Conveyor Belt Sushi in Osaka, Japan (回転寿司) | Cheap Kaiten Sushi for $1! 🍣

Well hello hello guys. Hey guys. It is lunchtime here and today we’re going
for a truly Japanese experience. We are going to be having conveyer belt sushi. Conveyer belt sushi (回転寿司) which is
also known locally as Kaiten sushi (回転寿司). Yes. So excited. Yeah we’ve actually had this before in other
countries. Yeah. So this is our first time to have it though
in Japan and we’re super pumped and we’ve brought our appetites. Oh yeah. So we finally found the restaurant. It was a little bit complicated because it
is on a second floor. I know. We ended up walking through a casino trying
to get here. Through a Pachinko Parlor. Yeah. Anyways this place looked like a gas station
from the exterior. It did. Super confusing but we made it. We’re upstairs. Second floor. They handed us this little map so we are table
29 and then you find your way to your own table. Yep. And then on the side they’ve got the conveyer. They’ve got the conveyer belt with all of
the little plates. They sure do. On the side. Look at that. Everything looks so good. It does. So yeah we’re just going to dig right in. And I think this place just opened like a
few minutes ago. I believe it opens at 10:20 am the morning
so pretty early. You can satisfy your sushi cravings. Late breakfast perhaps. So yeah this is going to be fun. Alright so time for tea. We’ve got our cups right here on the table. You can fill your glass up with hot water. Your cup with hot water. Yep. And then you just open this little jar right
here. And it is a green tea powder. Like matcha. So you just add it. I’m not sure how much powder it needs to flavour
it. Put lots on I like that. You want it strong. Sure. So you do that and then they also have little
spoons so you mix it and then you can enjoy as much green tea as you want with your sushi. And I’m sure we’ll need quite a bit. Yes, to wash it down. All of that fish. Indeed. Oh. Alright Sam what are you seeing so far? What are the options? Oh my gosh there is tonnes. Well you can see there is some shrimp here. I’ve been seeing salmon. I’ve been seeing some stuff that I don’t even
recognize to be perfectly honest which is cool. And so yeah we’re getting ready to grab our
first bite here. What are you hoping will come by next? I think I’m going to start off with salmon. I mean that is a good way to go. Classic salmon or tuna? Classic salmon or tuna. Alright let’s see what is coming by. This looks so good. So good. Come to me. Come to me. Let us begin. We’ve got 4 plates in front of us. I think this is a good start. I was looking for the little bowls where you
pour in the soy sauce but I can’t find any so I’m just going to have to pour it on this
little plate. Actually I’m going to start with this. This looks good. So I’m just going to put some on the plate
and they say that you don’t dip the rice. You dip the fish. And I’ve just discovered that is not soy sauce. That is a very thick sauce. This is soy sauce. There we go. There we go. They also have wasabi that we can add as well. We can dip I’ll show you where that wasabi
is. Right here. Wasabi here. Hahaha. Maybe we can put a little bit on the plate
as well. There you go. We are being very messy right now guys. But yeah this looks like salmon with maybe
melted cheese. Could it be? Mmmm. How is that? Wow. There is a lot of wow? Mmmm. That is so good. Grilled salmon, melted cheese, a little bit
of skin on the side. So good. Okay Sam your turn. Alright. Time to try this. Going to pour a little bit of salmon on top. A little bit of what? Soy sauce. Hahaha. There is already a lot of salmon on top. Sam is a little jet lagged still. Yeah. I am. A bit of wasabi. A bit of wasabi going on. He’s being adventurous with that wasabi. Yeah, I’m going to mix that around a bit. Alright let’s try this. One biter right? Yep. One biter or go home. Mmmm. How is that? Mmmm. It is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been craving salmon so much and to get
it here. And the quality is really decent too. Yeah, I would say so for sure. Yeah. For conveyer belt sushi (回転寿司) this
is really good. Yeah. Yeah. It is just awesome. Ah, it is just such a nice taste. I love salmon. Ready for this. I’m just adding a little bit of soy sauce
directly to the fish. Audrey’s second plate. It already has wasabi. Let’s do this. I wonder what is going on there. Oh my gosh. It looks like there is a lot. I think it is egg. Mmmm. Someone’s alarm is going off huh? Seriously my alarm is going off and I can’t
