Comiendo Sushi en Tren Bala en Tokio, Jap贸n 馃崳

good very good morning from tokyo today
we’re going to take them to eat sushi and if they agreed when we were in osaka
we went to a restaurant where his and it came out on a mechanical tape today in Tokyo
let’s go to a place where sushi he leaves in a bullet train and they call him that
because I think sushi on a little machine and then it comes flying and the plate slows down
right in front of you and there you grab it and you can enjoy it so if this is
the plan we are going to eat they just gave us our numbers are
the 70 71 and 72 Now we are inside the restaurant and
we have three seats together and if everything I was bad at walking in the rain
I was wet I was cold but now we can take your and this is how I feel
better the time I feel happier though so now I’m going to show you how
it works right in front of us we have a tablet that would come to be the smallest and
Here we can choose the type of sushi that we want and they also have another menu with
photos that is perfect for tourists for those who can not read Japanese
they have sushi there are also desserts and here upstairs they have tea cups
green saucers for tall leaves and also these plastic boxes for
Take the rest of your sushi home like this let’s see what we ask samuel is going to
prepare our football now this green dust is the march so
we add a few mini teaspoons Aging
hot to the cane or more well easy then I love the
tuna and salmon and here we also have two types of salmon if this is going to be
my first order and now we wait yes my first order has arrived and as
you can see this dish is tuna and salmon and here this second dish has also
salmon we also find soy sauce I put a little wasabi and sweet that
the Japanese do not eat it so they they mix the wasabi with the soy sauce but
I like it if to do it extra spicy something that you learned here in the
Japan is that you do not have to wet the rice in the sauce you have to dip the fish and
I have to turn it carefully and I never get it very well this is
disarms but in the end here is the first bite good and now it’s samuel’s turn
looking at the menu to see there are several options are two sardines and what else can you choose seas
and more like salmon is rich They have salmon with onions and mayonnaise and there are also shrimp shrimp and shrimp Y and now done the order and now
we wait for him to leave the kitchen there they prepare it ok as in your food has arrived displat
or if we want a tour around here, these are the salted sardines and here we have
shrimp with onions and something that called at the far end 13 a sauce
spicy I do not know and here salmon with onion and a lot of mayonnaise yes a lot
you like the mayonnaise the sardines fabulous long with onion but this is how it would be sweeter and for
last the salmon with on that mayonnaise and much more
I do not like it, I do not like it the delicious salmon but neither in that anymore or
less is a good idea something that super interesting meeting is that no
they only serve sushi here but also they have soups videos so there’s a
section where one can ask to ra me they keep quite a variety there are also
a section where we can follow udon so I’m going to ask for forgiveness with egg
because since I arrived in Japan I have not Eaten
so one of these samuel wanted myth and now let’s wait for it to arrive
our our same here I just get one done it was super fast they say
it was going to be like 10 minutes but it came out right away already interesting the soup did not expect that
this is a video that is a bit more thick that the branch and this comes with
fine chopped chili onion egg passed through water a little bit of tempura and
this pasta here I do not know what is going has it looks like fish but it does not
I know I’ve never seen it then we’re mixing all this to see if we can
grab all the ingredients I’m splashing everywhere
without problems what I find it interesting because I
I have always eaten udon in a soup never well dry but I like it
the tempura bits are a little bit crispy so that’s also rich
I like the egg this orange pasta I’m not sure what it is but it’s a
little bit spicy gives it a rich flavor which is not bad I think this is going to be my last dish
of sushi because it is full after dry bond
so let’s take a look at this is salmon on top seems to have like a
minced onion here we go also good does not need wasabi because
they already have a little taste but it would be seen with soy sponge cake
but I’m just more salty good that was a delicious lunch we ate a lot
we have dishes here ugly goals we take and I have friends if
everything was super rich and it was also super fun because I did not know that
there was sushi that went out on that table mechanical but I did not know there was something
called volley 30 that would come to be his rival to his feels in bullet so he was
good fun to see yours and going in front of us giving the different
people who had placed their order what we enjoyed a lot and the truth is that
it’s expensive either so if you guys come to japan this restaurant gives in
onion let’s put the details below of the video in the description and if
we hope you enjoyed this video and see you next time with more
led videos of japan and

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  1. SN/EDER says:

    Buen video

  2. Matyzinh0 says:

    Que interesante la forma de pedir la comida y que cantidad de platos! Que cultura gastron贸mica amplia tienen, excelente video chicos!!!! Gracias por ense帽arnos tanto

  3. badiraguato says:

    No ay argentino que no sea creido,soberbio,sangron,repunante chocoso y q no tenga dos caras as铆 como este canal enla bida real apuesto q le sale lo Argentina

  4. MARIOQUAIL says:

    Que color extra帽o tiene esa yema de huevo, parece de pl谩stico …

  5. SALE MM? says:

    Los mejores youtubers

  6. Juno Cabrera says:

    hola chicos excelentes videos en japon…quisiera saber cuanto gastaron en el viaje y cuanto tiempo se quedaron!???saludos desde TUCUMAN馃槉鈽

  7. Leandro Chamorro says:

    Muy lindo el v铆deo. Pero a mi me atrapa los v铆deos con tu viejo. Me encanta Ojal谩 hagan m谩s. Saludos chicos. Y que no se ponga celoso tu chico. Pero sos muy bonita y muy inteligente . 脡xitos chicos

  8. cristian villalobos vargas says:

    Para cuando otro asado

  9. Bruno Gambini says:

    Muy interesante el sistema de este restaurante! Y los sushis me parecieron bien grandes. Nunca he comido sushi de sardina.

  10. Robert Alvarado Echegaray says:

    Tienen que venir de nuevo a Per煤

  11. Ruben Zambrano says:

    馃構馃槇que rico se ven…
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  12. Carlos Salvo says:

    No sab铆a que los japoneses usan mayonesa en sus comidas.Hasta est茅 video, pensaban que la mayonesa no la conoc铆an en el lejano Oriente.

  13. YoPro7u7 says:

    Sos de Argentina o tu padre es de all铆?

  14. Sandy Rojas says:

    Me encantan sus v铆deos!!! Tomando apuntes de su recorrido por Jap贸n … ojal谩 vayan a China tb

  15. zelda64forest says:

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  16. 诇讬 讛讬讬诪诇讬讱 says:

    wow, that's a great video!

  17. Santiago Payeros says:

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  18. Elen D says:

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  21. Rosa Gasc贸n sales says:

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  22. Ionatan Arbulu says:

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  23. Roger X says:

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  25. Angie D says:

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  26. Francisco Goenaga says:

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    Ese huevo se liga con salsa de so ya se bate y se le pone encima al arroz

  27. Francisco Goenaga says:

    Ella no sabe el esposo si sobre la cultura culinaria japonesa y lo felicito todo lo encuentra delicioso

  28. Mauro Aranela says:

    Bonita venite conmigo y yo te saco el mal humor

  29. condesa sur says:

    Todo se ve ricoooo!! C贸mo hacen o no subir de peso c tanta comida!!; Saludosss


    El v铆deo estuvo bien, dado que el espa帽ol es mi lengua materna y logr茅 entender todo.

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