Convenience Store Tour #17: Japanese Food from Lawson // BENTO Box

40 comments on “Convenience Store Tour #17: Japanese Food from Lawson // BENTO Box”

  1. Samir Kumar says:

    First baby cakes. #AFNAR

  2. corgisbutt says:


  3. Cass Verfallen says:

    I get the feeling that my life is about to be changed for the better by this video.

  4. Lee Everett says:

    Idk why but i am addicted to you’re vids lol keep making them

  5. Mansi Rohilla says:

    Obviously I haven't seen this video yet…

  6. Vegard Heyerdahl says:

    Another buckwild bloodsugarspicing konbini tour!

  7. fled admiral says:

    12:37 it puked

  8. Alex S. says:

    I had high hopes for that melon ale…

  9. tofu teh says:

    Silly Gordon Ramsay, Family Mart has all the lamb sauce you need

  10. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    Best pleasing video ever… Please do Japanese teas and desserts bro…Raaj from Melbourne

  11. AstralVagabond says:

    Only thing more awe-inspiring that this masterpiece of a Convenience Store Tour is this masterpiece of a man.

  12. Hrishikesh Apte says:


  13. Ed Wil says:

    I'm traveling there in December, what are the best convenience stores with the best good options?

  14. Loreli G says:

    I'm too broke to ever be able to go to Japan. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through these videos 💖

  15. ioefjioweu says:

    I See Food

    I Seafood




  16. Timothy Leary says:

    Why did you film the items in an order different from your edit? When you put the beer in your cart the eclaire is already there. Im a continuity nerd. I love these videos and this is an exoctic one baby.

  17. Faetan says:

    Lids are for chumps. Good riddance.

  18. Twelve20two says:

    You should take a trip to wherever Jun's Kitchen is so that he can help with your knife issues

  19. Guddi Devi says:

    Come back to India…. I was really enjoying ur Indian videos.

  20. Avinash says:

    and wat do we have here woah woah woah

  21. Troy Derp says:

    Man, you "Bento'd" that Bento over.

  22. Feelin' Fine says:

    Dustin always sprints back to his apartment after his convenience store romps. That's canon in the SoloTravelBlog lore

  23. 12mholmes says:

    Thanks for not doing that mystery item thing again. Natural lawson looking buckwild af

  24. Just Emily says:

    I love these videos so much.

  25.     says:

    Pedobear @ 2:10 !!

  26. Leopold says:

    Damn, that beer selection is more interesting than my local liquor shop.

  27. WhiteClericChiu says:

    I'll be finally making my virgin voyage to the land of the rising dick in December and I was curious, I was under the impression that it was a mostly cash-only kinda place but recently heard most places take cards these days, what kind of ratio of places take cards? Keep up the buckwild vids man, always a joy to watch.

  28. Christie Heaven says:

    Beer from Wales!? I didn't know my country had reached Buckwild levels of brewing. :O :O <3 <3

  29. MikeZ32TT says:

    Now if you thought it was not a beer and it was a fruity alcoholic beverage. What would you think of the melon beer then? Still crappy?

  30. MikeZ32TT says:

    Thanks Babycakes

  31. Ed Wil says:

    Hey, I'm loving your videos dude! Question though, what is the best way to carry money around in Japan? Should I carry a wallet, a small change purse like device, or what?

  32. Hana Nihongo says:

    Subscribe to watch me learn Japanese to fluency.

  33. 후안 Juanjo around the world says:

    Nice video !! Watch my video of korean food,👍😊

  34. davu says:

    Hey man, i like your videos but in this one your cussing just seemed too much. Im fine with the occasional shocked cuss expression but using it over and over made it repetitive. If you used words like motherflippin or freaking, it would add more variety to your sentences and make it sound better. Just my honest thought. Hope you dont take this as an attack

  35. MotoBiker_Sap says:

    that was mashed potato right??

  36. lukamegurine193 says:

    edited: dude, I love your voice. Wish I could have a voice like that.

  37. Lucy Jap says:

    why i find his voice is so annoying…:D but thanks a bunch for the review though

  38. Hazel Michiko says:

    Your voice really annoying!

  39. Candace Mitchell says:

    I wish i was in japan and stop saying that word im 8

  40. Mark Reaves says:

    Those prices, so cheap compared to where I live in the USA. It's very hard to find anything decent to eat at any convenience store. It's always junk snacks. Some grocery stores offer similar premade food in containers in their deli section, but it's so pricey. I keep hearing people say "oh, Japan is expensive!", I keep seeing the opposite. I've seen much more expensive in the USA.

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