really shut it off at the moment. Mmmm. I’ll hide it under the table. That is good. Is it good? Oh my gosh. Do you know what is in it? Mmmhmm. Just give me one second. My mouth is full. It was a huge piece. That took me a while. I can tell you what is in it. So let’s take a closer look at this one I
still have on the plate. So we’ve got an egg and you know the way they
cook the eggs here in Japan just to perfection. Not too hard not too soft. So you’ve got a bit of that egg, some chives. Yep. You’ve got fish. I couldn’t tell you exactly what kind it is
but it is so tasty. It might be tuna. It could be. It has got like a mayo sauce. No mayo. This is the egg. Oh sorry that is the egg. The white part. Of course. Just a little bit runny. Okay. It has got rice wrapped in seaweed. Wonderful. That was a good pick. If there is any others similar in size. I’ve got to try that. Yeah. Definitely. Sam’s turn. He found something else. Yep. So let’s try this. I believe I’ve had this kind before. And I think it might be a sweet type of tofu
covering (Inari Sushi – いなり寿司). I’m not entirely sure. That reminds me of the fish cakes we had in
Korea. So I’m curious as to what the ingredient is. Mmmm. It is not fish. That is really sweet. Inside it is rice. Yep. Mmmm. How do you like it? I think it is kind of a sweet tofu based tasting. Yeah. I really like it. It is sweet. It is almost like you could have this as like
a dessert sushi. It is really really good. Mmmm. We are trying to decide what we’re going to
get next. We’ve seen a few beef ones go by. There is octopus as well. Alright so this looked interesting. Um I’ve already been picking at it but basically
it is some rice with salmon and some chives. So it kind of looks like the filing for the
sushi (すし) minus the seaweed right. Minus the nori. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah it is pretty good. It is interesting. Tasty? Mmmhmmm. Everything has been tasty. I also think this is probably going to be
a different price because it is a different coloured plate. Yes. Yeah, that is right. That is the first coloured plate like that. All of these have been blue. And those are 100 Yen. So at this restaurant you can also win some
prizes. Once you’ve eaten five of these blue dishes
and we’ve already got six at the table. What you do is you grab them and you start
putting them in this hole right here. Right here. And then you have the chance to win a prize
because up top they have like. Up top they have these boxes with toys. You know those that come in the plastic capsules
and you open it and there is a prize in there. So yeah sometimes you win sometimes you don’t. Fingers crossed we’ll get a little something
here. I like our luck today. Here we go we’re about to return our dishes. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And we wait and we wait. Does anything happen? Maybe yes? Maybe no? Maybe yes. Womp womp. Hahaha. Hahaha. We didn’t get a prize. We have to eat five more. Hahaha. Now for a non-fish dish. This doesn’t look traditional at all. I think this could be potentially bacon and
cheese. Yeah. Let’s try it. Mmmm. Oh wow. That is. Hahaha. And the interesting part is that it actually
it has like a sweet kind of teriyaki sauce as well. Oh. So it is really really good. Oh my gosh. That is not traditional at all but it is delicious. Hahaha. I love it. And time for another. So you tried this one. Not a fan. You didn’t like it. It was a bit fatty for me. Yeah so it is like fatty beef with the sauce. Mmmm. What do you think? Yeah, I prefer the bacon one. Yeah? But I don’t mind it though but the bacon one
is definitely better. Alright you’ve got yours and you’ve also got
mine then. There we go. Enjoy my friend. Hahaha. Enjoy. So we have accumulated yes another five plates. Another stack of five. So we’re going to try our hand to see if we
can win ourselves a prize. That special prize. Let’s do it. Put them in like this? One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Guys I think we’re going to try one more time. We already have two extra plates and we will
have three more plates of this. Three more plates of food. That is right. This is one way that they just keep you eating
more and more to win the prize. It is a very clever business move. Oh my gosh. I must say. It is very clever. I accidentally ate a big chunk of wasabi and
I’m still recovering. But anyways we’ve accumulated another five
