine?!?!

  26. Silly Szili says:


  27. Dovyeon says:

    Roger Lema?

  28. Ray Jenkins says:

    You guys are great, the intro is always great and I look forward to what you guys are going to come up with next

  29. Halby G says:

    I like all but the current one, the last one and the first one. The middle 2-3 is good.

  30. michael beattie says:

    Can you buy the chicken??

  31. Balala says:

    I think people mean 2nd intro when they say 1st intro

  32. Aj Brandt says:

    What about New Mexican pizza? Its way better than Hawaiian, but everything is.

  33. Rhussel Alejandro says:

    I started watching GMM anywhere between S9-S11. So that "perspective-from-the-cockatrice" intro was the best for me. But the S6-S8 was the most melodic intro for GMM. (and maybe where the best type of episodes were started)

  34. dingus kingus marwk says:

    looks like joy division pants

  35. Devin Jewel says:


  36. TheNerdyUnicorn says:

    Y'all should use the Mr. Rodgers intro it beautiful

  37. ZombieBroKill says:

    "it looks very very nice" *as Stevie says it while also looking very very nice 😏

  38. Pannacotta Fugo says:

    So much nostalgia for the season 9 through 11 song

  39. Andrea LÖ says:

    The intro for Season 9-11 is my favorite!

  40. Nicole Cottam says:

    Born and raised in Fort Collins! Beau Joe's is the best pizza I've ever had! #FoCo #HomeSweetHome

  41. JackedLobster says:

    Thanks for editing the show, Casey.

  42. Sun Kissed says:

    I love traveling through time with Intros

  43. Hugø Gøjibiter irønfist says:

    I love the intro for the mythical show

  44. Isaiah Strome says:

    The second and third intros were the best

  45. Jazlyn Robinson says:

    Love that intro 😁😁

  46. Urvish Patel says:

    bro i thought stevie and avril were sisters for a sec before consulting google

  47. Stephanie LeBlanc says:

    Cringy AF! Stevie doesn't belong on camera..leave it to the professionals. GMM is BOSS

  48. LiveAction Link says:

    I have a cleaning company and have switched to mostly natural cleaners

  49. Andrea says:

    Stevie… please don’t sing talk again. Cringey

  50. Amamkoncahuanquichu says:

    Oh Stevie, that voice when ya sing!

  51. Sam S says:

    My dad thought that I was talking to him when I played this so apparently Stevie and I have similar voices?

  52. Shannon Walsh says:

    No you should really seriously use that one!

  53. Grace Sellars says:

    Why did I think Chase was Rhett 😹

  54. Josh Ross says:

    this makes me realize, ive beeen watching rhett and link since i was 1ol woow….

  55. Stefanie Baylon says:

    I started watching at that second intro after the toast

  56. carpentry2010 says:

    I don’t like the new intro

  57. GlitchyYellow 64 says:

    0:05 true legend of all time.

  58. diba moca says:

    Casey’s inputs are 👍

  59. Samy Zain says:

    GMM season 3-5 into is my favorite one!

  60. Levi White says:

    Destroit style

  61. IamTheShermanator says:

    I never knew the intro song was created by Pomplamoose and that makes me love it even more.

  62. Nicholas Martin says:


  63. shell2250 says:

    Little Caesars' is NOT Detroit Style. LOL. We do call it DeepDish, though. Buddy's Pizza and Cloverleaf are the early makers of Detroit DeepDish pizza, and Jet's made the DeepDish readily available. While Little Caesars' sells a DeepDish pizza, it is NOT that good of a version. I'm taking Rhett's apology, as it was definitely an insult to Detroiters. 😉

  64. Bizarre Is The New Black. says:

    season 6-8 is the best intro no doubt

  65. Jakob Wallin says:

    Getting goosebumps seeing these old intros, especially the one from season 3-5 <3

  66. hello ••• says:

    Wtf happened to Matpat's hairline?

  67. Franck Savard says:

    I was here from the baigenning so proud of you guys

  68. Wei Shen Tan says:

    Rhett has big hands

  69. Seth Ogden says:

    links pants look like joy division pants

  70. cory lamphier says:

    Steive your cool then link or rat

  71. cory lamphier says:

    Steive your cooler than link or rtt

  72. cory lamphier says:

    Keep ltat going its better that gmm any day.

  73. Donnelle Bivens says:

    The intro from Season 6-8 features the melodic line that GMM would carry through the current season (Season 15 when this comment was written).

  74. Killin It says:

    New intro…

  75. Audrey Whitaker says:

    yay for living in Fort Collins

  76. TheRoyalKiwi says:


  77. littlecraftcreature says:

    Finally, someone knows about Colorado pizza! #statepride

  78. Leevi Jordan says:

    St. Louis style pizza is the best. All about the Provel Cheese

  79. Juan c Gonzalez says:

    Season 9 is my favorite intro forever

  80. Awkward_Little_ ‘Tato says:

    19:30 is the Mr. Rogers based theme song

  81. Ozae says:

    The season 6-8 intro is still my favourite.

  82. Jon Sorkin says:

    I want to know why R&L were in FoCo 20 years ago

  83. Sprite Bonn says:

    California and Texas Pizza are similar if not the same Colorado pizza looks really good I wouldn't mind having a piece of that myself but I've had New York Pizza and it blows since when is Burning the pizza making it good I don't understand those people sometimes.

  84. cory morgan says:

    Use that one lol

  85. Cleon Ross says:

    Use that Hardcore Mr Rogers intro. Awesome!

  86. cecily stallard says:

    Why did they lie to us then? Sad Face Colorado Style Pizza was the winner all along.

  87. Nicho noche says:

    Really want to roll up a couple and hang with these three

  88. Kaitlyn J. says:

    So nostalgic watching the old intros 😁👍❤

  89. FireLordCanti says:

    Season 9 – 11 was my favorite intro.

  90. Kam Boutin says:

    I need to know where Link got those joggers

  91. FlameFlamedramon VA says:

    I joined in the 2014 era

  92. Jeffrey Everman says:

    You NEED to keep this into

  93. Optimus PrimeRib says:

    Hi, it's me, from the future. Josh's bro-stache is disgusting and now, in the future, he looks like Robert Irvine.

  94. AKA KHavens says:

    Born and raised in Colorado. Original Beau Jo's is still in Idaho Springs. I've done The Challenge. Completed it. Never again.

  95. Keirin McDonald says:

    s h e s v e r y p r e t t y

  96. Juan J. Ibarbol says:


  97. isaiah huerta says:

    I miss the second one, simplistic, but still personal

  98. lisa simpson says:

    aw man my heart with the fourth intro just crushedddd what a time

  99. Cale Zaugg says:

    Anyone else know exactly why they were in Fort Collins, CO 20 years ago?

  100. Fluffymaster says:

    casey wildin

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