CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI | How it works | Sushi In Japan

my brain is just like. I’m gonna tast this like in no time. What, what is this? I love sushi, I mean who doesn’t right? could you order two nattos? Just say Sumi-Masen. Natto kudasai. To this guy? Niko Natto Kudasai? Sumimasen, niko natto kudasai. Was I good? I think it was the first time ever in my life. I mean ordering in Japanese. so basically we came in we signaled
that we’re two people and then you basically sit down you just grab the
platters you want to have and trust me like all of them look amazing that’s
wasabi maybe? then we have ocha, green tea. matcha ocha so cute… sorry but look at this! I love it. Then we we have soy sauce ginger… and I think we’re good to go there’s actually one thing missing. Umm
where is the Miso Soup? Is this a replacement? Is this a substitute? oh my god even the tea is good so we gunna actually…. we are actually gunna stay in this country. uhh, kanpai right? faboulous, its like amazing. Especially for 1200 yen. you basically pay per plate. sounds like paper plate. Lets just give you an example I have… five plates and the different colors are
different price categories and it’s very simple very easy straightforward let’s share yeah? just a little bit this place is just amazing I’m gonna
come back definitely next week I have to, are you with me?

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