dishes guys. Will the third time be the charm? One can only hope. Let’s do it. Oh no! What? I hit a home run. He hit a home run! What the heck. No prize. So evil. I almost feel like we’ve got to keep playing
until we win. No way. Okay. Fifteen plus seventeen. We’ve had 17 dishes. We’re going to get dessert though. So we are stuffed. That is the end of the sushi (すし) but
we are going to have dessert. And here at the table we’ve got like this
cool little tablet where you can select additional items like specialty items and they have a
whole bunch of desserts like there is cakes, there is shaved ice, tarts, donuts, french
toast. So I think we’re each going to get a little
dessert and yeah we’ll show you how it works. So it is very easy to change the language
here. You can select whether you want Korean, English,
Japanese. We’re going for English of course and yeah
here is our dessert selection. So what do you want Sam? Go next a couple of times to show what else
there is. So you can see there is cream puffs, pudding. One more. Yeah and that is our shaved ice. So you want shaved ice. I want this. One milk or no milk? No milk. So now we go order. The order was heard. Thank you. Your order was heard. Cool. (Speaking Japanese) So it arrived. Mango shaved ice. Alright so my shaved ice made it. This looks like uh a mango jam or a mango
jelly and you just mix it all together. Super refreshing in the summertime. So we’re going to have a little bit. In the summertime eating our mangoes. Duh duh duh. That is really good. Is it good? We used to have something quite similar to
this in Korea. Bingsu. Sulbing? Yeah. That is right. Sulbing and Patbingsu. And the sulbing. Yeah, which is shaved ice. Yeah. With milk and beans. Yeah. Yeah. And you can get a whole bunch of different
toppings that is popular here. On a hot day you can’t beat this. Uh huh. And we are still waiting for your dessert. Yep. Coming. Look. There we go. Dessert time. My caramel toast has arrived. Take a look. It looks like we’ve got some chopped up strawberries,
we’ve got ice cream with a little bit of caramel sauce on of course. Some chopped up nuts and of course the star
the toast. But let’s try that. Let’s try everything. A miniature french toast. It is. It is really small. It is a little portion. Big scoop of ice cream though. This one was 250 Yen. In comparison to the 100 Yen dishes we’re
having. Yours was as well I think. Yeah. 250. Yep. What do you think? Oh that is nice. Yeah. It is also refreshing too. Yep. The ice cream is more of a refreshing than
it is milky. Oh, so it is good. The more water based. Yes. Alright guys so that was a wonderful conveyer
belt sushi meal. A feast of sushi conveyer belt feasts. Hahaha. Anyways it is time for me to check out. And as you can tell here this is all of the
data we’ve accumulated. We have 17 plates. I’m not sure what the 14 means. I think that is just maybe our station. And I have no idea what that means. It also tracks our dessert items. Yes, it does. Yeah. So we can press the check out. So we just finished paying the bill. We sure did. The way it works is you press the check-out
button yep on the tablet. Then a guy comes over he makes sure you’ve
put in all your plates. Yep. To make sure everything is being tracked. Then you go to the front with the little number
you get when you first arrive at the restaurant and then you pay. You pay. Exactly. The total was the total came to 2376 Yen which
was what $21.70 US dollars. Less than 22 US dollars. Yes. For all of that sushi (すし). So less than eleven US dollars per person. It was so good. And we’re leaving stuffed. It was so good. Yeah. And it was just such a fun experience. Yes. I would come back again. In fact we have a friend we’ll be meeting
up with in Tokyo and we want to take him there. We’re going to take him to this chain. For sure.

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  94. Mar Kerny says:

    Loved the video! Also liked the comments with correct sushi etiquette! Now I know!

  95. Mário D. says:

    As of this moment, I am right here at the same sushi restaurant you guys came by and approved in Osaka. Im loving it. Come explore Brazil too and youtub about it. Cheers. 🇯🇵🇧🇷

  96. ぐぐりぐぐる says:

    That soy sauce container , you should push the lid to pour.

  97. Terry Carroll says:

    10/10 would recommend

  98. Tee Jay says:

    Need more of these in the States

  99. Grey Fox says:

    Sam ,mind me asking what put you off eggs? Ever tried sukiyaki and shabu shabu? 🙂

  100. Grey Fox says:

    Canadians and salmons… 😂

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